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"I'll be honest, when some guy showed up for Status Quo trying to orbital drop in some boats, I had my concerns..."
Spartan-D042 describing his first encounters with Distant Tide. (Annual Award Voting, 2017)

Distant Tide, often referred to as Tide, is an active member and Site Patroller of the Halo Fanon wiki, joining in May 2017. Sometime in 2013, he attempted to join under the username RiptideOriginsZ but lost interest due to time constraints. After a two year hiatus from writing Halo fan fiction, Tide's first formal article on Halo Fanon was Colt Blaster HDW Mk.15, a twenty-sixth century interpretation of the American AR-15 rifle that earned several qualitative wiki awards that same year.

Before coming to Halo Fanon, Tide was a frequent contributor on, starting in 2010, and participated as a moderator in several related writing forums and roleplay servers. Tide's honed writing style is self-described as military science fiction, western-oriented with an interest in exploring, developing overlooked and underappreciated concepts for Halo fan fiction and other fandoms. On Halo Fanon, Distant Tide's main focus is the SPARTAN-III Delta Company child-soldiers, Andra-D054 and Merlin-D032. His current projects include a variety of short stories and novellas, including a few projects outside Halo lore. Beyond writing, Tide enjoys swimming, traveling, video games, and airsoft as hobbies.


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"The manga of The Ghost in the Shell didn't place importance on its sustainability as a series because it is faithful to the idea that works in different media, be it film, TV series, manga or novel, should be optimized to its own art form."
Shirow Masmune (1961- )

(Japanese author of The Ghost in the Shell Franchise. Quoted March 21, 2009, Postscript of English Reprint for The Ghost in the Shell, Volume One manga.)

"The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense."
Tom Clancy (1947-2013)

(American military technothriller author. Attributed to an interview on Larry King Live. Quote derived from another by Lord Bryon: "Truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.")


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