My own little Shenanigans page. It's nothing like Sona's, but it's a work in progress...

Irk Era

Alas, poor LOMI

[16:01] == LOMework has changed nick to LOMI|Dead

[16:01] * Echowaffle8 picks up LOMI's skull

[16:01] <Echowaffle8> Alas, poor LOMI... I knew him well...

[16:01] <+LOMI|Dead> Not that dead, you idiot!

[16:01] * LOMI|Dead hits Echo

[16:01] <+LOMI|Dead> Gimme that skull back!

[16:01] * Echowaffle8 gives it back

[16:02] * LOMI|Dead reattaches his head and continues to sulk while doing homework

How to get an admin's attention

[17:25] <+Athena32> Aeolus: you here?

[17:27] <ASniper> Lemme try . . .

[17:27] <ASniper> Aeolus: OI, PRICK!

[17:27] <+Athena32> :3

[17:27] <ASniper> He's not in.

[17:28] <Bestintheworld> Hey, Aeolus, YOU HATE AMERICA.

[17:28] == mode/#halo-fanon [+o Aeolus] by ChanServ

[17:28] == Bestintheworld was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [I hate getting pinged too.]

[17:28] == mode/#halo-fanon [-o Aeolus] by ChanServ

Kick Wars

Note: This was directly caused by the above thread

[17:34] == mode/#halo-fanon [+o Aeolus] by ChanServ

[17:34] == Athena32 was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [Athena32]

[17:34] == mode/#halo-fanon [-o Aeolus] by ChanServ

[17:34] <+Aeolus> there, feel better?

[17:34] == Athena32 has joined #halo-fanon

[17:34] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v Athena32] by ChanServ

[17:34] <+Athena32> my quit message isn't working

[17:34] <Bestintheworld> Yeah

[17:35] <+Athena32> goddamn it sona

[17:35] <+Aeolus> * Aeolus has kicked Athena32 from #halo-fanon (Athena32)

[17:35] <+Aeolus> * ChanServ removes channel operator status from Aeolus

[17:35] <+Aeolus> <Aeolus> there, feel better?

[17:35] <+Aeolus> <Bestintheworld> Yeah

[17:35] <+Athena32> I'm going to bed

[17:35] <+Aeolus> you may be wondering why I didn't boot ASniper

[17:35] <+Athena32> because you left him for me?

[17:35] <+Aeolus> it's because he's the only one out of you three who's actually reviewed my story :P

[17:36] <ASniper> Cause I'm teh best.

[17:36] == mode/#halo-fanon [+o Athena32] by ChanServ

[17:36] <@Athena32> oh

[17:36] == mode/#halo-fanon [-o Athena32] by ChanServ

[17:36] * Echowaffle8 removes the newly installed hood on his Sketchup Maverick Adder to reveal... a hole extending into the passenger compartment.

[17:36] <+Aeolus> feel free to kick Echowaffle8 though

[17:36] <+Aeolus> while I think of a reason

[17:36] == mode/#halo-fanon [+o Athena32] by ChanServ

[17:36] <Echowaffle8> Am I the new scapegoat?

[17:37] <+Aeolus> nah, Matt just needs someone to kick

[17:37] * Aeolus paints a bulls-eye on Echowaffle8's forehead

[17:37] * Aeolus hands Athena32 a rifle

[17:37] * Echowaffle8 wipes it off

[17:37] <+Aeolus> aim for the balls then

[17:38] * Echowaffle8 hides behind the Maverick Adder he's working on

[17:38] * Aeolus telepathically makes the Maverick Adder vanish, whatever it is

[17:38] <Echowaffle8> I'll provide a link.

[17:38] <Echowaffle8>

[17:39] <+Aeolus> that's the blockiest car I've ever seen in my entire life

[17:39] <+Aeolus> is it from Grand Theft Auto III?

[17:39] <Echowaffle8> I made it myself; it was inspired by the Ferrari 365GTB "Daytona"

[17:40] == Aeolus was kicked from #halo-fanon by Athena32 [Aeolus]

[17:40] == Aeolus has joined #halo-fanon

[17:40] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v Aeolus] by ChanServ

[17:40] <+Aeolus> not me, you twat

[17:40] <@Athena32> hahahha

[17:40] == mode/#halo-fanon [+o Aeolus] by ChanServ

[17:40] == Athena32 was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [This means war.]

[17:40] <Echowaffle8> That's how cool my car is...

[17:40] == Athena32 has joined #halo-fanon

[17:40] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v Athena32] by ChanServ

[17:40] <Echowaffle8> Oh, it's started a war...

[17:40] == Brodie-001 has joined #halo-fanon

[17:41] <+Athena32> rawr

[17:41] <Bestintheworld> oh dear god think of the Brodie-001s!

[17:41] == Brodie-001 was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [THIS! IS! SPARTA!]

[17:41] <+Athena32> lol

[17:41] == Brodie-001 has joined #halo-fanon

[17:41] <+Athena32> I decided against doing that

[17:41] <Brodie-001> Why?

[17:41] <+Athena32> rawr

[17:41] <Echowaffle8> No reason...

[17:41] <+Athena32> YOU HATE AMERICA

[17:41] <@Aeolus> I thought it'd be funny to kick someone as soon as they came in

[17:42] == Nicmavr was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [Nicmavr]

[17:42] <+Athena32> I'm not rawring a third time

[17:42] <@Aeolus> oh, he doesn't have auto-rejoin...

[17:42] <Echowaffle8> Oh dear...

[17:42] == RansomTime was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [RansomTime]

[17:42] == RansomTime has joined #halo-fanon

[17:42] <+Athena32> it's okay, he-

[17:42] <+Athena32> oh

[17:42] <@Aeolus> well, at least Ransom does

[17:42] <+Athena32> sona, he's VSTF

[17:43] <Echowaffle8> I think you kicked a channel op...

[17:43] <@Aeolus> no, this is kicking a channel op

[17:43] * Aeolus puts gun to his own head

[17:43] == Aeolus was kicked from #halo-fanon by Aeolus [-1]

[17:43] == Aeolus has joined #halo-fanon

[17:43] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v Aeolus] by ChanServ

A brief description of our decision-making process

[19:19] <+Aeolus> Athena32: would you support a small branch off the administration that oversees the "non-343i canon fanon"?

[19:19] <+Aeolus> I would totally be down to run that branch

[19:19] == Athena32 [~Athena32@unaffiliated/the-warden/x-6217636] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[19:19] <+Aeolus> thanks for your support

[19:19] == Athena32 [~Athena32@unaffiliated/the-warden/x-6217636] has joined #halo-fanon

[19:19] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v Athena32] by ChanServ

[19:20] * Echowaffle8 debates whether to log Athena's timely disconnection

[19:20] <B1blancer2> Yes

[19:20] <+Aeolus> Athena32: would you support a small branch of users that oversees the "non-343i canon fanon"?

[19:20] == Athena32 [~Athena32@unaffiliated/the-warden/x-6217636] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[19:20] <+Aeolus> a couple of admins, some vets/rollbackers too

[19:20] <+Aeolus> oh come on

[19:21] == The_Warden [~Athena32@unaffiliated/the-warden/x-6217636] has joined #halo-fanon

[19:21] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v The_Warden] by ChanServ

[19:21] <+Aeolus> I've had it with this motherfucking Athena32 leaving this motherfucking channel!

[19:22] <+The_Warden> Aeolus: I would, but my connection wants otherwise, having now disconnected me twice before I could reply :|

[19:22] <+The_Warden> anyway, not a branch of admins, you make it sound like a schism

[19:22] <+Aeolus> The_Warden: it's more like a subdivision

[19:22] <+Aeolus> with some rollbackers and vets too

[19:22] <+The_Warden> I prefer policy task force

[19:22] <+Aeolus> okay

[19:22] <+Aeolus> task force it is then

[19:23] == The_Warden [~Athena32@unaffiliated/the-warden/x-6217636] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[19:23] * Echowaffle8 laughs again

Two minutes later...

[19:25] <+Aeolus> if you want someone to care about your writing, you need to get one of these

[19:26] <Brodie-001> I'm looking forward to the annual awards.

[19:26] <+Aeolus> I'm sure you are

[19:26] <+Aeolus> I still need a final consensus on the mildly insulting awards

[19:27] <Brodie-001> My apologies for the self promotion, but I actually put Marco-025 up for FotM a couple of days ago. Wasn't sure if anyone was aware.

[19:27] <+Aeolus> you did?

[19:27] <B1blancer2> I didn't know that

[19:27] <B1blancer2> AOA looks like he's gonna get another award

[19:27] <Brodie-001> Yeah.

[19:28] <Brodie-001> Been considering it for a while, I just thought I'd finally go for it.

[19:28] == Aeolus [~Sonasauru@wikia/Sonasaurus] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

Politics, randomness, and I am Chuck Norris!

[20:14] * Echowaffle8 shoves B1BLANCER2__ into the waves

[20:14] <B1BLANCER2__> Weee

[20:14] * Echowaffle8 teleports away

[20:14] * B1BLANCER2__ loves the water

[20:14] * Aeolus turns the water to acid.

[20:14] <B1BLANCER2__> GAH!

[20:14] * Echowaffle8 turns the acid into more acid

[20:15] <+Aeolus> Silly mortal. Only demigods can use acidception.

[20:15] * Agent_Virginia is confused as to how thats possible

[20:15] <+Aeolus> And actual gods, of course

[20:15] * B1BLANCER2__ walks on the acid

[20:15] <Echowaffle8> Mortal?

[20:15] == Echowaffle8 has changed nick to Echo_Waffle_VII

[20:15] <+Aeolus> Silly mortal. You are not Jesus.

[20:15] * Aeolus turns the acid into liquid nitrogen.

[20:15] * Agent_Virginia is now even more confused as to how Lancer can accomplish such things

[20:15] <B1BLANCER2__> Brr

[20:15] <+Aeolus> He can't.

[20:15] <+Aeolus> He just thinks he can.

[20:15] * Echo_Waffle_VII uses his mind powers to turn Lancer into a Morris Marina

[20:16] * B1BLANCER2__ gets in his pirate ship

[20:16] <+Aeolus> Silly mortal. You have no powers.

[20:16] <B1BLANCER2__> Come Agent_Virginia

[20:16] == Echo_Waffle_VII has changed nick to Big_Banking

[20:16] * Aeolus shatters lancer's frozen form with a hammer.

[20:16] <B1BLANCER2__> We can sail the seven seas, and plunder

[20:16] <Agent_Virginia> Oh god!

[20:16] * Big_Banking repossesses B1BLANCER2__'s pirate ship

[20:16] * Agent_Virginia runs away from big banking

[20:16] * B1BLANCER2__ kills Big_Banking with Ronald Reagan

[20:16] * Agent_Virginia runs to Mexico where it's safe....wait

[20:16] * Big_Banking repossesses Agent_Virginia's ability to run and Ronald Reagan

[20:17] * B1BLANCER2__ kills Big_Banking with Jesus Christ

[20:17] * Aeolus gets Big_Banking shut down by downgrading the value of their stocks to a fraction of a cent.

[20:17] == Big_Banking has changed nick to Smaller_Banking

[20:17] * Aeolus buys all of Big_Banking's stocks.

[20:17] * Smaller_Banking repossesses Big_Banking's stocks

[20:17] * Aeolus raises the value of the stocks back to its high value.

[20:17] <Smaller_Banking> Thanks!

[20:17] == Smaller_Banking has changed nick to Massive_Banking

[20:17] * Aeolus notes Smaller_Banking is about as functional as a lemonade stand.

[20:17] <+Aeolus> Silly mortal, those stocks are mine.

[20:18] * Aeolus sells all the stocks to Apple and Google.

[20:18] * Massive_Banking repossesses Aeolus' immortality

[20:18] * B1BLANCER2__ regulates the shit out of Massive_Banking

[20:18] * Aeolus drops the value of the stocks again.

[20:18] == CompanionCube has changed nick to Mitt_Romney

[20:18] <+Aeolus> Silly mortal. If you possessed immortality, it would destroy your fragile essence.

[20:18] <Mitt_Romney> darn

[20:18] * B1BLANCER2__ makes the country go into hyperinflation

[20:18] * Aeolus puts Apple and Google out of business.

[20:18] == Mitt_Romney has changed nick to Mitt_Romney_

[20:18] * Aeolus buys back the stocks.

[20:18] * Massive_Banking doesn't sell them

[20:18] <Mitt_Romney_> Hello, I'm a douchebag.

[20:18] * Aeolus raises the value of the stocks again.

[20:18] * Aeolus gives away all the money to the people.

[20:18] <+Aeolus> There.

[20:18] <+Aeolus> Economic recession fixed.

[20:19] == Massive_Banking has changed nick to Congress

[20:19] <+Aeolus> Oh, one more thing.

[20:19] * B1BLANCER2__ makes the country go into super ultra inflation

[20:19] * Congress taxes the people

[20:19] * Aeolus blows up 70% of America's oil companies.

[20:19] <B1BLANCER2__> NOOO!

[20:19] <+Aeolus> There, now I've fixed your economic recession.

[20:19] <+Aeolus> B)

[20:19] * Congress declares war on Aeolus' house

[20:19] == Agent_Virginia has changed nick to Colin-142

[20:19] * Aeolus salvages what's left of the oil company's value and gives the money once again to the people.

[20:19] == Agent_Hampton has changed nick to Generic_UNSC_Off

[20:19] <Generic_UNSC_Off> shit

[20:19] <+Aeolus> fail

[20:19] == Mitt_Romney_ has changed nick to VA_Parangosky

[20:19] == Generic_UNSC_Off has changed nick to UNSC_Officer

[20:20] * Congress bombs Aeolus's house until it turns into Swiss cheese, per the foreign policy

[20:20] <+Aeolus> Silly mortal.

[20:20] <VA_Parangosky> Gentlemen.

[20:20] <+Aeolus> I do not live in a house.

[20:20] * B1BLANCER2__ assassinates VA_Paragonsky with a Green Beret sniper team

[20:20] <Congress> We moved you to one so you could bomb it.

[20:20] * Aeolus destroys Congress by making all its douchebags drop dead spontaneously.

[20:20] <Congress> we*

[20:20] <UNSC_Officer> Colin-142 I order you to get to the bottom of these rebel terrorist attacks, attacking our oil.

[20:20] <+Aeolus> There.

[20:20] <+Aeolus> Now Congress consists of only 3 people.

[20:20] == Congress has changed nick to Congressman

[20:20] * B1BLANCER2__ shoots Paragonsky in the face

[20:20] == Congressman has changed nick to Congressman_1

[20:20] * Aeolus vanishes.

[20:21] == Congressman_2 [4abe0635@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #halo- fanon

[20:21] == Congressman_3 [4abe0635@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #halo- fanon

[20:21] * B1BLANCER2__ breaks Paragonsky's ears with the epicaness of the Koniggratzer March

[20:21] == UNSC_Officer [62a6a383@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[20:22] <Congressman_2> Hello! We're Congress.

[20:22] <Congressman_3> Hello! We're Congress.

[20:22] <Congressman_1> Hello! We're Congress.

[20:22] <B1BLANCER2__> Gah

[20:22] <Congressman_1> We're going to declare war on you, B1BLANCER2__.

[20:22] <Congressman_3> I second that.

[20:22] <Congressman_2> Done. Motion forwarded.

[20:22] * VA_Parangosky puts bugs in Congress's personal effects and monitors their activity while planting her own moles into their staff.

[20:22] * B1BLANCER2__ gets the Bundeswehr to protect him

[20:23] <Congressman_1> What moles?

[20:23] <Congressman_3> There's only us three.

[20:23] <Congressman_2> And we agree on everything.

[20:23] <Congressman_2> B)

[20:23] <Congressman_3> B)

[20:23] <Congressman_1> B)

[20:23] <VA_Parangosky> You believe what you wish.

[20:23] <Congressman_1> Congratulations, Aeolus.

[20:23] <Congressman_3> You've made us effective.

[20:24] * B1BLANCER2__ kills Paragonsky with the Luftwaffe

[20:25] <Congressman_1> I vote we remove the ability of civilians to possess military power.

[20:25] <Congressman_2> Done.

[20:25] <Congressman_3> Sorry, B1BLANCER2__ but you can't do that.

[20:25] * B1BLANCER2__ is in Germany

[20:25] == Aeolus [~Sonasauru@wikia/Sonasaurus] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]

[20:25] * B1BLANCER2__ kills Congress with the Bundeswehr

[20:25] == VA_Parangosky has changed nick to Mother_Russia

[20:25] <Congressman_3> Excellent work, guys, our foreign policy was successful again.

[20:25] <Congressman_2> Celebrations are in order.

[20:25] * Mother_Russia invades Germany for teh lulz.

[20:26] * Congressman_1 puts on "Congress Style"

[20:26] * Congressman_2 begins dancing

[20:26] * Congressman_3 begins dancing

[20:26] * Congressman_1 begins dancing

[20:27] <Congressman_3> Why are we dancing? We've got citizens to tax.

[20:27] <Congressman_1> I did forget about them...

[20:27] * Congressman_2 taxes the citizens

[20:27] <Congressman_3> Excellent work, thinking ahead like that!

[20:28] * Congressman_1 applauds Congressman_2

[20:28] <Congressman_2> Thank you.

[20:28] * B1BLANCER2__ fucking destroys Russia with superior tech

[20:28] * Congressman_1 taxes B1BLANCER2__

[20:28] * Congressman_2 taxes B1BLANCER2__

[20:28] * Congressman_3 taxes B1BLANCER2__

[20:28] * B1BLANCER2__ doesn't have school tommorrow

[20:29] * B1BLANCER2__ marches on Washington, and holds Congress hostage

[20:29] * B1BLANCER2__

[20:29] <Congressman_1> I vote we all swat B1BLANCER2__

[20:29] <Congressman_2> AGREED!

[20:29] <Congressman_3> AGREED!

[20:29] == Anon_ONI_agent has changed nick to IRS

[20:29] * Congressman_1 swats B1BLANCER2__ first

[20:29] == IRS has changed nick to The_IRS

[20:29] * Congressman_2 swats B1BLANCER2__ second

[20:30] * Congressman_3 swats B1BLANCER2__ third

[20:30] * B1BLANCER2__ executes Congress

[20:30] <Congressman_3> I apologize.

[20:30] <Congressman_1> We can't be executed.

[20:30] * The_IRS holds his hand out to B1BLANCER2.

[20:30] <Congressman_1> Now, The_IRS, tax him!

[20:30] <The_IRS> Pay up or I'll fuck you up.

[20:30] * B1BLANCER2__ executes the IRS in a HE111 raid

[20:31] * The_IRS is immortal and omnipotent.

[20:31] <Congressman_2> Wait, not tax, kill him for not paying taxes!

[20:31] <Congressman_3> The power is going to our heads!

[20:31] <Congressman_1> AAAAAAAAAAH!

[20:31] * Congressman_1 dances again

[20:31] * B1BLANCER2__ bombs Congress in a HE-111 and JU-88 raid

[20:31] <Congressman_3> Someone vote us out before we go insane!

[20:32] * B1BLANCER2__ bombs them out

[20:32] * The_IRS smites B1BLANCER2 with an unstoppable horde of tax collectors.

[20:32] * Congressman_2 throws complimentary water at Congressman_3

[20:32] * B1BLANCER2__ gets the SS to kill the tax collectors

[20:32] <ASniper> Alright. There. Done.

[20:32] * Congressman_1 overturns the voting booths

[20:32] <The_IRS> The tax collectors are unstoppable.

[20:32] * Congressman_3 swings on the chandelier

[20:32] * B1BLANCER2__ kills them anyway

[20:33] * The_IRS takes control of B1BLANCER2__'s finances.

[20:33] == ASniper has changed nick to Hart_Intercivic


[20:33] * Hart_Intercivic tampers with the voting machines they make to change not one or two votes like a hand-counter might, but thousands at a time.

[20:33] == Hart_Intercivic has changed nick to ASniper

[20:33] == Chuck_of_Norris [4abe0635@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #halo-fanon

[20:33] <ASniper> That's all.

[20:34] * The_IRS is Chuck Norris.

[20:34] * Chuck_of_Norris uses his powers to make the three Congressmen never be elected

[20:34] == Chuck_of_Norris [4abe0635@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[20:34] <The_IRS> Begone, imposter.

[20:34] == Congressman_2 [4abe0635@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[20:34] == Congressman_3 [4abe0635@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[20:34] == Congressman_1 has changed nick to Echowaffle8

Forever Alone

[16:34] == Sona|Away [~Sonasauru@wikia/Sonasaurus] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[16:45] == Anon_ONI_agent [18b3d43e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[16:57] == Brodie-001 [6d96b36d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[17:00] == Colin-142 [62a6a383@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[17:00] <Echowaffle8> FOREVER ALONE


[17:08] == LOMework [~LOMI@wikia/Lordofmonsterisland] has joined #halo-fanon

[17:08] == mode/#halo-fanon [+v LOMework] by ChanServ

[17:08] == LOMework [~LOMI@wikia/Lordofmonsterisland] has quit [Client Quit]

[17:09] * Echowaffle8 facedesks

Thanksgiving Cannibalism

[14:45] * Colin_Davis must go nom his family.

[14:45] <Colin_Davis> ...

[14:45] <Colin_Davis> wait...

[14:46] <Colin_Davis> wut?

[14:46] <Anon_ONI_agent> lol

[14:46] <Echowaffle8> You cannibal!

[14:46] <B1blancer2> you moron

[14:46] <Colin_Davis> shit...

[14:46] <Colin_Davis> must go nom with his family.

[14:46] <Echowaffle8> Better.

[14:46] |<-- Colin_Davis has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)

[14:46] <Anon_ONI_agent> You're eating your Thanksgiving dinner this early?


[16:36] <Colin_Davis> I'm back from nommig my family.

[16:36] <Colin_Davis> ...


[16:36] <Colin_Davis> Dammit! Again!

[16:36] * Colin_Davis is back from nomming with his family.

[16:48] <Aeolus> But Colin's family is delicious.

[16:48] <DC-Ambrose> what is this i dont even

[16:48] <Aeolus> They taste like white people.

[16:49] <Aeolus> DC-Ambrose: just smile and nod

[16:50] * Aeolus takes Colin's family out of his oven and offers some to Anon_ONI_agent


[17:55] * Echowaffle8 drops a pin

[17:57] == Pin [6242ee72@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has joined #halo-fanon

[17:57] * Pin drops audibly

[17:58] == Pin [6242ee72@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has quit [Client Quit]

[17:58] <Echowaffle8> Well.

This is what happened to the first 7 of me

[19:37] <@Ajax_013> Echo, watch out

[19:38] * Ajax_013 watches RRH land on Echo, causing a 50 meter deep crater

[19:38] <Echowaffle8> RichardRHunt has landed on me?

[19:40] <@Ajax_013> Instakill

[19:40] <Brodie-001> He's dead, Jim.

[19:41] <@Ajax_013> I hope Vaako said that at some point during Riddick

[19:41] == Echowaffle8 has changed nick to Echo8|dead

[19:41] <Echo8|dead> Ah crap!

[19:42] <Echo8|dead> Very well. I am dead!

[19:42] == Echo8|dead has changed nick to Echowaffle9

[19:42] <Echowaffle9> I hate having to do this.

[19:42] <Echowaffle9> By the way, this is why I was "Echowaffle8" instead of just "Echowaffle."

[19:43] <Echowaffle9> In case you wanted to know what happened to the first 7.

[19:47] * Ajax_013 wears Echo1-7's skin stitched into a cloak

[19:47] <Echowaffle9> That's where the bodies went.

[19:47] <Echowaffle9> Why did you exhume them? They had so much to live for!

[19:47] <Echowaffle9> And I realize it presents a paradox, as they are dead bodies!

[19:48] <Echowaffle9> But don't you believe in the afterlife?

[19:49] * Echowaffle9 is speaking as though he is desperately trying to make a point

[19:52] * Ajax_013 swishes his cape, which makes the squelchy sound of blood

[19:52] <@Ajax_013> That's why

[19:52] * Ajax_013 turns on his heel, swish again and walks off

[19:52] <Echowaffle9> He doesn't believe in the afterlife.

[19:52] <Echowaffle9> *suddenly normal voice* That explains it.

[19:57] * Ajax_013 walkes up to Echo9 and slaps him with a glove made from the hand-skin of Echo2

[19:57] <Echowaffle9> This is both humiliating and painful!

[19:58] <Echowaffle9> Next you're going to beat me to death with my own skull.

Boxy but Cool

[19:50] * Echowaffle8 is now a box

[19:50] == Echowaffle8 has changed nick to Echo8|A_box

[19:51] == Ahalosniper [~Ahalosnip@unaffiliated/ahalosniper] has joined #halo-fanon

[19:51] <Ahalosniper> Greet'ns.

[19:51] * Echo8|A_box is now a box on AAO as well

[19:52] * Ahalosniper trips over all the boxes.

[19:52] * Echo8|A_box now has a dent in his side

[19:52] <Ahalosniper> Who did this!? There's boxes and cryo-tubes everywhere!

[19:53] <Echo8|A_box> Not my fault, I made a typo.

[19:53] <Ahalosniper> This is /not/ the Forward Unto Dawn's storage room!

[19:53] <Echo8|A_box> [19:50] * Echowaffle8 is now a box

[19:53] * Echo8|A_box meant to type "/me is now in a box"

[19:53] <Ahalosniper> But now you're . . . literally a box.

[19:53] <Echo8|A_box> Darned typos!

[19:54] <Ahalosniper> This is just normal by now.

[19:55] * Actene|Packing hands Ahalosniper the Oscar for best Improvised Portrayal of another Author's Forgotten Character.

[19:55] * Ahalosniper winces as the Oscar lands on him among the boxes.

[19:55] == Anon_ONI_agent [~Anonymous@unaffiliated/anon-oni-agent/x-1997645] has joined #halo-fanon

[19:56] == Anon_ONI_agent has changed nick to Agent_Minnesota

[19:56] <Ahalosniper> Greet'ns.

[19:56] <Ahalosniper> Mind the boxes.

[19:56] == Brodie-001 has changed nick to Brodie|Crate

[19:56] <Ahalosniper> Ah!

[19:57] * Ahalosniper is pinned by a crate.

[19:57] <Ahalosniper> A Brodie|Crate.

[19:57] <Ahalosniper> Actene! Why so much packing? It looks like you're even packing Ell!

[19:58] <Ahalosniper> Oh dang. I'm getting out of here before I'm stuffed in a Brodie|Crate!

[19:59] * Ahalosniper attempts feebly to push the crate off him.

[19:59] * Brodie|Crate is filled with assorted video game/film merchandise.

The next day...'

[18:38] * Stel leaphugs Maslab C:

[18:38] * Maslab gazes lustfully into Stel's eyes.

[18:39] * Echowaffle8 knows what he must do now.

[18:39] == Echowaffle8 has changed nick to Echo8|box

[18:39] * Echo8|box IS NOW A BOX

[18:39] * Echo8|box has no eyes and therefore cannot see what is about to happen.

[18:54] == Echo8|box has changed nick to Echo8|box|dinner

[19:22] == Ahalosniper [~Ahalosnip@unaffiliated/ahalosniper] has joined #halo-fanon

[19:22] <Ahalosniper> Greet'ns.

[19:24] * Ahalosniper tackles Stel for reasons.

[19:24] <Ahalosniper> Reasons beyond my comprehension.

[19:24] == Echo8|box|dinner has changed nick to Echo8|box

[19:24] * Ahalosniper is hit by a flying box.

[19:24] * Ahalosniper falls unconscious on top of Stel.

[19:24] * Echo8|box had no idea he was capable of flight

[19:25] <Ahalosniper> Mrrbgzzle.

[19:25] * Echo8|box cannot move, as he is a box

[19:26] <Stel> Why did you tackle me, Ahalosniper?

[19:26] <Ahalosniper> Because reasons beyond my comprehension!

[19:27] * Ahalosniper scrambles up and dashes away into the maze of boxes.

[19:28] * Echo8|box falls of of Ahalosniper as he scrambles up and lands on the ground with a thump that, if it could be given voice, would register complaint.

[19:28] * Ahalosniper jumps into the talking Echo8|box.

[19:28] <Ahalosniper> This box was talking. Or it may just have been . . .

[19:29] * Ahalosniper puts on sunglasses in the dark box.

[19:29] <Ahalosniper> An echo.

[19:29] == Colin_Davis [62a6bff4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #halo-fanon

[19:29] <Ahalosniper> Greet'ns.

[19:29] <Colin_Davis> rawr

[19:29] <Ahalosniper> YYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!

[19:29] * Echo8|box now has a hole punched through him due to the force with which Ahalosniper jumped.

[19:29] <Ahalosniper> Well, somebody had to do it.

[19:30] <Ahalosniper> Hehe, force jump. I yam a Jedi.

[19:30] * Echo8|box is broken and dented

[19:30] <Ahalosniper> Or perhaps the force is with me, but I am not a Jedi yet.

[19:30] * Ahalosniper thinks inside the box.

[19:31] <Ahalosniper> Not that my current behavior particularly reflects thinking of any kind.

[19:31] <Ahalosniper> Hope this thing isn't a transmogrifier.

[19:31] == Colin_Davis has changed nick to Jerrold_Pershing

[19:32] * Echo8|box is not in any way a transmogrifier

[19:32] <Ahalosniper> Ermehgerd, it transformed Colin_Davis into a Jerrold_Pershing!

[19:33] * Echo8|box is now actually a transmogrifier

[19:33] * Ahalosniper hurls the pitiable box at Stel.

[19:33] * Echo8|box turns Ahalosniper into a newt

[19:33] <Ahalosniper> D'aww . . . .

[19:33] <Ahalosniper> Waitaminute, I get it. That box is a witch!

[19:33] * Ahalosniper thinks this, but in actuality can only croak as a newt.

[19:34] * Echo8|box turns Stel into a frog

[19:34] * Ahalosniper slips into the stream running through the box-filled Irk and scares some children.

[19:35] * Echo8|box would clear its throat, if it had one.

[19:35] * Echo8|box tries again to turn Stel into a frog.

[19:35] <Ahalosniper> Can a transmogrification box transmogrify itself?

[19:35] <Ahalosniper> If an Ent falls in the forest and no one's around to see it, who gets the XP?

[19:35] <Ahalosniper> These are the questions.

[19:36] * Echo8|box would answer Ahalosniper's questions if it could talk, and if it could hear anything other than a croaking newt.

[19:36] * Jerrold_Pershing grabs Ahalosniper and throws him to #RvBS.

[19:36] * Ahalosniper hits a wall before reaching the other channel and falls to the floor.

[19:37] * Jerrold_Pershing rolls Ahalosniper the rest of the way.

[19:37] * Ahalosniper is rolled back into the waiting transmogrification Echo8|box

[19:37] <Ahalosniper> T'was waiting the entire time!

[19:37] * Echo8|box turns Ahalosniper into a smaller newt than before.

[19:38] <Ahalosniper> The entire time!

[19:38] == Ahalosniper has changed nick to ASmallerNewt

[19:38] <ASmallerNewt> Or wait, perhaps I'm Newt Scamander.

[19:38] <ASmallerNewt> He's small, isn't he? I don't know, I was never into Harry Potter.

[19:40] * ASmallerNewt approaches the Stel toad and croaks.

[19:40] * Echo8|box notes that Stel is a frog and not a toad.

[19:41] <ASmallerNewt> Ah, but all toads are frogs! Just not all frogs are toads! Also, I'm a telepathic newt!

[19:41] * Echo8|box also notes that Jerrold_Pershing is a hummingbird with two left feet, having transmogrified him on #RvBS.

[19:41] * ASmallerNewt tilts his wide newt head.

[19:42] * Echo8|box also never transmogrified ASmallerNewt into a telepathic newt, but does so now.

[19:42] <ASmallerNewt> Woohoo!

[19:43] * ASmallerNewt reads RansomTime's mind. It solely concerns cleaning bar glasses for the umpteenth time.

[19:43] <ASmallerNewt> Scary.

[19:44] * ASmallerNewt slowly evolves over several hundred million years into something resembling a human and has a seat.

[19:44] == ASmallerNewt has changed nick to ASniper

[19:45] * Jerrold_Pershing grabs the now human ASniper to #RvBS

[19:45] <ASniper> Oi! I'm human-ish!

[19:46] == ASniper has changed nick to Sgt_Sarge

[19:46] * Echo8|box notes that Jerrold_Pershing cannot grab ASniper, as Jerrold_Pershing is a hummingbird with two left feet.

Simultaneously on #RvBS... [19:36] * Echo8|box falls into #RvbS

[19:37] * Echo8|box is a transmogrifier box

[19:37] * Echo8|box turns Jerrold_Pershing into a hummingbird

[19:37] <Jerrold_Pershing> >:|

[19:37] * Jerrold_Pershing kicks Echo8|box so hard, it turns into Michael Efterklang.

[19:38] * Echo8|box turns Jerrold_Pershing's foot into a hummingbird's foot.

[19:38] <Jerrold_Pershing> >:(

[19:39] * Echo8|box notes that Jerrold_Pershing is now a hummingbird with two left feet

[19:45] == ASniper [~Ahalosnip@unaffiliated/ahalosniper] has joined #RVBS

[19:45] <ASniper> Greet'ns . . . again.

[19:46] == ASniper has changed nick to Sgt_Sarge

[19:46] <Sgt_Sarge> Griff! Where's my shotgun!?

[19:47] * Sgt_Sarge walks past a half-assembled Lopez, still in the box.

[19:47] * Echo8|box would indicate to Sgt_Sarge to put a sock in the box, if it had a way.

[19:47] <Sgt_Sarge> Dol gurnit, where'd that slacker get to?

[19:48] <Sgt_Sarge> Hmm, dol gurnit. I think I just figured out how Tolkien made up most of his names.

[19:49] * Sgt_Sarge hums to himself.

[19:49] <Sgt_Sarge> Here comes the heavyweight, Meta Freelancer . . .

[19:49] <Sgt_Sarge> Goin' supercharged, 'cause we wanna hit 'em large.

[19:50] * Sgt_Sarge chuckles.

[19:50] * Sgt_Sarge withdraws his shotgun from under a half-overturned box, and racks the pump.

[19:50] <Sgt_Sarge> Now, to business. Oh Griiiiff. Where are yooou?

[19:52] == Sgt_Sarge has changed nick to ASniper

[19:52] <ASniper> Blah.

[19:53] * Echo8|box uses box powers!

[19:53] * Echo8|box turns ASniper into a newt... again.

[19:53] <ASniper> Audible gasp!

[19:53] == ASniper has changed nick to AnotherNewt

[19:53] <AnotherNewt> Aw, dangit, now I miss APS.

[19:53] * Echo8|box turns Jerrold_Pershing into a bivalve

[19:54] <Jerrold_Pershing> 9_9

[19:54] <Jerrold_Pershing> Can't I just be me?

[19:54] * Echo8|box would say "no" if it could talk.

[19:54] * AnotherNewt locates a lighter.

[19:54] * Stel returns and discovers he's turned into a frog.

[19:54] * Echo8|box notes that Jerrold_Pershing has a lack of understanding of how transmogrifiers work.

[19:55] * AnotherNewt lights the lighter and knocks it off a shelf into Echo8|box.

[19:56] * Echo8|box transmogrifies the lighter into a hat.

[19:56] <AnotherNewt> Why are there so many tiny hats!?

[19:56] * Echo8|box would invite AnotherNewt to wear one, if it could.

[19:57] == Maslab has changed nick to Maslab|Away

[19:58] * Echo8|box transmogrifies Maslab|Away into a space rover.

[19:58] * Echo8|box adds that the space rover has a siren that makes a "Potato! Potato! Potato! Potato! Potato!" noise.

If You Give an Echowaffle a Farm

20:22:15 Echowaffle8

I have Farming Simulator 2013 on not-Steam.

20:24:32 Agent_Virginia

I somehow found a way to suck at it.

20:24:57 Echowaffle8

Mine is so laggy on my system, I have to look at the ground to get a decent framerate.

20:24:59 IndyRevolution


20:25:23 Echowaffle8

I've become quite good at driving on there without being able to see where I'm going based on guesswork and timing alone.

20:25:34 Agent_Virginia

I just kind of run around, wondering how to farm potatoes.


ⓘ Agent_Virginia is now known as Terentius_Melus

20:25:53 Echowaffle8

You use the potato planter.

20:26:15 Terentius_Melus

What's that?

20:26:18 Echowaffle8

You tow it around behind your tractor and it plants potatoes in a line.

20:26:22 Terentius_Melus

And how do I acquire one.

20:26:26 Echowaffle8

The store.

20:26:47 Terentius_Melus

That requires money first, right?


Anon_ONI_agent is now known as Valmor_Scallius

20:26:54 Echowaffle8


20:27:09 Terentius_Melus

Oh, that would explain it.

20:27:49 Echowaffle8

Though I found the profile data and edited it to where I have 9*10^42 dollars. Or euros. Or something.


So I bought a potato planter and a potato harvester.

20:28:32 Valmor_Scallius

Terentius_Melus ; That reminds me, when are you going to play Go Go Nippon?



20:28:43 Echowaffle8

Though I first bought a beet harvester and wasted a lot of time trying to find the beet planter.

20:28:46 Terentius_Melus

What the fuck does that number even equal?

20:29:09 Echowaffle8

Turns out the people who made the game confused it with the corn planter mesh and now you plant beets with a corn planter.


Which is also capable of planting corn.


For reasons of logic.

20:29:53 Valmor_Scallius

Terentius_Melus ; 9 with about 42 zeros after it, if I'm not mistaken.


Which I may be.


I haven't used scientific notation in fucking forever, though I still know how it works.

20:30:46 Echowaffle8

My farmer could bail out Europe many times over if he felt like it.

20:31:15 Terentius_Melus

He must be German then.

20:31:18 Valmor_Scallius

I just can no longer figure out the exact place of the decimal point off the top of my head anymore.

20:31:22 Echowaffle8

Sadly, he's far more interested in running civilian traffic off the road with harvesters.


Or really anything that can drive.

20:32:32 Terentius_Melus



Also sounds German.

Lancer says "Hi"


[#halo-fanon] Welcome to the Halo Fanon Irk Pub, est. 2007. Please have a seat, and our bartender, RansomTime, will pour you a drink shortly. Enjoy your stay!

13:52:21 Minuteman_2492














13:53:05 Echowaffle8

Well, that's certainly an interesting greeting.

I became breakfast


Ahalosniper has joined


ⓘ ChanServ set mode +v Ahalosniper

20:47:25 +Ahalosniper



* Ahalosniper has come to feast on the souls of all your Gamma characters.


* Echowaffle8 has no Gamma characters


* Ahalosniper eats Echo anyway because he's a waffle.


ⓘ Echowaffle8 is now known as DigestiveFluid

20:48:39 +Ahalosniper

Well, that's only gonna get worse.


* DigestiveFluid gurgles


→ Lunar_Domain has joined

20:50:24 +Ahalosniper

Now, as I was saying about Gammas, on to the thing I came here for.


* DigestiveFluid gurgles a greeting to Lunar_Domain.


* Ahalosniper turns to and pings Urotsuki.


* Lunar_Domain is greeted by gurgle

20:51:06 DigestiveFluid

Sniper ate me because I was a waffle.


But now I'm digestive fluid.

20:51:19 +Ahalosniper

What am I supposed to do? Just not eat the waffle?


* DigestiveFluid gurgles grumpily


* Ahalosniper holds up a finger. "You shut up."


ⓘ Minuteman_2492 is now known as stomach_lining

20:52:27 stomach_lining

Hey, don't talk like that to my tenant!

20:52:31 +Ahalosniper

The Irk is steadily becoming my body.


This is a somewhat concerning development.

20:52:47 DigestiveFluid



* stomach_lining causes Ahalosniper to vomit the waffle back up


ⓘ DigestiveFluid is now known as Echowaffle8

20:53:08 +Ahalosniper

I already screw up the logging into Cards Against Humanity often enough that I play as Halo-Fanon.




ⓘ stomach_lining is now known as Minuteman_2492


← Minuteman_2492 has quit (Changing host)


→ Minuteman_2492 has joined


← Minuteman_2492 has quit (Changing host)


→ Minuteman_2492 has joined


* Echowaffle8 observed Minuteman_2492 regurgitating himself.

The Fire Nation Attacked


Halopediaman has quit (*.net *.split)


← ChanServ has quit (*.net *.split)


IndyRevolution has quit (*.net *.split)


RT__ has quit (*.net *.split)


Agent_Minnesota has quit (*.net *.split)


Ajax_013 has quit (*.net *.split)


|AR| has quit (*.net *.split)

20:37:29 Echowaffle8



* Echowaffle8 reads topic

20:38:03 Echowaffle8

"ITS HAPPENING | Please remain calm. The Halo Fanon Instrumentality Project continues as planned."


What is this?


Is this the Halo Fanon Instrumentality Project?


Where has everyone gone?

20:43:02 Echowaffle8



This isn't as bad as it looks.


You just have to calm down and hide in the emergency crate until everyone arrives back.


ⓘ Echowaffle8 is now known as Echo8|EmergencyC

20:43:33 Echo8|EmergencyC



ⓘ Echo8|EmergencyC is now known as Echo8|SafetyCrat

20:43:55 Echo8|SafetyCrat

Darn it again!


ⓘ Echo8|SafetyCrat is now known as Echo8|SafetyBox

20:44:10 Echo8|SafetyBox

There we go.


Now to just hole up in here until everyone arrives back.


* Echo8|SafetyBox whistles to himself. "Man, it's boring in here."

20:46:40 Echo8|SafetyBox



Why am I hiding in a box, which is presumably made of plant-based materials, when the Fire Nation is attacking?


And why am I referencing a TV series I've never even seen?


Hopefully ChanServ will show up soon and everything can go back to normal.


ChanServ, get back here, you slow piece of slow!


StoneGhost has joined


→ IndyRevolution has joined


→ Agent_Minnesota has joined


→ Ajax_013 has joined


→ |AR| has joined


→ Halopediaman has joined


→ RT__ has joined


→ ChanServ has joined


ⓘ set mode +v Ajax_013, +o ChanServ


ⓘ Echo8|SafetyBox is now known as Echowaffle8

20:53:08 Echowaffle8

Glad that's all back to normal then.

Discord Era

Herr Grammar

[19:14] <Punished Vadum> I just hav fun since my grammar and punctuation sucks.

[19:14] <Punished LHF> Could you not?

[19:15] <Punished Vadum> He Catched sounds just as good as Cought!!!


[19:22] <LOMI-Nogard> Did I just see some bad grammar

[19:22] <LOMI-Nogard> This cannot stand

[19:22] <Punished Tide> LOMI, your gramma nazi is showing.

[19:22] <Herr Grammar> NIEN

[19:22] <Punished Vadum> Icongitable inconcictencies of the grammatic tendencies!!!!

[19:22] <Herr Grammar> Purge the impure spellings! Whip the faulty sentences into shape!

[19:23] * Punished KOY gets a hard-light baseball bat.

[19:23] <Punished Vadum> YEAH @Herr Grammar U FIX IT!!! SWIPES HIS WORK DESK CLEAN IN FUSTRATION

[19:24] <Herr Grammar> Fustration? U?

What kind of lesser being would write in such poor form?


[19:24] <Herr Grammar> NIEN NIEN NIEN

[19:26] <Punished Tide> Well this dissolved into one big uber mess, did it not?


so jumbled shit

[19:29] <Herr Grammar> What are you even talking about now?

[19:30] <Punished Tide> I told you it was all over the place...

[19:30] <Punished Vadum> Its ok i make the same mistake


[19:32] <Echowaffle8> @Herr Grammar You misspelled "Nein"

Ship Naming

<Colin> Someone give me a UNSC ship name.

<Echowaffle8> @Colin The Catcher in the Rye

<Punished LHF> ooooooo (edited)

<Punished KOY> @Colin, Repentance (edited)

<Anonymous ONI agent> Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep

<Punished Indy @Colin Bladerunner

<Punished KOY> @Colin, Beep Beep I'm a Sheep

<Punished KOY> @Colin, Rules of Nature

<Echowaffle8> @Colin inb4 Spaceship McSpaceshipFace

<Colin> I like Rules of Nature, thanks.

* Anonymous ONI agent links a YouTube video entitled "Road of Nature"

<Punished LHF> bless you Discord for allowing italics (edited)

<Colin> oh no

not that video

pls no

delet this

<Anonymous ONI agent> I'm going to hotlink it in your article

Dead kids Colin

Dead kids everywhere

<Punished KOY> The UNSC Shrek

Honestly, all the good names are taken.

<Anonymous ONI agent> Not really.

<Colin> There are plenty of sources for ship names, I was just too lazy to pick one.

<Punished LHF> UNSC Echo Waffle

UNSC Indian Revolution

<Anonymous ONI agent> UNSC White Freedom

<Punished LHF> UNSC Lord Of Monster Island

<Punished KOY> ^

<LOMI-Nogard> @Punished KOY did you just say... Beep Beep I'm a Sheep? Beep Beep I'm a Sheep!?

<Punished KOY> Yes. xD

<Echowaffle8> Would you rather it was Meow Meow I'm a Cow?

<Punished KOY> ^

<LOMI-Nogard> No

Anon, why

<Anonymous ONI agent> XD

* Punished KOY blocks Anon.

<Punished Tide> Everyone do the FLOP!

<Punished LHF> UNSC Gooks of Hazard

im sry

* Punished Tide falls off of the tallest tower in Reality A.5

<Anonymous ONI agent> UNSC Roof Koreans

<Punished KOY> The UNSC Fuck It

<Echowaffle8> UNSC Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

<Punished LHF> UNSC FitnessGram Pacer Test

<Anonymous ONI agent> UNSC He Will Not Divide Us

<Punished KOY> UNSC Understandable Have a Great Day

<Punished Tide> UNSC Acteneism

<Punished LHF> UNSC Religion Of Peace

<Punished KOY> UNSC Eat MAC You Alien Freaks

<LOMI-Nogard> So what prompted all these canonically plausible UNSC ship names

<Punished KOY> Colin.

<Colin> I just wanted one because I was lazy.

I'm so sorry.

<Punished KOY> UNSC Colin

<Colin> If only I had known.

<LOMI-Nogard> UNSC Sorry Guys

<Punished KOY> UNSC 🍆

<Punished LHF> UNSC Moa

<Punished KOY> UNSC [insert Discord moa emoji] (Punished Indy and LOMI-Nogard react with [insert Discord moa emoji])

UNSC Cat Memes

<Echowaffle8> A class of ships called the Big Smoke-class. Ships in this class include the UNSC Two Number Nines, UNSC Number Nine Large, UNSC Number Six with Extra Dip, UNSC Number Seven, UNSC Two Number Forty-Fives, UNSC One With Cheese, and UNSC A Large Soda

<Punished KOY> xD

<Colin> what have i done

<Punished KOY> UNSC What Have I Done

<Echowaffle8> Took up three minutes of my life typing that, that's what.

<Punished KOY> That last one of mine was actually decent.


<Echowaffle8> Just make 30 ships called the UNSC Alexandria, but randomly name one of them the UNSC Bucephalus

(history jokes) (edited)

<Colin> I understood that.

<Punished KOY> UNSC New Phoenix Incident

Ironically made prior to the war.

<Colin> That would be like naming a ship the USS 9/11

<Punished KOY> UNSC Jet Fuel Can't JFK the Moon Landing (edited)

<Punished Tide> UNSC Sleep Is for the Weak

UNSC Ain't Enough Shit to Go Around

<Punished KOY> UNSC We Ran Out Of Names

<Punished Tide> UNSC Need More Words

UNSC I Can Do this All Day


<Echowaffle8> UNSC Bob Junior

Ship motto: "She's Fine, Thanks for Asking"

<Punished Tide> UNSC Slip Knot

UNSC Overhand Knot

UNSC Butterfly Knot

UNSC Ghost Knot

UNSC Requiem Ain't Got Shit on This

UNSC Spam is Love (edited)

<Punished KOY> UNSC We Ran Out Of Ship Names So We Need To Start Reusing Old Ship Names So We Can Have Cool Sounding Ship Names Such As The Spirit Of Fire Or The In Amber Clad But We Don't Know Where To Start II

<Punished Tide> UNSC SPAM is Love


<Echowaffle8> At one point we'll start over and just add "Maru" to the end of all the names we have

<Punished Tide> UNSC Anonymous ONI agent Maru

<Echowaffle8> Exactly

<Punished Tide> UNSC Echowaffle8 Exactly

<LOMI-Nogard> If the ship names go on for too much longer this probably out to go into the spam chat

<Punished KOY> UNSC Shoot Me First, I'm Expendable And Irrelevant To The Plot

<LOMI-Nogard> *ought

<Anonymous ONI agent> UNSC Nice Boat

<Echowaffle8> Yeah, probably

<Punished Tide> *UNSC LOMI-Nogard ought

UNSC Words Got Nothing on Me

<Punished KOY> UNSC And You Failed

<Punished Tide> UNSC Emojis Inbound


<Punished D042> UNSC Can't We Talk This Out

<LOMI-Nogard> King, that almost sounded like a real one

"And you failed"

<Punished KOY> xD

UNSC My Manufacturer Forgot To Install The Navigation Console

UNSC I Like Trains

<Punished D042> UNSC Fuck You I Don't Need This Job Anyway Carl

<Echowaffle8> UNSC My Manufacturer Forgot To Install The Ship

Seen as a reserve notice on an unoccupied hangar bay

<Punished Tide> UNSC Distant Will Now Stop

<Punished KOY> UNSC Please Take This To The Spam Chat

<Punished Tide> ^ To be honest, you know we've screwed up when KOY says to take it to spam chat

<Punished D042> UNSC Kyle And Green Deserved Better

<Punished Tide> Or maybe just me

<Colin> This needs to stop

<Echowaffle8> Or at least we need to take it to spam

And by "we" I mean Anon

So we go to the spam chat

<Echowaffle8> UNSC Now We're In The Spam Chat

<Punished KOY> UNSC Who Would Win? 300 Betas or 300 Deltas?

UNSC 300 Deltas

UNSC 300 Betas was destroyed.

UNSC Fuck This Shit I'm Out

<Echowaffle8> UNSC Initial D: Moa Stage

<LOMI-Nogard> I see I missed out on UNSC Moa Spam

<Punished KOY> UNSC M301 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

<Echowaffle8> UNSC My Rattata Is In The Top Percentage Of Rattatas

<Punished KOY> Fuck you.

UNSC No It's Not

UNSC TIme To Give Up

UNSC Don't Shoot We Surrender

<Echowaffle8> UNSC One More Minute And We Will Have Been Doing This For Half An Hour

(actually, now)

<Punished KOY> UNSC Half An Hour UNSC We Forgot To Bring Ammo and the UNSC Fuck, We Also Forgot Ammo

<Punished D042> UNSC Who Left You Two In Charge Of Munitions

<Echowaffle8> UNSC I Did

<Punished KOY> UNSC Stop Complaining, I'm Missing a MAC (got their front half blown off)

<Punished D042> UNSC Goddamnit Echo

<Echowaffle8> UNSC My Manufacturer Forgot To Install My MAC Cannon

<Punished KOY> UNSC Don't You Mean 'Goddamnit UNSC I Did'

UNSC What Are The Odds That

UNSC All Of Our Ship Names

UNSC Are Connected

<Punished Tide> UNSC Never Tell Me The Odds @Punished KOY

<Punished KOY> xD

<Echowaffle8> UNSC It's To Explain 'UNSC Stop Complaining, I'm Missing A MAC'

<Punished KOY> UNSC Oh That Makes Sense

UNSC No It Doesn't

UNSC Yeah It Does

<Echowaffle8> UNSC I Thought There Was A Question Mark At The End Of 'Got Their Front Half Blown Off'

<Punished Tide> UNSC KOY Needs to stop Talking to Himself

<Punished KOY> UNSC You're Breaking The Fourth Wall UNSC KOY Needs to stop Talking to Himself (edited)

<Punished Tide> UNSC Deadpool Activated

<LOMI-Nogard> UNSC It Never Ends, Does It?

<Punished KOY> UNSC BDS Sucks

UNSC It Doesn't Seem To End Does It

<Punished Tide> UNSC Don't Count on It

<Punished KOY> UNSC How Is This Conversation Still Going On

UNSC How Many Ships are Present

UNSC 342 Ships How Many Ships are Present (edited)

<Echowaffle8> UNSC But you see friends, the lovely folks at Baal Defense Solutions have already manufactured the perfect MA5 variant for your home or paramilitary organizations

(too lazy to fix the capitalization)

@Colin ^

<Punished KOY> UNSC Stop The Advertising UNSC But you see friends, the lovely folks at Baal Defense Solutions have already manufactured the perfect MA5 variant for your home or paramilitary organizations

<Echowaffle8> UNSC UNSC Stop The Advertising UNSC But you see friends, the lovely folks at Baal Defense Solutions have already manufactured the perfect MA5 variant for your home or paramilitary organizations

<Punished Tide> I sink ships

<Punished KOY> UNSC Don't Tell Me What To Do UNSC Stop The Advertising UNSC But you see friends, the lovely folks at Baal Defense Solutions have already manufactured the perfect MA5 variant for your home or paramilitary organizations (edited)

<Punished Tide> It is fun

<Echowaffle8> I'm laughing way too hard at that one

<Punished KOY> UNSC Fuck The UNSC I'm Gonna Go Join The URF

UNSC You Can't Change The Past

UNSC So Focus On The Future

<Echowaffle8> UNSC My Phone Autocompletes 'UNSC' Whenever I Type A Capital 'U'

<Punished KOY> UNSC Rawr @TEmeigh

<TEmeigh> UNSC heyo

The next day, someone had posted an NCF article about integrating their gaming clan into the Haloverse, and I decided to "borrow" from it a little bit.

<Echowaffle8> @Punished LHF UNSC Then Out Of Nowhere The Fascist Empire Along With The Clan Who Headed The Organization The Fascist States Of Halo Ended And Oddly Enough Lagann Did Receive A Good Amount Of Economical Support From Them So When The Empire Ended They Were Left In A Small Economic Crisis. This Led Them To Stumble Upon Solace Republic Which They Asked Them If Their State Could Become A Vassal Under Solace Republic. Solace Republic Gracefully Agreed To This Offer, And Granted Them Political Independence Allowing Them To Form Alliances. This Led Them To Form An Alliance With Russian Orbital Command, Which At The Time Was Led By ODST A Tarkov. They Were Good Partners Until Information Came About That Tarkov Wanted To Destroy Small Nations To Gain More Land For His Empire. Lagann Leadership Openly Disagreed With This Mentality Which Led To R.O.C. Discontinuing Their Alliance With Lagann. Soon After This R.O.C. Declared War On Lagann Which Led To Them Also Declaring War On Solace Republic. After A Very Short Fought War In Which Lagann Proved Themselves A Small But Worthy Vassal To Solace Republic, As They Fought A The Majority Of The War Against R.O.C. And Managed To Form A Strong Alliance Pact Between Solace Republic And Many Other Nations. This Alliance Pact Was Called The Alliance Of Free Clans. The War Ended In A Peace Treaty, But Soon After R.O.C. Disbanded Due To The Alliance Of Free Clans Putting Extreme Pressure On The Empire (edited)

<Punished LHF> you capitalized all that

<Echowaffle8> Nope

<Punished LHF> you're dedication to the joke is admirable (edited)

<Echowaffle8> I had Microsoft Word do it for me

Hostile Takeover

[21:29] <Colin> I don't think you heard me correctly.

[21:29] <Colin> BUY

[21:29] <Colin> MY

[21:30] <Echowaffle8> POTATOES (DarthNicky reacted with 👌🏻)

[21:30] <Colin> SHIPS

[21:30] <Colin> fuck sake echo

[21:30] <DarthNicky> lmao

[21:30] <Sev> Sure, I'll buy your potatoes, how much would they be?

[21:30] <Sev> Oh, you meant ships? 😛

[21:30] <Colin> Two credits a pound.

[21:30] <Colin> They come from premier farmland in New Ulster.

[21:31] <Echowaffle8> BPS: Baal Potato Solutions

[21:31] * Sev buys up his entire supply and the Coalition turns into Space Ireland for a while(edited)

[21:31] <Sev> XD


[21:52] <Distant Tide> SOUND POT IS GOOD POT

[21:52] <Distant Tide> ...

[21:53] <Distant Tide> I MEANT POTATO

[21:54] <Distant Tide> Wealthian SPACE CRUISER (edited) (Picture depicts a potato with solar panels in space.)


Truck-kun Strikes

[15:02] <Brodie-001> You simply don't understand the Iyashikei genre

[15:03] <Distant Echo> is that the one where people get hit by trucks

[15:03] <Distant Echo> or is that isekai?

[15:04] <Distant Tide> This is a great snip

[15:04] * Distant Tide screenshots the quote and posts a picture of it

[15:04] <Distant Echo> lol

[15:04] <Actene> Save that one forever

[15:04] <Distant Tide> I plan to

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