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M79A4 Close Quarters Combat Apocalypse Assault Rifle
Production information

Michaelides Armory


M79A4/CQC Apocalypse


Assault Rifle


21,000 cR

Technical specifications

33 in (838 mm) (stock extended) 29.75 in (756 mm) (stock retracted)

Magazine Size

30 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

210 rounds or 7 magazines

Fire Mode

Kinetic energy/gas operated Pressurized gas chamber for external-body usage (space)

Ammunition Type

5.56x45mm NATO(Fragmentating, explosive, depleted uranium penetrator rounds(DUP), anti-shielding rounds.


Gas operated/ kinetic energy.

Rate of Fire

700-950 round/min cyclic


Close to medium range




The M79A4 is a descendent of the M16/M4 family, more closely related to the M4A1. Like it's ancestor, the M79A4 is a gas operated rifle, but uses kinetic rail technology to keep the bullet on course and to propel the bullet instead of using rifling and gunpowder respectively.


The M4A1 served with the US from 1997 to 2117. In 2015, a Marine selected for a Spec-Ops team used the M4 to take-out Osama Bin Laden. For security purposes, the name of the Marine was undisclosed. For this reason, it bacame a part of the American flag and each nation under the UN treaty. Two M4's crossed in an "x" format replaced the fifty stars on the US flag and are behind the main part of each other UN flag. In 2017, Colt decided to drop the M4 and produce the XM-8. Two months later, in August 28th, Michael Michaelides, age 22 years old bought all the rights to the M4. In the years that followed, the XM-8 failed in various missions constantly, and was replaced by the M4.

The M4/M79 in the 2500's

The M79 came into service on August 28th, 2517, exactly 500 years after the M4 rights were bought by Michael Michaelides.

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