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Ffch ‘Nifumee
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Ship Master








Energy Sword


Elite Personal Energy Shield

Chronological and political information

Covenant Separatists, later Flood

Juggernaut 'Nifumee
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Leader of Flood on Installation 03

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A Covenant Zealot that served under Councilor Shch 'Nodotee. Seen by many as a coward, especially by his superior, ‘Nodotee. Later, Ffch was infected by the Flood and become a Juggernaut.


Early in his career, ‘Nifumee was given control of a CCS-class Battlecruiser by Fleet Master ‘Nodotee. After ‘Nodotee was promoted to Councilor Ffch ‘Nifumee was given command of the Assault Carrier, Bloodied Remnants. Although he was still under the watch of his former superior officer, as Councilor ‘Nodotee made Bloodied Remnants his office. Ffch ‘Nifumee wasn't a bad naval commander, he had the tactical know how, but he never had the nerves. It was because of this that Councilor ‘Nodotee took command of Bloodied Remnants away from ‘Nifumee. Ffch ‘Nifumee was then once again placed in command a of CCS-class ship.

Ffch ‘Nifumee as a Flood Juggernaut, fighting Marcus-098.

Then Councilor ‘Nodotee took the Combined Regional Fleet of Contrite Purpose, and Ffch, to Installation 03. ‘Nodotee then made Ffch his right hand man, which wasn't a good position. Councilor ‘Nodotee sent Ffch on multiple very high risk missions. Ffch ‘Nifumee was even sent on a mission to assault a downed human ship that landed on the ring. While getting ready to assault the craft, Ffch's army was attacked by the Flood and quickly overwhelmed. The entire army was infected, Ffch included. After many horrible hours of fighting his infection, Ffch gave in. The Flood within him quickly declared itself as the Flood's Control Mind (leader). The infection controlled Ffch then went back to the Covenant base camp. Where he claimed to be the only survivor. After returning to his CCS-class, Enlightened, he killed the command crew. His parasite army quickly took the ship, intending to leave the Halo. The Flood's plan failed when Bloodied Remnants and several other ships destroyed the ship before it could leave the surface.

Juggernaut ‘Nifumee quickly established Enlightened as a Flood hive. The remains of the ship became an important Flood base. However, ‘Nifumee knew Councilor ‘Nodotee would not allow this hive to continue existing. So ‘Nifumee set up an ambush for ‘Nodotee. Once ‘Nodotee's armies arrived at the crashed Enlightened, the trap was sprung. Almost 80 Sangheili, 200 Unggoy, and 6 Lekgolo lost their lives in that battle. While the Flood suffered few dead or wounded, mainly because the Covenant couldn't stop the giant Flood Juggernaut, ‘Nifumee. Juggernaut ‘Nifumee was proud of his victory, but there was one thing it didn't count on.

Councilor ‘Nodotee returned shortly to the Flood hive. Only this time ‘Nodotee brought a Scarab. Once in range the Scarab opened fire on the ship, instantly destroying the remains. Killing 90% of the parasite within, although ‘Nifumee escaped. After escaping, ‘Nifumee and his horde were locked away within another structure. Once inside the building they proceeded to find the teleport grid.

Once ‘Nifumee controlled the grid everything was made much simpler. He sent a large number of Combat Forms to the ring's Control Room, in an attempt to capture entire control of the ring. The assault failed horribly. ‘Nifumee them led a second attack force to the only Covenant Loyalist ship, Revived Faith. ‘Nifumee killed the Ship Master, and the Flood quickly took the rest of the ship. Now ‘Nifumee is repairing the ship, so they can leave Halo behind.

'Nifumee's plan failed again. The ship was destroyed and his armies moved to the control room of Installation 03. Once there he engaged the Spartans defending the control room. 'Nifumee was later killed by a tag team of Spartans.

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