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"We are united under one banner that is not the UNSC's. We are independent, not insurrectionists. We are merchants, not malicious people."

--Perseus Head of Interplanetary Relations Josiah Vero, 2552

Perseus is a planet that considers itself an "independent union" from the United Nations Space Command. It is densely populated and had held multiple UNSC military bases from it's formation in 2198 until it's Declaration of Independence in 2452. Colonized by outcasts from the nearby Shelton, this planet was once one of the most economically and culturally diverse outer colonies until it's near destruction by an attempted "planet cracking" which destroyed it's entire eastern islands. Since it's Declaration of Independence Perseus has been reduced to little more than a merchant planet with only a few major cities, those being Stryker and Gadsden City. Despite it's rather small economic status many corporations have found use in it's diamond mines in War, it's southernmost island.

In terms of government, there is very little. The Perseus Defense Corps is noticeably corrupt and often accepts bribes from insurrectionist groups. Perseus is ran by the Head of Interplanetary Relations Josiah Vero and his cabinet alongside an AI known as "The Assistant". To say that they have done a lackluster job is an understatement, as multiple underground drug cartels have sprouted up to little resistance from police or militia. Both Stryker and Gadsden City are criminal paradises and have given shelter to mobs, including the Salvatore crime family and the Venatorri family.


The entire planet is composed of four islands. They are, from north to south:

Islands Colonization
Cyprus 2198
Poseidon 2200
Serva 2200
War 2201


City Formation
Stryker 2220
Centauro 2228
Gadsden City 2235
Broker's Plaza 2255

Head of Interplanetary Relations (2452-2552)

Name Service as HIR
Kip Chaney, Sr. 2452-2472
Douglass Kinney 2473-2500
Nicolas Beauford 2501-2523
Ramon Salazar 2524-2544
Kip Chaney, Jr. 2545-2551
Joseph "Josiah" Vero 2552-Present
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