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Terrance F. Jones
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Major with the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Terry Jones is a sniper, but will also wield a shotgun from time to time. Terry was given the callsign, Donut.


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Terry Jones was born on Reach in the year, 2524. Terry enlisted at the age of 17, into the ODSTs. Terry never truly understood this war, just that the UNSC needed help. He was assigned to the Marathon-class Cruiser, UNSC Nautilus. In 2544 during his first battle, Terry was given a Sniper Rifle and told to "hit the ulgy ones", as his squads' sniper was killed. So as his squads' new sniper, he's seen a lot of action. Terry prefers to keep a Shotgun as his second weapon, but will also use Battle Rifle. After several years of fighting he was given a field promotion to Lieutenant after his company's Captain was killed.


Terry getting into a HEV.

Terry was born on the military planet Reach, in August 2524, only several months before the Human-Covenant War began. So all Terry has known is the fighting of the war. His parents were both involved in the military, his father being a Longsword pilot and his mother a doctor on a frigate. While living on Reach, everyday was full of training and security tests. When he was only 13 years old, while his parents were away with a battlegroup, the news came back that the group was intercepted by the Covenant. No survivors. Terry spent the rest of his childhood in an ODST camp.

Terry receiving "field training" in the sniper rifle.

Once Terry turned 17, he enlisted as an ODST. Since he was already known by most of the ODSTs(his childhood was the ODST camp) he was quickly promoted to Corporal. Terry Jones was put into active duty days after his promotion. His first real fight came in 2544, the Battle of Miridem. His unit went in behind enemy lines, the HEVs coming in hard, 3 didn't even make it the ground. Once ground side, the ODSTs regrouped and found that the Sarge didn't make it down, so Terry was put in command. The ODSTs fought for several days straight, but to no prevail, there seemed to be no end to the Grunts, hundreds of thousands of them.

Terry engages the Covenant on Miridem.

Suddenly a purple beam arced through the ODST squad, cutting down the sniper. One ODST dove down a threw the rifle to Jones saying, "hit the ugly ones!". It was then that Jones received his "field training" in the Sniper Rifle. Terry didn't waste a moment, quickly setting up in a tree and taking aim. Among the Grunts he spotted something else, this was at least 8 feet tall, and wore white distinct armor. Jones opened fire on what appeared to be the head of this thing, but a shield flared to life and the creature dove for cover. Thinking he was suffering from shock, Jones never told anyone of the creature until 2552 when they officially encountered the Elites. The squad then requested pick up, as this battle was clearly lost. They were extracted 34 minutes later by a Pelican. 36 of the 58 ODSTs survived the mission, and Terry Jones was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Jones standing on the ramp of a Pelican, speaking to his squad.

The next major conflict of notice that Terry took part in was the Siege of Paris IV. His ODSTs helped a Marine named Johnson hold off Covenant forces. Not much is known about the actual fight, other then the fact that the ODSTs pretty much held a single position the entire time. They were tasked with the defence of the main evac complex. The mission was successful, although the UNSC lost the battle. Terry was promoted to Second Lieutenant for saving several civilians and wounded marines.

Terry's unit was then sent back to Reach to aid some ships preparing to find the Covenant homeworld using Spartan-IIs. While there, Reach came under assault by the Covenant. During the battle Jones' division preformed well and saved several officers, but it was all in vain. Shortly after the got off the planet, it was declared a loss. They then jumped system in the UNSC Nautilus, along with several other smaller ships. They were pursued by only a single Covenant frigate, which quickly met it's end. Terry Jones was then promoted to First Lieutenant. He was also named the commanding officer of his ODST division, as the Captain was killed on Reach.

UNSC Nautilus

The UNSC Nautilus in orbit.


The UNSC Nautilus is a Marathon-class Cruiser, now under the command of Major Terry Jones. The ship lost most of it's command crew during the Battle of Reach, Major Jones was the highest ranking soldier left on board. So until the UNSC can get a replacement command crew and Captain, Major Jones is in command.

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