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Convenant Cruiser.PNG
Production information

CCS-class Battlecruiser

Technical specifications

1782.2 meters


861.7 meters


230.8 meters

Slipspace Drive




  • Pulse Laser Turrets
  • Plasma Torpedos
  • Thousands of infantry
    • Grunts
    • Jackals
    • Elites
    • Hunters
  • Ghosts
  • Banshees
  • Wraiths



Qytan 'Kinamee

Present for battles/events

Battle of Eridanus II




Contrite Purpose

Known commander(s)

Odch 'Siburee


A CCS-class Battlecruiser that has served many years with the Fleet of Contrite Purpose. It was even the base of operations for Councilor 'Nodotee's original lance.


When Councilor 'Nodotee first enlisted and became a warrior of the Covenant, this was the ship he was assigned with. His legion was based from the CCS-class Battlecruiser, Devastation. This ship has seen countless battles and destroyed nearly 100 UNSC vessels. It has long since served with valor and dedication to the Covenant.


One of the hangers, pior to the Battle of Eridanus II.

The most important battle the hip was ever part of, was the Battle of Eridanus II. Shch 'Nodotee's legion was sent to the planet's surface to establish a base camp. Most of the first squad was eliminated instantly. 'Nodotee then took command and led the warriors away from the human city. Devastation sent down several more waves of Orbital Drop Pods to reinforce the survivors.

Devastation then moved out of the planet's gravity well and regrouped with the taskforce. Once in formation, Devastation advanced on the enemy naval lines. The Covenant taskforce was able to break the human lines and get them into a full retreat. Devastation played a major role in this attack, by destroying several UNSC vessels. After the UNSC ships backed off, Devastation moved back to 'Nodotee's position. Where they extracted the wounded and began to open fire into the city. Reigning plasma into the UNSC ground forces. The Covenant won the battle and eventually glassed the planet.


Qytan 'Kinamee.

The Devastation has one of the more powerful legions within the Covenant empire. The legion has suffered horrible losses over the years, the worst of which came in the Battle of Eridanus II. The Legion has had wonderful leadership though. Their Field Master, Qytan 'Kinamee, has led the legion since it's creation. Not much is known about Qytan though, not even his age.

During the Battle of Eridanus II, Qytan was almost killed by human snipers, but Shch 'Nodotee took the shot for Qytan. 'Nodotee saved Qytan's life that day, Qytan has been greatful ever since, even promoting 'Nodotee to Ultra for his acts.

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