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  • David-132
  • Derek-127
  • Hitomi-089
  • MIL AI 8329
  • Sergeant Sonner
  • Yoshi-046


  • Battle of Detroit
  • The Destruction at Night


  • Lambda Squad


  • Battle of Toronto-Battle of Detroit connections within the Second Battle of Earth
  • The First Encounter
  • The First Battle of the Archive
  • Ruins of Triumph

About Dubtiger

Dubtiger is a fan of Halo, although his access to Halo is limited due to the game franchise's "M" rated status (parents are strict and are always with ESRB). He had to resort to ask friends to play Halo 2 to delve into the Halo Universe. Dub was quick to enjoy Halo's realism and amazing graphics. He even went as far as calling it the "Star Wars" of the 21st Century. As with Star Wars, Halo is very detailed and full of believable fiction. He is constantly wishing his parents were not strict about ESRB ratings so that he can get a Halo game to enjoy at home, without having to ask a friend to borrow or play with them.

Dub is also a decent rp'er, beginning his role-playing career on deviantCHAT with Bleach and Naruto animes (both, including Death Note, are his favorite anime), Forgotten Realms, and vampiric themes.

One of Dubtiger's characters drawn by Marcks

Dubtiger is also the founder of the Naruto Fanon wiki.

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This is a Chinese music video. Although I have some knowledge of the Chinese language, I cannot translate it. But the music is really enjoyable. If you do not understand, it is a guy who is performing at a concert, and his girlfriend's in the hospital for some physical reason. He phoned his girlfriend so that she can listen to his performance, and then when the guy was about to finish, his girlfriend passed away (I think). There are flashbacks in the middle of the performance. Youtube - Chinese Music Video

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