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Dom-094 Fenrir main.png
Hyper Zergling
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 160 cm (yes, I'm short)
Weight 45 kg (and lightweight)
Blood Type A(+, I think)
Date of Birth 1 October 1993
Zodiac Libra
Birthplace United States
Religion None
Personal Website
Rank on Wiki Variably active user
Gamertag Hyper Zergling (yes, I know I suck at Halo)
Other Usernames

Hey, I'm Hyper Zergling (obviously). I've been here for quite a while now, and plenty has happened during my stay here. Let's just say that we don't speak of the dark times.

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On behalf of the Halo Fanon administration, Leo Fox has awarded you the Red Legion of Honor on 12 December, 2013, for outstanding and selfless acts towards other users of the community. This medal marks you as a role model of Halo Fanon.

In addition, you have also been awarded the Eagle Superior Service Medal by Leo Fox on 12 December, 2013, in recognition of your long-term service at Halo Fanon as a site veteran.