This user, Dragonclaws, was formerly a member of the Administration
Amy Farrah Fowler.jpg
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 24th
Nationality U.S.
Birthplace California, U.S.
Religion N/A (atheist)
Occupation Student
Personal Website Casual YouTube channel, Blog, Associated Vlog
Gamertag Quetsalcoatl
Other Usernames Nogard (No relation), Dragonlover, GoingRampant

Hi, my name is Dragonclaws, and I'm a Halo addict. (Hi, Dragonclaws.) I'm one of the oldest users in the Halopedia/Halo Fanon community (since 2004). I was an admin here for a spell, primarily to assist RelentlessRecusant when he was an admin. Check out my fanfiction here.

Long before Specops306's excellent Guide to Fanon and Fanfiction, I wrote my own guide for Halopedia, Halo Fanfiction Tips. Even though I recommend the former, I think mine's still worth a look.


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