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Cybermind (Flood)
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  • cybernetic lifeform
  • entirely contained in a computer
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Other Names
  • Infected Avatar
  • CyberFlood
  • The Parasite
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contains millions of computers and networks. Can control inferior AIs

Normal color

sickly green

Political information and functions

Forerunner-Flood War, Prehistory, Modern History, Human-Covenant War


The Flood

Primary Function

waging cyber warfare on The Flood's enemies

Notable Battles



Cyberminds are massive, Flood-Controled AI networks that can cover an entire planetary database.


Regular Cybermind

A Cybermind is a type of artificial intellagence (AI), similar to a Forerunner AI. They are semi-sentient, and can "think" and be creative like UNSC Smart AIs. Most, if not all, of the Cyberminds are linked to the Gravemind via computer controlls.

To simply explain a Cybermind, it is a hypercomplex cybernetic virus that is used in computer infiltration and corruption.


Avatars of the Cybermind, Gravemind, and any computer hacking flood are always similar. They are a semi-round circle with a hexagon in the center. The hexagon has three protrusions from the lower half.


Cyberminds are created once the Flood has a wide understanding of how its enemies' computers work. Once they figure out the technology involved, they insert a simple virus into that computer. The virus starts out as a simple, nearly untraceable in any network. As the Flood begin to take more of the planet, the Cybermind evolves. The "evolution" is when the virus begins to understand the enemies' antiviral soft and hardware. Once the planet is nearly controled, the Cybermind unleashes itself upon the computers, infecting everything within the planetary network, cutting off the planet from the rest of its allies. The Cybermind crashes all firewalls and spyware, destroying profiles, and computes, translates, and uploads thousands of military strategies, armor and vehicle schematics, and secret plans. The Cybermind then can transfer itsself to other networks via satellites and other linkups. It takes over ships, drives AI into rampancy, and causes panic in the thousands affected by it.

After years of take overs, a single Cybermind may have thousands of planetary networks. This causes it to become an Omega Cybermind, which can spawn more viral cyberminds, allowing the Flood to spread its cyber infection allong with its physical corruption.

Avatar of the Cybermind (also used by the Gravemind)


A Cybermind is always used to wage cyber-warfare on the Flood's main enemies. They are deadly to AI linked to a planetary grid, as they absorb the AI into the Flood. The cybermind also installs Flood created software that is devised by the Gravemind, giving the Flood easy access to an enemy's computers and communications.


Cyberminds are one of the most threatening Flood forms, as they take world-wide computer networks into the Flood. They divert transmissions, corrupt data, and drive AIs into rampancy. All Cyberminds are linked to the gravemind through a telepathec connection that Forerunner, Covenant, or Human minds can comprehend.

Antivirus Software and Hardware Resistance

A Cybermind often comes incontact with antivirus software like Norton Security. Civilian antivirus software doesn't stand much of a chance after about a week of studying by the Cybermind. However, heavily guarded computers, say, the US defense network, it would take some time to kill.

Infection Time

  • Unguarded civilian computer- seconds
  • Low-grade security software enabled computer- hours
  • High-grade security software enabled computer- days
  • Encrypted networks- months
  • Extremely protected network- years

Stopping a Cybermind's Warpath

Only a few things will actually "kill" a Cybermind.

  • Shut off infected computers.
  • Take down the infected network before it spreads.
  • Use counter AI to combat the Cybermind.
  • Check a computer's line of code until the Cybermind's code is found. Then delete it.
  • Establish an antiviral AI that can search through lines of code for the virus. Then, it can wipe the virus out.

Known Cyberminds

Forerunner-Flood War

  • One present on a large star cluster inhabited by Forerunners.
  • Massive hyper-integrated Cybermind inhabiting the entire Forerunner computer network.
  • Thousands of others onboard ships and artificial worlds.

Human-Covenant War

  • One present still in the Ark's terminals. It is surpressed by software developed by multiple sub-monitors onboard Instillation 00.