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Biographical Information


Serge Kuznetsov


  • Codename: ATLAS (formerly)
  • Codename: GOLIATH


October 31st, 2511


Chi Rho

Physical Information




  • 7'6" (215.9 cm.) (unarmored)
  • 7'11" (228.6 cm.) (armored)
Political/Military Information


  • unarmed combat
  • Close-quarters combat


  • Petty Officer Second Class
  • Commander





  • White Team
  • Fireteam Xiphos
  • Saber Company


"I don’t want them to respect me, but those who were better than me… My brothers and sisters who I had known since I was six. The ones who fought and died for thirty years. The ones who saved the human race… I just wanted their memory to be treated with some respect."

Commander Serge-011, also known as SPARTAN-011 and operating under the Codenames ATLAS and GOLIATH, was a SPARTAN-II supercommando who formerly served under the Office of Naval Intelligence. Originally one of the softest and most reluctant Spartans in the program, Serge would later become the program's foremost expert in hand-to-hand and close combat as well as forming many close relationships with other teams such as Indigo and Green Teams.

Born Serge Kuznetsov on the 'mid-rim colony' of Chi Rho in 2511, Serge was subsequently abducted after being identified as having the necessary markers for Catherine Halsey's SPARTAN-II program. Folded into White Team along, Serge would struggle in the program until he found his niche as their close-combat expert.


Early Life

"I knew you were dangerous. I could tell from the moment you spoke you were dangerous. What I didn’t know was how far I needed to run."
―Serge-011 to Dr. Halsey regarding their first meeting.

Serge was born on October 31st 2511 on the "Middle" Colony world of Chi Rho. Born, Serge Kuznetsov. The only son of a police officer, Jorge Kuznetsov.

Serge was a very bright and talented child but his parents were worried that he was too trusting of others. He was very open and immediately socialized with others almost freely. Their fears were allayed as their son proved to be an uncanny judge of character, he could tell when someone was trustworthy or not.

[Gets lost one day, but he knew that one adult was trustworthy.]

He was also a strong child, so strong for his age that he became afraid of his own strength. There had been an incident where he lost his temper and had gotten into a fight with a classmate. During the fight he accidentally broke the other boy's arm and was traumatized by what he had done. After that experience he unconsciously placed barriers on his strength and Serge became very gentle and non-confrontational.  

In 2517 he was identified as a possible candidate for the Spartan-II Program. Serge was physically impressive, exhibited superior reflexes, displayed intelligence and observational skills far beyond normal children, and met the strict genetic criteria for the program. But when Dr. Catherine Halsey visited Chi Rho to study him, she almost wrote him off the Program. In her observations, she was concerned that he was psychologically ill-suited for being a Spartan. He lacked competitiveness or a natural predisposition to aggression and she believed him to be too docile to become a SPARTAN.

In order to settle the matter, Dr. Halsey came to see him in person. At the time, Serge was at school, playing on the field during recess with the other children. She introduced herself to him and offered to play a game with him. She asked Serge to guess on which side a coin will land on, just as she had done with Candidate 117.

Instead, the boy did something that she did not expect and did what no other candidate had done. Serge stared at her for a moment and then ran away from her as fast as possible. His teachers found him several hours after school had ended hiding in a cupboard. With the matter decided, Halsey reevaluated her decision and approved his induction into the Spartan-II Program. Serge-011 had instincts.

Sometime later, Serge was abducted from his home and replaced with a flash clone. He along with seventy-five other children were taken to Reach for training where the rest of his life would be defined.

SPARTAN Training

[Meets White Team, talk from there. Bring up the Pillars of Loki.] [Summarize the trainee's first day on Reach]

Just has Halsey had feared, while nominally talented both physically and academically, frankly speaking, Serge was one of the most psychologically ill-equipped trainees in the program and was completely unprepared for the brutal environment he was thrust into.

Lacking the aggression that the other children possessed he suffered in training. He could keep up physically, in fact, he stood out from the others in terms of physical strength, but his strong attachments to home played havoc with his emotional well-being. As terrified as he was, he stubbornly resisted being called 011, repeatedly insisting that his real name was Kuznetsov.

"I don’t hate you, you know. At first I was angry and I did, but I look a little more and see you’re not happy either. You’re actually sorry and you try your best. I don’t like you, but I don’t hate you. I could try, but it just won’t work."
―Serge-011 to Dr. Halsey.

Came close to washing out but was carried on by his teammates.  

While not the highest scoring unit, White Team had the best unit-cohesion out of any other team in the program, their teamwork and skill sets complementing each other so well that they could go toe to toe with the likes of Blue or Red Team, even though individually they scored less than them.

Trainees would put bets on wrestling matches between him and Samuel.

Serge, alongside Vladimir who was from Vostok, were one of the few Russian-speaking trainees in the program. Though they didn't interact with each other as often as others, both enjoyed speaking to one another in a familiar language that the other children couldn't understand. Serge was one of the few people who could make Vladimir laugh, along with Samuel and Will.

Another trainee who Serge would befriend was Jorge, whom interestingly shared the same name as his father. Serge told him as much and Jorge found that very amusing.

During training Serge possessed a keen sense for danger and remarkable situational awareness. Once on a field exercises against Blue Team, Serge sensed that Linda was training her sights on Alicia and pushed her out of the way to avoid the shot. They ended up losing the match anyway but his instincts and attention to detail would later save White Team's members from ambushes countless times.

During meal times he frequently gave his leftovers to a girl named Serin from Indigo Team who was keenly interested in finishing them. She was a anti-social one to be sure, and didn't mingle much with the other children. They had only become acquainted during combat exercises since White and Indigo Teams were sometimes paired up to face Green and Blue Teams. When a boy named John, the leader of Blue Team, teased her for this habit, Serge flicked his mashed potatoes at him until he stopped and invited the reclusive girl to sit with him and the rest of White Team instead.

He was known to have occasionally helped with the members of Grey Team’s numerous escape attempts. On one occasion during mechanical practice where they were learning to maintain vehicles, he noticed Adriana hiding on the undercarriage of a Warthog and covered for her by keeping their trainer's attention away from it. The observant Chief Mendez saw right through him and grilled him for Adriana's location. While Serge could not lie directly to the Chief's face he refused to give her up anyway and was sent to the brig without food as punishment. Later that night, though her escape attempt failed, Adriana smuggled in some food for him.

Struggles and Troubles

For a long time, Serge was one of the lowest performing trainees when it came to hand-to-hand sparring. Which was strange, because out of all his talents, his physical strength by far his most prominent. Despite being able beat almost anyone else in feats of strength, in fact being ranked the second strongest in the whole program, he was still held back by his mental barriers and fear of hurting others.

When sparring with Roger he was able to knock him down and pin him but he hesitated to strike him any further. Even with Mendez ordering him, he could only do it when Roger yelled at him to do so, having to goad Serge into striking him. Some of the others sympathized for him, trainees like Jorge, Samuel, Kurt, and Maria would go easy on him during sparring matches and Li could take him down easily without hurting him. While ever hesitant to fight the others, he partially solved this problem by focusing his techniques on grappling. Samuel and Jorge were particularly willing to teach him several useful techniques that they had learned.

But not all of the children were as affectionate with him. A particularly violent child by the name of Sampson was ranked the third-strongest member of the Spartan-II Program and hated the fact that Serge of all people was considered stronger than him. To prove that he was stronger than him, during mealtime he called out Serge to fight him and said after he was done with him, that Samuel would be next. Serge was uninterested with his challenge and refused to rise to his taunts. This only incensed Sampson even more and he attacked him. The other members of White Team immediately moved defend Serge from the brute. When Sampson attacked them too, several other trainees had to join to stop Sampson's rampage. He was finally stopped by Samuel who ended his outburst with a single blow to the head that knocked him into unconsciousness.

The Helpful One

Serge suffered in nearly all combat exercises but was among the most studious when it came to field medicine which he took a keen interest. While he was not an aggressive fighter he was determined to help the others in whatever way he could. He became quite experienced in mending simple injuries and frequently patched up his friends and fellow trainees whenever they got hurt, either from accidents or by their trainers. Along with Halie-067, he became one of the most experienced field medics among the Spartan-IIs.

During an inter-team combat exercise, White and Indigo were squaring off against Green and Blue in a game of capture-the-flag. He allowed himself to be captured by the opposing Green Team because he had heard that Will had broken his arm while spotting for Linda, and so came over to help. First he sedated Will with a stolen narq-dart provided by Linda and then treated him using a makeshift first aid kit of various stolen, smuggled, or outright improvised medical components he had carefully gathered. With it he reset Will's fractured radius, relocated his shoulder, cleaned and dressed the wound, and put his arm in a fashioned splint. Fortunately, the fracture was a clean break and no arteries were damaged but Will would still need real medical attention.

Serge volunteered to carry Will back to base himself for treatment, but Fred insisted on escorting the two of them, reasoning that Serge couldn't carry him all the way by himself. Serge certainly could have, but he could see that Fred felt responsible for Will's injury, having been the one who suggested he climb that tree, so Serge agreed. Together they took turns carrying Will until they were out-of-bounds of the training zone and where they would be picked up. He and Fred were penalized for collaborating during a team exercise but both were still allowed to attend dinner that night. The members of Indigo Team were furious that Serge had abandoned them to aid the enemy, but Serin and the rest of White Team were not surprised by his innocent action. Roger was greatly irritated at losing the match but Alicia, Mason, and Victoria found it all very amusing.

Either way, after that, Serge, alongside Halie, became sort of the go-to guy for the other children to get their wounds treated while they were away from the base. It was said that Serge has patched up every Spartan-II in the program at least twice before, even the likes of Spartan-150 and Sampson. Sometimes he would try to render aid to drill instructors or trainers who had been wounded during training, or by the trainee's general shenanigans. This was first met with mixed results, but he did end up befriending several of the project staff and trainers and this became a common occurrence. Serge would explain his actions to Mendez as him "maintaining peak medical discipline at all times". However many trainers learned to be wary around Serge, who became known for hiding several narq-darts on his person for when they decided to resist treatment. When the staff began performing mandatory searches on him before training for darts he had Victoria snipe his "patients" with the darts instead.

Dr. Halsey would take special notice of his change in behavior. Instead of his usual meek behavior, in these circumstances, Serge had displayed utter fearlessness and a casual disregard for reprisal or consequences to himself. While still not the most skilled trainee, his kind, and gentle nature had endeared him to many of the other trainees and in-turn Serge had come to look up to almost all of his friends and comrades as role models. Halsey would continue to monitor his development.

The Last Straw

For the Spartans-in-training, conflict with their trainers and giving them grief was a daily ritual. For some even it was a quota to be met. One day the trainees were standing attention after a combat exercise where the trainees had triumphed again over the members of Tango Company. Victoria unwisely decided to smart-mouth a drill instructor about their performance. The DI took exception and began beating her with a shock baton as punishment. Seeing his friend on the ground, being attacked and bleeding from the face, something inside Serge finally snapped as he broke ranks and punched the man's face with enough force to break his cheekbone and several teeth.  

Until now Serge had never fought back against the DIs outside of combat exercises. Part of this was due to his lingering fearfulness and non-confrontational nature. Now that had changed. In the ensuing scuffle, he nearly bit the man’s finger off and then fought off the other DIs when they tried to subdue him. Utilizing a ruthlessness and brutality that he had never displayed before, two of them had their elbows broken and a third had his kneecap shattered in. Arriving on the scene, Chief Mendez ordered Serge to stand down. Still protecting Victoria, Serge instead actually attacked the Chief Petty Officer...who promptly crushed him. 

However Mendez chose not to punish him severely, one day in solitary confinement, and Victoria was sent to recovery. Victoria would have a scar on her scalp for the rest of her life but kept it as a reminder of what Serge did for her.

When training of the Spartans first began, Chief Mendez had initially thought of Serge as weak-hearted and doomed to wash-out, but over time he noticed that a pattern had slowly begun to emerge. Whereas the other trainees were simply naturally predisposed towards aggression and competition, Serge's strength seemed to awaken whenever the others depended on him. "Grows a spine and heart like a switch" as he put it in his report. Dr. Halsey reviewed the security footage of the incident and studied Serge's reaction and concurred with Mendez's observation. She attested this behavior to Serge's altruistic spirit and realized that while the other Spartans were born fighters, Serge was a born protector. They two agreed to keep a closer eye on Serge's development from now on.

To put Mendez's theory to the test, they engineered several exercises that would test Serge's resolve and true mettle.

[Add stuff here. Maybe offers him the chance to leave? Test his resolve and loyalty.]

After the incident with the DIs, Serge became far more aggressive and combatant around the Drill Instructors but would always revert back to his normal self around the other trainees. It became a common occurrence on the training grounds that Serge would attack anyone who threatened the other children. This time he did not mend their injuries. While once he would usually abstain from the other's pranks and ambushes on their trainers, now he held few qualms about it.

By this time his performance during training had showed a marked improvement. His skills and performance were now such that he was no longer in danger of washing out. The one-sided feud between him and Sampson finally ended in a brawl that was decided when Serge turned the tables on him and headbutted Sampson repeatedly until he was unconscious. After this, Sampson finally backed down but would always carry a grudge. Once the second-worst at hand-to-hand combat, it now became his specialty as Serge had risen to one of the Spartan's top close-quarters fighters.

The Breakout

One night, only weeks before their scheduled augmentation, her was on a reconnaissance exercise with another trainee whom he befriended, Daisy. When they were alone she let him on a secret. Diasy told him that she, along with RalphOscar, Joseph, and Raphaela were all planning to escape. She knew how much Serge had struggled here and how much he talked of home, and so offered Serge the chance to escape with them. For a moment, Serge considered it, remembering his family whom he hadn't seen in years, and almost accepted the chance. But then as he thought about his family, he also remembered his team and something that his father had told him years ago. He declined to join them, but agreed to keep it a secret, on the condition that they didn't kill anyone while doing so.

Serge was questioned for his involvement with the breakout but-

"'A true man doesn’t abandon his friends. If your not there to watch their back, who will?' That's what my father told me. I don't think he'd be very happy if I abandoned everyone just to come back."
―Serge explaining to Dr. Halsey why he never tried to escape.


Took longer than most to recover but became the biggest Spartan of his class. The loss of so many of his friends wounded him deeply. To help cope, he wrote down their names on piece of paper and carried it with him at all times.

Throughout his service over the next thirty years, Serge would write frequently to the other Spartans who had been crippled by the augmentations and visited them whenever possible to make sure they knew they were not forgotten.

After augmentations, visited the other crippled trainees when he could. Serge would write to them frequently during the war.

Human-Covenant War

Green Hills Campaign

White Team fought through 4,000 troops

Harvest Campaign

Battle of Vodin

―Serge upon seeing Randall-037 falling off Two-Five-Bravo.

Fought on Vodin. 2532. White Team reinforces Green Team, made up of Randall, Shiela, Li, Kurt, Malcom, Isaac, and Vinh for a total of 12 Spartans.

The Covenant was pushing hard and was overwhelming their orbital lines and the Spartans were ordered to protect the orbital defenses. Orbital Defense Cluster 3/A-10, was the focus of the attack, composed of Tyumen Station and six orbital skyhooks, making 3/A-10 the lynchpin to the orbital defense. Without it, the Low Orbital Perimeter would be overwhelmed and open the way for the Covenant to begin glassing the colony.

With a lot of ground to cover, the Spartans split up. While White Team and Green-Alpha splinter, made up of Randall, Shiela, and Li stayed in space, Green-Beta, composed of Kurt, Malcolm, Issac, and Vinh, headed for the surface to defend the ground-based generators and aid the overall defense.

During the battle the Covenant resorted to sending boarders to take out their defenses. For three hours the Spartans were forced to defend several positions at once. Green-Alpha acted as a mobile reaction force and aided each skyhook one and a time, while White Team remained primarily on Tyumen Station which bore the brunt of the assault. Serge, Mason, and Roger repelled several waves of boarders from the inside while Alicia and Victoria fought on the outside of the station and prevented Elite Rangers from sabotaging it.

Four hours into the battle, Green-Alpha reported that they were being hard-pressed to defend all the skyhooks at once as the Covenant switched targets. When Green-Alpha requested reinforcements, Mason and Serge left Tyumen Station to aid Green-Alpha while Alicia, Victoria, and Roger remained to defend.

Covenant attempt to plant demolition charges on the skyhooks.

During the battle Randall-037 is knocked off the skyhook by a Banshee’s fuel rod blast.

Operation: ZEBRA

Fumirole and Hellas

Deployed to Fumirole and Hellas

Stopped Insurrectionists. Fumirole Freedom Force. Encountered rumbledrugs.

Siege of Chi Rho

Battle of Gaia

Battle of Meridian?

Operation: BLINDSIDE

Destruction of STARs Mercenaries. Covert nighttime infiltration. Silently eliminating guards/personnel. ONI AI, keeping their cameras blind.

Abakan Insurrection


Eventually encountered Spartan-III Beta Company. Was disturbed by the Spartan-IIIs, initially tried to avoid them. Strange for Serge that he was the one giving them the loop around, but he didn’t know what to think of them.

On one hand they were fellow Spartans. But to see their success used to justify the creation of hundreds of child-soldiers was not something he could reconcile.


Long term war with TYPHON. Several events, schemes. Conflicting missions. Joined by Black Team. Roger killed __

New Constantine Incident

TYPHON Biological Attack. Attempt to prevent the Covenant from finding ONI facility? Even with thousands of people still within range? New Constantine. Invasion of Theta-2’s HQ. Kill the final two TYPHONs

Unknown event: Victoria killed by SpecOps Elites from behind.

Fall of Reach

Halie-067 dies on impact.

Part of Team Beta under Naomi-010. Helps set up autoturrets and explosives. Lead the charge. Ran ahead of the others while hefting a turret.

Understood the odds faced by their namesakes.

Alicia killed. Finally snaps. Had to be dragged onto Pelican.

Battle of Earth

Temporarily declared unfit for duty. By the time the Battle of Earth occurred, he was declared fit again.

HIGHCOM had learned its lesson at Reach and deployed as many troops as possible to defend the ODP Generators.

The 4th ODST Division was scattered across the Orbital Defense Grid, defending the MAC platforms from boarders. Spartan-III Gamma Company also deployed to defense the ODPs. Deployed on a few missions alongside remaining Spartan-IIs, but then was sent solely on solo missions and eventually lost contact with them.

According to his mission handlers, his deployments were described as more of a rampage.

Battle of New York

Post-War Conflicts

ONI classifies information regarding other Spartan-IIs and intercepts communications to and from him. Keeping him in the dark and isolated. ONI decided they preferred him this way. In this state he was much less likely to question orders and easier to control.

Assassin for ONI

Becomes an ONI assassin. Carrying out their orders and not carrying anymore.

Maybourne Incident

Major Maybourne threatens to mutiny with her battalion. Serge, as Codename GOLIATH, sent in to eliminate her. For a moment the named sounded familiar but he dismissed it.

Realizes that Major Maybourne was the mother of Alex Maybourne, also known as Alex-007. Alex had once mentioned his last name during their training.

"How do you know Alex...?"
―Serge shocked that Major Maybourne was in fact the mother of Alex-007

She discovered his abduction and was threatening with mutiny to learn the truth.

Realizing what was happening and why the Major was mutinying, Serge ceasing fire and approaching without his helmet on, showing her his real face. From there, they talked about Alex. In the end, Serge was able to talk the Major down. His deep knowledge of him, of his personality, his habits, and Serge's own admiration of him convinced the Major of his sincerity.

For the next several hours, Serge recounted the Major how Alex had lived and died, finally giving the Major the answers she sought who agreed to surrender. Serge was reminded that he had standing orders to execute Maybourne, but he disregarded them, completely disgusted with ONI. When his ONI handler radioed in via his comms and demanded he complete his mission, Serge repeatedly smashed his helmet against a console and destroyed it.

Serge promised clemency for the Major's men, having clout with the likes of Terrence Hood, and escorted her directly into UNSC custody.

ONI Handler: "You disobeyed direct-orders Spartan-011. What do you have to say for yourself?"
Serge-011: "There’s nothing to be said. I will not do your dirty work anymore."
―Serge-011 to his ONI handler.

Serge was arrested by ONI for insubordination and interrogated. Serge wanted to admonish them for their unforgivable callousness but instead simply “quit”.

ONI threatened him with court-martial and worse but Serge was unaffected their threats, saying he had nothing left to lose anymore, or for them to threaten him with. After that and four days in an isolation cell, Serge was quietly transferred out of ONI jurisdiction back to the Navy. This incident was what finally shook him out of his despair.

Time Aboard the Infinity

"Let’s make this clear. You are my commanding officer. I will follow my orders. You give me an order and unless they are utterly ridiculous I’ll follow them...But I will never call you a Spartan."
―Serge-011 to Sarah Palmer

Transferred to the Infinity during its second tour.

On the Infinity he formally requested keeping his Mk VI which was acquitted.

Encountered Gamma Company Spartans, becomes the subject of curiosity among them. Young Spartans call him the Old Man.

Sits with in them mess hall. Serge regales them with stories during the war. Personally begins overseeing their sparring and practice.

Writes down the name of every Spartan-II, with a detail description of each one and what they were like.

Several incidents between him and the IVs. Reigned undefeated in the cage fights. Got into an incident with Fireteam Knockout who took slight with the presence of the Spartan-IIIs. Serge walked onto S-Deck and saw members of Knockout were harassing Adrian and Serissa, calling them and the other IIIs “freaks”. Upon seeing this Serge walked up behind the two of them and threw them into a wall. Then he proceeded to knock Adrian’s and Serissa’s heads together for inflaming the situation and carried the two of them off for further scolding.

Serge did not get along with Commander Palmer. Difficult working relationship. Serge found her command style immature, unprofessional, and woefully inefficient. He told her that he will follow his orders without complaint, but does not acknowledge her or any IV as a real Spartan.

The fact that Serge was more an authority among the Gammas Spartans than her was another source of friction between them. Resentful of that, Palmer opts to send Fireteam Crimson as opposed to him or the IIIs.

Requiem Campaign

"I was the weakest of them all! You think you can replace them? You can't even beat me!"
―Serge-011 to members of Fireteam Sydney during the Saturday Night Cage Fights

Serge and his team take down a deadly Sangheili sniper.

Charged in to rescue Fireteam Hawk who were corned by overwhelming Covenant forces. By the time they arrived two of them were KIA, and the three survivors were badly shot up. To save their lives, Serge donated his several pints of his own blood to sustain them until they reached the Infinity. Once there he followed them all the way to medical bay and then waited for word on their condition.

Time would show that not all the IVs were has hateful as he made them out to be. Many of them he indeed found insufferable but others were harmless or even decent soldiers. Member of Fireteam Sydney, comes back for a rematch, not for payback but to learn. His interest piqued Serge offers to show them a few moves. Tutors them. Shows he isn’t totally against them.

Taking Command

Commander Serge: "Saber Company! Who are we?"
Saber Company: "'SPARTANs!'"
Commander Serge: "Saber Company! What are we?"
Saber Company: "Second to none!"
— Commander Serge-011 introduces Saber Company

After Requiem removed from Infinity to head another group of Spartan-IVs on the UNSC Goliath, Orion-class carrier. Approved by someone in HIGHCOM, presumed to be Lord Hood. The Infinity Spartans not the only group of Spartan-IVs operational, Saber Company. Smaller in number, but he instills in them an intense disciplined expected of Spartans. Saber Company drilled relentlessly. Under his command, the Spartans of Saber Company proved to be just as skilled and as professional as that of any other military branch, enough for him to be even proud of them. Operate more as special operations, stealth, force multipliers, infiltration, supported by other branches and combined arms tactics.

Operation: ENFORCER

Liberation of Trinovante

Partook in several joint-operations with the Arbiter’s faction. Retaking colonies, destroying pirate bases, rogue Covenant factions.

Met Ragan ‘Tagrah. Initially hostile towards him (famous leader during the war). But through their interactions, later he realizes that Ragan’s intentions are genuine. Serge makes the effort to cooperate with the Red Elite and facilitate cohesion between the two sides and two develop a strong working relationship. Serge could not deny Ragan’s formidable tactical knowledge. This hasn’t dispelled his grudge against the Sangheili, but he decided that he doesn’t hate Ragan or Elites who wants peace and keeps his remarks to a minimum. Together liberate Trinovante from Brute occupation.

“Soldiers can communicate with us best.” – Ragan ‘Tagrah.

Reunites with Blue Team?

Battle of Prizren

Personality and Traits


Until his conscription at the age of six, Serge was a gentle soul and lived a normal life on Chi Rho. He started off life as most children of his age did, happy and carefree. His conscription, and how he came to terms with it, would shape his outlook for the rest of his life.

The loss of his normal life and his sudden induction into the program greatly shook the young boy. He frequently cried and did not cope well at first. But thanks to the support of his friends, rather than break, he turned his fear into resolve to protect his new friends. Thanks to this he retained much of his innocence for a long time. His helpful nature meant he was more than comfortable with taking the role as the fall-man as he displayed many times. This made him the heart of White Team and was why many of the other Spartan-II trainees also had a soft spot for him.

Even though he would eventually refer to himself as Serge-011 by choice he never forgot his real name even forty years after his conscription.

The eruption of the Human-Covenant War left him no doubts about his duty and purpose. Partially inspired by Alex-007's ideals, he saw defending humanity from the alien invaders as a noble purpose and proper reason to fight if there ever was one.

As a Spartan

Throughout training and service, Serge was altruistic at heart and cared more about others than himself. Out of all the Spartans it is frequently said that Serge was the softest of them all and could empathize with non-Spartan personnel much easier than other Spartans. His observational skills made him particularly excellent at reading the situation and gauging people’s emotions and he always knew how to support them. During campaigns or missions he was unafraid to simply stop and talk with other non-Spartan personnel, ship crews, or even civilians, sometimes removing his helmet, striking up a conversation or playing cards with them. He did so to ease their discomfort or fear, of the Covenant or of himself. While Alicia-113 was the Team's unofficial spokesperson, Serge would often be their liaison to other military units and would handle civilians. During the civilian evac missions on Falaknuma, Roger-133 commented that Serge was "the only half-ton supersoldier who could play with kids".

However few knew, even among the Spartan-IIs, that Serge possessed a volcanic temper. He was slow to anger and not easily offended but when provoked it was explosive. His obedience to the chain of command was often dependent on the will of his teammates. If they disagreed with their order or if Serge found it put them in unnecessary risk, he wouldn't blink to ignore them. In his evaluations when asked where his loyalties were Serge claimed it was with the UNSC, but it was obvious his loyalty lay solely with his team and the other Spartan-IIs.

Serge was exceptionally protective of his Spartan-siblings, especially those of White Team. Many that knew him noted that he possessed an unshakable resolve to stand with his team no matter what. His concern for his friends and other people's well-being over his own bordered on unhealthy as Serge seemed determined to defend them from harm even at excessive cost to himself. Psychological evaluations later in the war revealed that his mental health relied heavily to the well-being of his teammates. He viewed himself as expendable compared to his teammates and considered himself the “weakest” Spartan of them all. He always spoke highly of the other Spartans and of their best qualities, but always underplayed his own. In fact, it would be accurate to say that Serge looked up to all his Spartan-siblings in one way or another.

His strong attachments made him vulnerable to psychological damage and slowly losing his teammates put a huge strain on his mind. As this continued Serge began to show signs of cracking and then instability. As the war dragged on he became increasingly desperate to protect what few friends he had left. During the Fall of Reach and the death of Alicia, the only other remaining member of White Team, Serge would finally snap. The trauma was so severe that he had to be declared unfit for duty and would not see action again until the Battle of Earth.

Later Life

By the end of the war, Serge’s heart had become cold and he closed himself off from others. His warm and friendly personality was now angry, bitter, and sullen. Damaged by nearly thirty years of war, the loss of his teammates and the belief that he was the last Spartan-II, however erroneous, had embittered him. At times, especially around the Spartan-IVs, he was harsh and short-fused, sometimes with barely contained fury and frustration. In addition to his immense survivor's guilt, Serge suffered clear signs of post-traumatic stress. He rarely slept and suffered frequent nightmares. During his time on the UNSC Infinity he was somewhat arrogant of his Spartan-II status and dismissive of the IVs, sometimes referred to as a “Spartan-supremacist” He hated the Spartan-IVs and what they represented along with their lack of discipline and professionalism and sees the IIs as superior soldiers. He did make an effort to keep his feelings to himself but several times he was provoked resulting in incidents. Interestingly, these “incidents” did not extend beyond the confines of the ship as conflicts during missions were almost zero. Coordination with orders and other fireteams was, for the most part, uneventful.

Eventually, Serge began to show signs of healing and parts of his old persona shone through. Though he was at first disturbed by the Spartan-IIIs when he encountered Beta Company during the war, after the war, he became protective of the young Spartans, especially of Adrian-G293 and Serissa-G107 and came to regard the IIIs as genuine Spartans and took almost a parental role in watching over the two. On the Infinity,Serge was somewhat of a celebrity among the Gamma Spartans who affectionately referred to him as The Old Man, a name made at his expense but one with a degree of respect. Serge spent most of his free time around them and they were the only ones he seemed to open up to. Certainly, his mood was better around them.

Becoming the Commander of Saber Company aboard the UNSC Goliath would be a turning point in his life. As he trained the Spartans of Saber Company his hatred of the IVs slowly cooled. Instead, it turned into a disdain for those whom the title of Spartan was wasted on. Tempered by the responsibilities of command and his newfound respect for the soldiers under his command, Serge's anger and despair slowly began to fade away.

Though no one who knew him in his youth would have believed it, but hardened by age and experience, the third-lowest performing and self-proclaimed "weakest Spartan of them all" had grown into a fine commander. Serge ran a tight ship and maintained strict discipline among his Spartans, instilling in them the professionalism and high standards expected of true Spartans. Though still often brusque and grouchy, he took great care of his men and would eventually be able to open up around them, that is at least when they were not on duty. He took care to know them all on a individual basis, as well as their individual needs and problems for the sake of their well-being, a throwback to his younger self that had finally resurfaced.

Skills and Abilities

As a full trained Spartan-II supersoldier Serge is a genetically, physically, and mentally superior warfighter. He has been trained since the age of six to face any condition and operate within any capacity.

Serge-011 displaying his strength in close-quarters combat.

During his training as a SPARTAN-II, Serge was at one point the third lowest preforming Spartan candidate to successfully graduate, surpassing only Castor-149 and SPARTAN-150, and had come close to washing out many times. But after more than thirty years of active duty, he was a battle-hardened veteran who has fought in close to two hundred ground engagements against both the Covenant and the Insurrection, one-hundred and two of those were full campaigns.

From the earliest age, Serge displayed incredible powers of observation and remarkable situational awareness. His powers of observation were such that he was an uncannily good judge of character and could tell if something was ailing someone or when they were lying. As a child, he could sense when an adult was trustworthy, and in Halsey's case, when they were dangerous.

These traits were largely overshadowed by his physical abilities. Dr. Halsey noted Serge for being one of the physically strongest candidates in the program, just following Samuel-034. Though it took a great deal of time for him to break the mental barriers that he had placed on himself, Serge became among one of the program's top hand-to-hand combat specialists. After his augmentation Serge was the largest out of any Spartan-II, standing head and shoulders above his teammates and any other Spartan-II. Needless to say, his truly giantesque height coupled with his and power armor made him a very fearsome individual, much to his dismay when dealing with non-Spartan personnel.

During the early-to-middle phases of the war, Serge filled the niche of White Team's rifleman and heavy weapons support. He did so but was perfectly adequate at fulfilling others roles such as team scout, sniper, close assault, or demolitions. He was also a very experienced field medic since he had been patching up other Spartans since their days on Reach and continued to do so commonly with non-Spartan personnel throughout the war. As the war progressed Serge increasingly found his role in close-quarters and hand-to-hand combat which matched his increasingly rage-fueled personality.

Towards the end of the war, Serge's combat style took on a brutal form. His preferred strategy was to engage his enemies in close-quarters where he can use his augmented capabilities to maximum effect and vent his rage. Using his superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, magnified by the power of MJOLNIR armor, he outfought veteran Sangheili warriors and used his remarkable Spartan strength to simply smash through their guard. He overpowers their every defense, smashing bone and breaking skull with devastating force. The force of his blows contain enough traumatic force to cause a Sangheili's internal organs to rupture.

Even at forty-eight years of age, Serge's physical prowess remaining undiminished. Aboard the Infinity, Serge reigned undefeated in the Saturday Night Cage Fights against the Spartan-IVs. Even out of armor Serge was faster and stronger and easily took on multiple S-IV at once. This streak continued onto the UNSC Goliath as he frequently sparred and drilled with the other members of Saber Company.




White Team



[Overview on his opinion on Spartan-IIIs over the year]

Adrian and Serissa


Sarah Palmer

Office of Naval Intelligence

Over the decades Serge had earned many reasons to distrust and despise ONI. Their abduction of Kurt, the assassination of the SPEARs, the Spartan-IIIs, the TYPHONs, Serin’s betrayal, Dr. Halsey’s treatment, and their continuous manipulation of him were only a few. The Maybourne Incident would be the last straw that made certain that Serge would never forgive ONI for their actions.

Serin Osman

"Sorry, ma'am. I guess I just thought you were someone else. My mistake."
―Serge's final parting words to Osman.

Serge had befriended Serin-019 during their trainee days on Reach. White and Indigo Teams were frequently paired up together against Red and Blue Teams during training exercises and Serge frequently gave her his leftovers. When John teased her for this Serge encouraged the more reclusive trainee to sit with White Team. When it appeared that she had died during the augmentation Serge mourned for her like the rest and kept her name along with those of the other Spartans on a slip of paper that he kept with him.

After the war Serge would discover the truth when he encountered a very much still-living Serin. While being debriefed by the CINCONI herself he suddenly recognized her and realized that Admiral Osman was in fact Serin-019. He was so ecstatic to see that Serin was alive that he forgot the graveness of the situation he was in and for a moment reverted to his old self. But his joy evaporated when he saw that she was not the person he once knew and was replaced by a hollow sense of loss, disappointment, and then betrayal. He left the debriefing with only a chilling remark that he mistook her for someone else, to Serin's apparent unease. After his debriefing, Serge decided then and there that Serin truly did die during the augmentations and buried her memory once more.


Spartan Dorian: "Screw you, Two! You freaks play wind-up soldier and get called heroes for it. But I bet you don't even have a real name!"
Serge-011: "Kuznetsov..."
Spartan Dorian: "What?"
Serge-011: "My name is Kuznetsov. So shove it!"
―Serge revealing he never forgot his real name.
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