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Odch 'Siburee
Biographical information

Joyous Exultation

Physical description

Zealot (Ship Master)








Particle Beam Rifle, Energy Sword


Elite Personal Energy Shield, Active Camouflage



Chronological and political information

Covenant Separatists


A Spec Ops Sangheili that served many years with 'Nodotee. 'Siburee is also a Phantom pilot.


One of Shch 'Nodotee's closest friends and squad mates. Originally a Minor Domo, and part of 'Nodotee's first squad. 'Siburee has been by 'Nodotee's side for many years. After rising through the ranks, just like Councilor 'Nodotee, 'Siburee now holds the rank of Special Operations Officer. Odch 'Siburee also pilots Phantoms, making him very important to his squad. He's now following Councilor 'Nodotee on Gamma Halo as one of 'Nodotee's two Spec Op bodyguards. Odch 'Siburee now commands a ship as a Zealot.


Divine Darkness opening fire on enemy forces.

'Siburee first enlisted as a Minor Domo. He was placed with Major Domo 'Nodotee's squad of Unggoy and another Minor Domo Sangheili, the other Minor Domo was Bergenond Amrothee. 'Siburee preferred the Particle Beam Rifle for his personal weapon, but he wasn't as good of a shot as 'Nodotee. So he was forced to use dual Plasma Rifles instead. Shch 'Nodotee was soon promoted to Ultra. So Odch 'Siburee took command of the squad, as he was newly promoted to Major Domo. In the 2535 Battle of Jericho VII Odch was promoted again. He was given the rank of Special Operations Minor for saving several other Sangheili from the Demons.

Odch 'Siburee as a Spec Ops Minor.

In 2536, during the Battle of New Constantinople, 'Siburee was promoted to Special Operations Officer. He was the only surviving Sangheili in an assault on a human base. His Spec Ops team went into the human factory and were quickly outnumbered by the apes. After an intense firefight, only Odch remained. Odch then quickly proceeded to destroy the building. So after the battle he joined back up with 'Nodotee, he then accompanied 'Nodotee everywhere. While in the serveice of Councilor 'Nodotee, Odch learned to pilot Phantoms; he now has his own designated Phantom, Divine Darkness.

Odch 'Siburee is presently fighting along side Councilor 'Nodotee on Gamma Halo as one of 'Nodotee's Spec Op guards. Odch 'Siburee is presently fighting along side Councilor 'Nodotee on Gamma Halo as one of 'Nodotee's Spec Op guards. For all of his hard work at Installation 03, Odch was promoted to Zealot.On uprising(level)he will fight by our side.

Odch 'Siburee now commands the CCS-class Battlecruiser, Devastation.

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