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"I'll be honest, when some guy showed up for Status Quo trying to orbital drop in some boats, I had my concerns..."
Spartan-D042 describing his first encounters with Distant Tide. (Annual Award Voting, 2017)

Distant Tide, often referred to as Tide, is an active member and Administrator of the Halo Fanon wiki, joining in May 2017. Sometime in 2013, he attempted to join under the username RiptideOriginsZ but lost interest due to time constraints. After a two year hiatus from writing Halo fan fiction, Tide's first formal article on Halo Fanon was Colt Blaster HDW Mk.15, a twenty-sixth century interpretation of the American AR-15 rifle that earned several qualitative wiki awards that same year.

Before coming to Halo Fanon, Tide was a frequent contributor on Fanfiction.net, starting in 2010, and participated as a moderator in several related writing forums and roleplay servers. Tide's honed writing style is self-described as military science fiction, western-oriented with an interest in exploring, developing overlooked and underappreciated concepts for Halo fan fiction and other fandoms. On Halo Fanon, Distant Tide's main focus is the SPARTAN-III Delta Company child-soldiers, Andra-D054 and Merlin-D032. His current projects include a variety of short stories and novellas, including a few projects outside Halo lore. Beyond writing, Tide enjoys swimming, traveling, video games, and airsoft as hobbies.


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Favorite Quotes

"The manga of The Ghost in the Shell didn't place importance on its sustainability as a series because it is faithful to the idea that works in different media, be it film, TV series, manga or novel, should be optimized to its own art form."
―Shirow Masmune (1961- )

(Japanese author of The Ghost in the Shell Franchise. Quoted March 21, 2009, Postscript of English Reprint for The Ghost in the Shell, Volume One manga.)

"The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense."
―Tom Clancy (1947-2013)

(American military technothriller author. Attributed to an interview on Larry King Live. Quote derived from another by Lord Bryon:
"Truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.")

Story Concepts

Published Works

  • Corporeal Delta: Building Spartan-IIIs on a Budget, and Then Some: SPARTAN-III Delta Company is a story of justification and egos, colored by tragedy. Onyx's destruction ended the SPARTAN-III program, but its not over. ONI Rear Admiral Jazmine Utah made sure of that, regardless of the consequences and by any means. Especially in the face of what she perceived as a domestic enemy, Utah has no qualms fighting fire with fire.
  • Invisibles: Insignificant Tales from the Halo Universe: Insignificant short stories from the Halo Universe.
  • Itter Rock: 2546. Viktoria Bradford and her fellow Army Rangers are on routine patrol across a glassed colony world when they're diverted to investigate an overlooked mountain facility. Viktoria enjoys a challenge: the inhospitable landscape, terrifying alien forces. However, there's more at stake for her here than just another deployment.
  • Lonely Frontier: Cortana and her Created are on the march, bending the galaxy to their whim. Yet in remote corners of the galaxy, life continues unabated through upheaval and hopelessness. Merlin-D032 seeks a way home while laying his trust in uncertain allies. Andra-D054 rebuilds her shattered world despite the unknown path ahead. And thus, the fight goes on.
  • Other Homeworld Theory: A fringe conspiracy theory claiming Humanity's homeworld to be other than Earth; often perpetuated by post-settlement Outer Colonials with intent to discredit Earth's history and prestige.
  • What Follows The Rangmejo: Not literally, but that was how the rumors went. The cry of a Rangmejo promised that Forerunners were not far behind. Of course, this was supposed to be an uncolonized preserve, there were no Forerunners here... Still, that whistle came far too early and stayed just a second too long.

Unpublished Ideas

  • A Soldier’s Tale: The Rainforest Wars: The wars began with a age old question of a nation’s destiny, between Mankind’s treasure or a future for their people. Jeremiah Mendez lived the Rainforest Wars from behind camera, paper, and rifle.
  • Umibozu: Maritime officer Angelica Hurst tried to make the most of the UNSC’s admin-war victory over the rebel-corrupted CMA but now a mysterious maritime unit has killed her captain. Another bureaucratic mystery unfolds at the Insurrection’s end!
  • Axios - First Semester: Before Cadmon Lasky's death, the Lasky name meant something around Corbulo Academy. Hastati Squad carried a different reputation then, and a warmer heart. A Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn prequel.
  • Itter Rock: Despite the horrors of a long lost war on Miridem, Army Ranger Viktoria Bradford found a epiphany between the glassed landscape and plasma fire. For herself, and her daughter.
    • Spider Pass: ...
    • Where Its Simple: ...
  • Mad Dog: Simon-G294 just wanted to leave the galaxy behind. But at some point, one must stop running and fight back. Especially when it takes the last person who still understands you.
  • Aliens Make Bad Neighbors: The Human-Covenant War ended, but the aliens never left Earth. Instead, they stayed, moved in, and things got complicated fast. Enter Bless-G189.
  • Corporeal Delta: Onyx's destruction was supposed to be to be the death nail for the SPARTAN-III program. It won't be. Jazmine Utah will make sure of it.
  • Tempered Scalpel: Team Boson left Delta Company thinking the galaxy was theirs for the taking. Then they met VIOLET-III.
  • Arizona Backroads: A wet-behind-the-ears Spartan team's first visit to Earth involves a road trip into the Arizona backcountry. There they found their purpose, and home.
    • Undesirables: ...
    • Brood Parasite: ...
  • Bewitched Paragon: Daniele-D003 was once a fugitive; he thought he set that life aside. It's been years since Jefferson Korn saved him from the Slums of San Diego. Now Korn's AI warns of the end times and Korn's approaching death. Unless he acts now.
  • Where Did The Galaxy Go: It's January 2559. The voices of Mankind should fill the infinite heavens above. But its quiet now. Dead quiet.
  • Lonely Frontier: The Created have arrived yet life continues unabated on the Frontier. For one lost Spartan, it means finding his way home and to trust in his companions. For another lost Spartan, the first step to being her own person is not knowing the way forward.
  • Lasky's Grave: The Master Chief woke up to a ringworld gone mad. With only an old rally marker as guidance, he goes looking for answers knowing he might not like what he uncovers. A Halo Infinite AU one-shot.
  • Furthest Point: ...
  • Silent Garden: The Created woke up something ancient. A Forerunner warriors’ surveillance network seeking to connect, and the galaxy will once more answer, starting with a misfortunate Merlin-D032.
  • The Pale Blue: Defeating Cortana’s Created only created a more dangerous galaxy for everyone. Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054 know this better than most.


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