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Siege of the Atlas Moons


First Battle of Tantalus

Engagement of Charybdis IX
Assault Carrier - Bloodied Remnants.jpg


Human-Covenant War


March 25th, 2540 (Cycle-084)


Charybdis IX & surrounding space


Slim Covenant Victory




  • Admiral Terrance Griffiths

5 Capital Ships

84 Boarding Craft

  • Hundreds of Warriors
    • Sangheili
    • Unggoy

23 Capital Ships

  • 1 Carrier
    • UNSC Law & Order
  • 2 Marathon-class Cruisers
    • UNSC Zeus
    • UNSC Napoleon
  • 9 Destroyers
    • UNSC York
    • UNSC Columbia
  • 10 Frigates
  • 1 Prowler
    • UNSC Lost Sight
  • 1 CCS-class Battlecruiser
    • Divine Faith
  • Several Boarding Craft
  • Warriors
    • 359 Elites
    • 583 Grunts
  • 1 Marathon-class Cruiser
    • UNSC Napoleon
  • 6 Destroyers
    • UNSC Columbia
  • 8 Frigates
  • Hundreds of Infantry & Crewmen


Cycle-084 Covenant Military Clock

0996 Units

  • Fleet of Contrite Purpose finishes glassing the majority of the UNSC colony, Charybdis IX.

0999 Units

  • Imperial Admiral Vysar 'Xztanee receives a transmission over the BattleNet requesting reinforced garrison at -CLASSIFIED- location.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee is informed of their orders.
  • Most ships break formation.

1004 Units

  • 37 of the 42 Covenant capital ships prepare for slipspace.
  • 37 Covenant ships jump to a secured location.

1012 Units

  • The last of the Spirits return from the surface of the planet. The remaining Covenant ships break the planet's orbit.
  • Imperial Admiral 'Xztanee readies the remaining ships for departure.

1026 Units

  • The 5 remaining Covenant ships are ready to jump system.

1027 Units

  • Slipspace ruptures off the lateral lines.
  • UNSC warships, numbering 22 in total.
  • Covenant forces break formation and turn to engage.

1034 Hours

  • Admiral Terrance Griffiths moves his carrier, UNSC Law & Order into the center of the UNSC formation.
  • The Marathon-class Cruiser, UNSC Zeus takes the point. The remaining Marathon-class takes position on the UNSC flank.
  • Admiral Terrance Griffiths orders all ships to open up on the enemy forces.
  • UNSC Lost Sight moves in behind it's cover of stealth and releases a mine field.

1035 Units

  • Imperial Admiral 'Xztanee moves Burning Sacrifice to the front of the Covenant formation.
  • A single CCS-class takes a position next to Burning Sacrifice.
  • 'Xztanee orders the other Covenant ships to regroup on his position.

1036 Hours

  • The UNSC Zeus opens up on the Covenant Supercarrier, the UNSC destroyers break formation and start to advance on the Covenant lines.
  • The UNSC Law & Order fires off a MAC round and knocks out the shields of the CCS-class Battlecruiser, Divine Faith, next to the Supercarrier.
  • Combined fire from the Frigates and the UNSC Law & Order destroy the CCS-class Battlecruiser, Divine Faith.

1048 Units

  • Burning Sacrifice destroys several more frigates with multiple Energy Projector beams arcing through space.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee ignores 'Xztanee's orders, and moves Bloodied Remnants and the two remaining CCS-class Battlecruisers behind one of the planet's moons.
  • Burning Sacrifice pulls back, firing off several plasma torpedoes. The torpedoes connect with a destroyer, crippling the UNSC craft.

1059 Units

  • Bloodied Remnants and the other CCS-class Battlecruisers move around the moon's dark side.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee orders several waves of boarding craft to be loaded, and readied for launch.
  • The three Covenant ships are propelled by the moon's gravity, somewhat of a slingshot effect, sending them around the flank of the UNSC formation.
  • All three Covenant ships open fire into the UNSC battlegroup, destroying several ships instantly. The plasma fire is followed up by nearly one hundred boarding craft.

1105 Units

  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee moves Bloodied Remnants to engage the UNSC Napoleon.
  • The UNSC Napoleon fires off two MAC rounds, but Bloodied Remnants shields take the blow.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee orders Bloodied Remnants to burn the demon vessel. Three of Bloodied Remnants' Energy Projectors shoot off, punching straight through the UNSC craft.
  • UNSC Napoleon explodes into a giant fireball.

1126 Hours

  • Carrier Law & Order repeals it's boarders. Admiral Terrance Griffiths transmits to the UNSC Lost Sight, requesting fire support.
  • UNSC Lost Sight transmits back, confirming it's existence to the Covenant forces.
  • UNSC Columbia is engulfed in a brilliant light, exploding from within. Covenant mission successful, bomb was detonated.

1138 Units

  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee intercepts transmission from the UNSC Prowler, Lost Sight.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee orders several waves of fighters to disable the human Prowler.
  • Covenant Seraph-fighters trigger the UNSC mine field, eliminating the entire fighter squadron.
  • The Covenant Supercarrier returns to the fight and burns several Longsword fighters and a frigate.
  • The conflict finally turns in favor of the Covenant.

1157 Hours

  • The UNSC Zeus repels it's boarders.
  • Zeus turns it's attention to the Covenant Assault Carrier, Bloodied Remnants.
  • Admiral Terrance Griffiths orders fighter support to UNSC Zeus.
  • Two frigates and a destroyer engage the Covenant Supercarrier, they manage to knock out it's shields.

1213 Units

  • Imperial Admiral 'Xztanee requests support as his shields have been disabled.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee responds, moving Bloodied Remnants in to take the shots intended for the Supercarrier.
  • Bloodied Remnants manages to destroy one of the UNSC destroyers in the process.
  • The CCS-class Battlecruiser, Devastation intercepts the UNSC Zeus. Preventing it from flanking the Fleet Master.

1229 Units

  • Two more UNSC destroyers explode as Covenant boarding crews are successful.
  • UNSC forces start to pull away from the fighting.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee presses the advantage, moving Bloodied Remnants and the two CCS-class Battlecruisers towards the UNSC battlegroup.

1245 Hours

  • Admiral Terrance Griffiths orders a full retreat to randomized vectors.
  • UNSC forces start to jump system, but some of the last frigates violently erupt into fire.
  • The Covenant assault carrier has once again began to open up with it's Energy Projectors.
  • Another beam of energy pierced through a UNSC destroyer, disintegrating it instantly.
  • The 8 remaining UNSC vessels jump system.

1256 Units

  • The Covenant deem the engagement a victory.
  • The surviving Covenant forces jump system to a secured location.
  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee is summoned by the High Council.

1459 Units

  • Fleet Master 'Nodotee meets with the High Council and the Prophet of Truth. Truth admits he was surprised by 'Nodotee's tactics, allowing a superior to get shot as a distraction to flank the enemy.
  • Shch 'Nodotee is given two offers, to ascend to the rank of Imperial Admiral, or join the High Council and govern the Covenant.
  • Shch 'Nodotee chooses the latter.
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