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Bloodied Remnants
Production information

Assault Carrier

Technical specifications

5346 meters

Engine unit(s)

Sublight Propulsion Engines (6)

Slipspace Drive



Resistant to 4 MAC rounds or greater


Resistant to 130 Archer missiles

  • Pulse Laser Turrets
  • Energy Projectors
  • Plasma Torpedos
  • Thousands of infantry
    • Unggoy
    • Sangheili
    • Lekgolo
  • Seraph-class starfighters
  • Banshees
  • Spirits
  • Phantoms
  • Covenant Drop Pods
  • 324 Sangheili
  • 168 Huragok


Earliest sighting

2532 - Glassing of UNSC colonies

Present for battles/events

Charybdis IX, Installation 03


Covenant Separatists


Combined Regional Fleet of Contrite Purpose

Known owner(s)

Councilor 'Nodotee

Known crewmembers

Eych 'Euqoree, Ffch 'Nifumee

Known commander(s)

Ffch 'Nifumee, Shch 'Nodotee


Bloodied Remnants is the flagship of Councilor 'Nodotee, and acts as his command center. As Covenant Assault Carrier it is one of the largest and most powerful ships in the Covenant Armada.


This Assault Carrier has seen many battles, some more difficult than others. Bloodied Remnants was first introduced into combat as part of the Fleet of Contrite Purpose. It served as one of the fleet's carriers, bringing ground troops and naval support into the fight. First used in combat around 2532, it then glassed various human colony worlds.

While glassing a human colony world, Bloodied Remnants was hit by a human MAC round, killing almost all of the command crew. Except one, the ship's Field Master survived, took control of the carrier, and saved it from destruction. That Field Master was Shch 'Nodotee, after that battle, 'Nodotee was made Fleet Master and given control of the Assault Carrier.

Fleet Master 'Nodotee was second in command of the Fleet of Contrite Purpose. Under their Imperial Admiral, Shch 'Nodotee and Bloodied Remnants glassed many planets and engaged quite a few human ships.

Bloodied Remnants launching Pods into a human city.

Contrite Purpose was a fleet of 42 capital ships, so it could pretty much overpower any human armada. However, one such engage went bad, the Imperial Admiral ordered 37 of the ships ahead to join a large task force that was gathering. So the remaining 5 ships were getting ready to jump away from a recently glassed colony, when a demon fleet of 23 ships came out of Slipspace, this was the beginning of the Engagement of Charybdis IX. The Imperial Admiral quickly gave his orders, but then his ship was struck hard, it being the largest target of course, a Supercarrier. Fleet Master 'Nodotee also reacted quickly, but not to his superior's commands, to his own. He took Bloodied Remnants and 2 other CCS-class ships with him. His group moved around behind the planet's moon, using it as a slingshot and a shield, when his group came around they all opened fire into the side and rear of the enemy cluster. The battle was soon over.

The 8 remaining human vessels, all badly damaged, quickly jumped to slipspace. Contrite Purpose didn't lose a single ship, but the Supercarrier wasn't going anywhere for a while. When the Prophet of Truth heard of the engagement, he offered two options to 'Nodotee: become an Imperial Admiral, and lead Contrite Purpose, or become a Councilor, and lead the Covenant. Shch 'Nodotee chose the latter.

The Flagship Bloodied Remnants

The flagship Bloodied Remnants.

Bloodied Remnants is a Covenant Assault Carrier that was stationed with the Combined Regional Fleet of Contrite Purpose. It was Shch 'Nodotee's capital ship when he was a Fleet Master (before he was promoted to Councilor), and second in command of the fleet. Originally, it was only the second most powerful ship in the fleet, as there was a Supercarrier, the Burning Sacrifice. The Burning Sacrifice was the fleet's flagship until 2546, when they encountered an ambush set up by the UNSC at one of the inner colony worlds, and Burning Sacrifice was destroyed in the battle, along with their former Imperial Admiral. After that, Bloodied Remnants took the position of flagship, seeing how it was the office/headquarters of Councilor 'Nodotee and the largest ship in the fleet. However, there was one last problem, the former Ship Master of Bloodied Remnants was less than tactically sound. So Shch 'Nodotee quickly replaced him.


Councilor 'Nodotee standing on the command platform.


Control Room

Bloodied Remnants has a crew of 325 Sangheili, one of which is Councilor 'Nodotee. The command crew is made up of 10 Sangheili, 4 Unggoy, and Fleet Master/Councilor 'Nodotee. The carrier also has a large maintenance crew of 168 Huragok. Several of these Huragok are part-time members of the command crew too.

Troop Deployment

As an Assault Carrier, Bloodied Remnants has a large deployment of troops at its disposal. Thousands of Sangheili, Lekgolo, and Unggoy. All to overwhelm and eliminate enemy forces. The ship also carries a single Scarab assault platform, Darknaught. Bloodied Remnants also carries a large number of Phantom dropships to transport troops and supplies.

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