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Echoverse Storyline Plans



  • Adam goes to Sanghelios to stop the Brute invasion, and prevent assassination attempts on ONI officials


  • Universal peace and economic recovery


  • Stop the Brute invasion of Sanghelios
  • Save Parangosky's life (or Paragonsky, or Parangonsky, or however it is it's spelled)
  • How on earth is a SPARTAN supposed to help with economic recovery?



  • Finding out SPARTANs really aren't cut out to help with economic recovery

One paragraph summary of the character's storyline

  • Adam completes his training immediately after the Human-Covenant War, and the first mission he is assigned to involves stopping a Brute invasion of Sanghelios in the year 2557. He receives weapons training from the Elites on Sanghelios and, with their help, pushes back the Brute invaders after two years of fighting. However, his mission is only just beginning, as he is then assigned to guard ONI officials from what appear to be SPARTAN assassins.



  • Omega, after most of the other 149 SPARTAN trainees in his company are killed as a result of their augmentations, decides to take his vengeance out on the UNSC, specifically ONI


  • Strike back at ONI for killing his brothers and "younger cousins"


  • Kill Parangosky
  • Reinstate the SPARTAN-III program somehow (the "younger cousins")


  • He's up against the entire UNSC


  • I'll write it later

One paragraph summary of the character's storyline

  • Omega is a trainee in the Epsilon group of SPARTAN-IIIs and was, at first, overjoyed at the prospect of having a new family. However, after he becomes one of only six survivors of the Epsilon augmentation process, he and the remaining six survivors decides to take up arms against the Office of Naval Intell. He begins several guerrilla attacks on their headquarters.

RvB Templates

Name Agent California RvBS California
Played by Echowaffle8
Appears in Episodes I, II, III
Gender {{{gender}}}
Age 22
Status KIA
AI unit Lambda (Alpha's jealousy)
Leaderboard ranking 16
Affiliation Freelancers, later Director, later Freelancers
Agent California, or "Cal" for short, was a little-known Freelancer who, after many of the other Freelancers split off from the Director, joined a mercenary named Mordred against them. However, during the last hours of his life, he collected the AI Lambda and switched back to the Freelancers' side, but was killed moments later by a rampaging Agent Maine.
Cal was friendly, with a respect for order; he frowned upon uprisings by nature. He was a tenacious fighter, often testing himself against the likes of Tex and Carolina (and constantly risking death because of it).

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