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Donut THX 1138
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Formerly an Administrator of this wiki.


This is Donut THX 1138. I'm a human male with varying interests, ranging from law to computers. As all can tell, i love Halo. It's my favorite game. I actually bought an Xbox just to play Halo. I had tried it with my cousin, then i had to have more! Ever since I've been addicted to Halo. I had Halo 2 reserved almost four months in advance, and I've had the Halo 3 Legendary Edition reserved for almost three months now. A grand total of 11 months in advance for Halo 3. As many here know, i spend a lot of my time at Halopedia. Creating new templates and improving countless articles. I've been nominated for Halopedian of the Month and for the Halopedia Fan Art Committee.


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Halopedia Donut THX 1138 (member)
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