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Donut THX 1138/Vysar Tar 'Xztanee
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The Imperial Admiral of Contrite Purpose. Presumed dead after a large UNSC ambush. Although rumors of his life continuing are getting more and more reliable.


The original leader of the Fleet of Contrite Purpose. Vysar enlisted into the naval offices of the Covenant in 2517, and was given the rank of Half-Commander based on his simulation tests. Vysar quickly raised through the ranks as his naval tactics were brutal and fairly straight forward. Vysar 'Xztanee was given command of his first ship in 2521, a Covenant frigate. Later, he allowed for an allied Ship Master to be killed in combat, although no one could prove it was on purpose. However, Vysar did get a brand new CCS-class out of the death... Vysar then proved himself in battle several times throughout the year 2527. This got him his own fleet, as Supreme Commander. Only two years later Vysar assumed command of his own fleet and three others to engage a UNSC colony. Afterwards, the four fleets were combined together to form Contrite Purpose, with this, Vysar became Imperial Admiral Vysar Tar 'Xztanee. With his promotion, Vysar received a new Supercarrier, Burning Sacrifice. An ambush by the humans in 2546, caused the destruction of his flagship, Vysar almost died in the conflict too. He was presumed dead as he was never found, although Vysar got as many soldiers as possible off the supercarrier before it was destroyed, he also managed to get himself off in time. Vysar lead a small detachment of Phantoms away from the battle, but only to lose control and crash into a nearby planet. After the crash they repaired the Phantoms and took the only remaining frigate to High Charity, to speak with the Sangheili High Council. The Council decided it was best if the Prophets didn't know Vysar survived, as they would have him hung by his entrails for his failure. So, Vysar stayed close to the Council until the Civil War broke out, then he and his command crew took over a Covenant Supercarrier, Anger & Retribution. Vysar Tar 'Xztanee then lead his new supercarrier and two other Destroyers away from High Charity. They headed to Coral to speak with Councilor 'Nodotee, as that's where his fleet was last seen.

Burning Sacrifice

A Covenant supercarrier and the former flagship of Contrite Purpose. This ship was commanded by Imperial Admiral Vysar 'Xztanee. Burning Sacrifice was always accompanied by Bloodied Remnants, as Bloodied Remnants (aka: Fleet Master 'Nodotee) was the second in command of the fleet. Burning Sacrifice was present at the Engagement of Charybdis IX, where it took severe damage, but thanks to 'Nodotee, the fleet survived the UNSC attack. However, several years later in 2546, Burning Sacrifice was ambushed again. Although, this time Imperial Admiral Vysar 'Xztanee didn't have Shch 'Nodotee to back him up, Burning Sacrifice was destroyed during the combat. It is still unknown if Imperial Admiral Vysar 'Xztanee survived or not.

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