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Ryse Zar 'Uasumee
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Joyous Exultation

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Supreme Commander








Energy Sword


Elite Personal Energy Shield


Reverence-class Cruiser

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Covenant Separatists


A Supreme Commander Sangheili that recently joined with 'Nodotee.


The Supreme Commander of Contrite Purpose, and Councilor 'Nodotee's second in command. Little is known about Ryse, but his Reverence-class ship, Glorified Vengeance recently joined Contrite Purpose. Ryse has taken well to the new fleet, but he has yet to prove his true worth.


Ryse giving orders.

Ryse Zar 'Uasumee has fought many years against many enemies. Ryse enlisted as a Minor Domo and worked his way up the ranks the hard way. His first fight was in 2542, at Emerald Cove. Though there was little human resistance there.

After years of combat against the UNSC, he was finally promoted to Ultra in 2549. Ryse was promoted due to his involvement in Paris IV. He led several lances as a Major Domo during the seige. His lances were highly successful. Councilor 'Nodotee then promoted Ryse for all the UNSC deaths he caused, 'Nodotee then continued to watch over Ryse. As an Ultra he was given command of a frigate within the Fleet of Contrite Purpose.

Ultra 'Uasumee then went with the future Arbiter to Reach. After proving him worthy in the Battle of Reach, he was given command of a CCS-class Battlecruiser, as a Zealot Ship Master. then went with a taskforce that was gathering at Unyielding Hierophant. This Covenant force there was pretty much all destroyed, but 'Uasumee and the taskforce survived. Ryse then was transferred to a separate fleet.

The Reverence-class cruiser, Glorified Vengeance.

Finally, Ryse was made Fleet Master of his new fleet. Ryse 'Uasumee then led his Task Force on a successful mission on human forces, he was given command of a fleet of his own. This was his final leap up to Supreme Commander, with his new rank, he received a new Reverence-class cruiser. With his promotion an addition was put into his name, Zar.

After serving many years with honor and distinction, Councilor 'Nodotee brought Ryse to Contrite Purpose.

Xt'ayd Legion

Ryse with two Minor Xt'ayd members.

The Xt'ayd Legion, was highly respected among the Covenant Legions. Usually the first in battle and the last out. The death rate was fairly low even though they took on the most dangerous missions. The legion has been in service since 2524. Having various leaders over the years, but also having the best track record, as not a single Zealot leader was ever killed in combat. Not one of their leaders died from combat, but rather the natural life cycle.

Ryse Zar 'Usaumee is a member of this legion. It was placed with the Fleet of Contrite Purpose many years ago, and is still with the fleet. In 2542 when Ryse first joined the Legion, he was placed in command of a small lance. In 2549, Ryse was made the second in command of the Xt'ayd Legion, as an Ultra. Although, as an Ultra, Ryse spent most of his time in space on his frigate. Later the Zealot leader of Xt'ayd was sent away to join a separate Legion, so Ryse was promoted to Zealot, and commander of the Xt'ayd Legion.

Ryse Zar 'Usaumee is still the commander of the Xt'ayd Legion, and currently holds the rank of Supreme Commander.

Glorified Vengeance

The control room of Glorified Vengeance.

The flagship of Ryse. A Reverence-class cruiser that has seen many years of battle. Glorified Vengeance has glassed various human colony worlds, engaged many UNSC fleet, and destroyed thousands of enemies. Recently the ship has been sent to Contrite Purpose, to join 'Nodotee's forces. Councilor 'Nodotee needed a second in command, so he brought in Ryse and Glorified Vengeance.

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