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Eych 'Euqoree†
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A Major Domo that Councilor 'Nodotee promoted to Half-Commander. Eych was second in command on Bloodied Remnants. However, he recently turned away from 'Nodotee.


A Major Domo Sangheili onboard Bloodied Remnants. As part of the command crew of an Assault Carrier, Eych 'Euqoree was a very important soldier. However, he became even greater when 'Nodotee named him Half-Commander, and second in command of Bloodied Remnants. He's now on Gamma Halo with 'Nodotee.


Eych as a Half-Commander.

Eych enlisted as a Minor Domo. He was placed on the Assault Carrier Bloodied Remnants. He was nothing more than a mere patrol guard, Eych was less then pleased. Until on assault when the ship was hit by a MAC round. Eych 'Euqoree quickly raced to the control room, where he discovered one survivor, Field Master 'Nodotee. After the Field Master piloted the ship out of the killzone, Eych took up the firing controls. After the fight the Field Master was given command of the ship, then he was promoted to Major Domo and placed on the command crew.

Eych is still with the ship and was recently promoted to Half-Commander by Councilor 'Nodotee. He's currently on Gamma Halo with 'Nodotee.

After Councilor 'Nodotee found the truth about the rings and told the entire Task Force, Eych refused to believe 'Nodotee. So Eych 'Euqoree declared him leader and Fleet Master of the Loyalist side of Contrite Purpose's Task Force and took two CCS-class ships with him, Revived Faith and Brilliance. He stationed himself on Revived Faith, making Revived Faith his flagship, and was getting ready to assault 'Nodotee's faction, but 'Nodotee's Task Force opened fire on his two ships first. Brilliance was destroyed instantly, but Revived Faith managed to escape to the other side of the ring.

An infected Eych 'Euqoree.

Once his ship reached the other side, they began with repairs. However, Flood controlled 'Nifumee led an assault on the ship. Eych was one of the first to go down in the surprise attack. After the ship's control room was taken, the Flood quickly spread throughout the rest of the ship.

Although it was believed that Eych had died, in truth he was infected. As nothing more than a mere Combat Form he then served as an average parasite foot soldier. Eych was present in the Flood's assault on the Scared Ring's Control Room. During the assault, Eych attacked Councilor 'Nodotee. The two fought for some time, but to no prevail for Eych. Eych 'Euqoree finally met his end at the tip of 'Nodotee's sword.

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