About me

These series of pages and articles are about the Halo: Reach Machinima film - Operation: ARK ANGEL. This is a fully canon-faithful and lore-respecting production that abides by all set timelines, dates, events and in-canon truths, being totally faithful to all pre established lore, weaving itself in and out. It follows a patchwork squad of SPARTAN-III's as they embark on a desperate mission of infiltration and retrieval - right during the last hours of Reach.

I have spent the last 3 years creating the story, devising ingenious in-game body acting techniques and networking with a vast array of machinima directors, voice actors, editors, writers and VFX/CGI artists to make this vision a reality. Huge amounts of research, cross referencing and mapping has been done to make sure this production stays absolutely 100% canon, with the style being modelled after pre existing official Bungie and 343i productions within the Halo universe. The true representation of the SPARTANs and their immense capabilities, along with the Elites and their fearsome reputation as skilled and honourable warriors will be interspersed within the intense and enthralling story of ARK ANGEL.

This is the quintessential Halo Machinima that you have all been waiting for.


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