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Biographical Information



23rd Age of Doubt

Physical Description









Icy blue

Political and Military Information
  • Covenant
  • Covenant Loyalists
    • Shadow Covenant
"I will make this simple. I don't care much how you complete your tasks, only that you do. However I will not leave you totally in the dark, I will very clearly state my specifications. However, still fail me and I will make certain that you will never do so again."
―Special Operations Commander Terminus to his subordinates.

Terminus was the Commander of the Covenant Special Operations. He served throughout the Human-Covenant in numerous battles, and eventually was elevated to the rank of Chieftain and after the Changing of the Guard, commanding the elite Covenant Special Operations.

Terminus was originally a skilled Stalker that served in the Covenant military. During the Battle of Medina, Terminus implemented ruthless terror tactics that broke the morale of the human defenders. During the siege, he and his pack stole a Pelican and used to launch surprise attack on a human base. Using false signals and miscommunication, they seized control of a major military base that helped secure the fall of the planet. After the battle, Terminus caught the eye of the High Prophet of Truth, who was attempting to replace the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae. Truth elevated him to a position of power before summoning him for a "special assignment" where Terminus became one of Truth’s personal assassins. He was tasked with eliminating "suspect" Sangheili, those suspected of lacking faith, harboring disloyalty or heretical thoughts. In other words, those who posed a threat to coming Great Schism.

It was around this time that Terminus learned of the conspiracy against the Sangheili, and along with Tartarus, Terminus would become one of the high-ranking Jiralhanae leaders on the Covenant military as Commander of Covenant Special Operations. Before the assassination of Regret, Truth had order Terminus to begin assembling his reformed Covenant Special Operation. Terminus went about gathering recruits for the new SpecOps, only recruiting the deadliest of Jiralhanae warriors, no glory hogs were tolerated, only those patient, calm, and disciplined enough to be worthy. Many of his SpecOps candidates included former prisoners released by Truth at his request.

After the Changing of the Guard, Truth officially appointed Terminus as Special Operations Commander of the Covenant to replace Rtas ‘Vadumee. Terminus went about making several reforms to Special Operations. The Unggoy were completely removed from Covenant Special Operations and Kig-Yar were employed instead to a less degree. Terminus’ time as SpecOps Commander would be short-lived before the Flood infected High Charity.

(Fall of High Charity)

  • Combats Sangheili on multiple fronts
  • Attempts to defend High Charity from the Flood?


Shadow Commander

  • Becomes the last legitimate leaders of the Covenant. Forms the Shadow Covenant.
  • Embarks on a terror campaign; clandestine operations, bombings, and assassinations against Sangheili, Humans, other remnant factions.
  • Schemes to initiate a experimentation program on captured Sangheili to create biological weapons.

Personality and Traits

Like most high-ranking and powerful Jiralhanae, Terminus was proud and cruel, born with the gift of a killing mind. Unlike many of this kind, he was also patient, calm, and cold, amalgamating brute strength and razor sharp precision. Terminus was arrogant but not vain, preferring his subordinates refer to his Covenant rank of Special Operations Commander.

As the lawfully appointed Special Operations Commander of the Covenant, as decreed by the Prophet of Truth, Terminus saw himself as the last remaining loyal commanders of the Covenant and bastion of legitimacy left.

He was ruthless as he was pragmatic. As displayed by his Post-War exploits, he willing to work with other species if it helped achieve his goals. A highly effective commander, he commanded his subordinates through fear and discipline. Terminus was also a master of terror tactics, possessing a understanding of the inner workings of minds, specifically how to inspire fear.

He was also an innovative leader. Terminus always had a fascination with the human's Orbital Drop Shock Troops and emulated their tactics on several occasions. He heavily incorporated their own drop pod tactics into the doctrine of his Shadow Covenant, using the UNSC's own tactics against them.

Fireteam Matchlock

Fireteam Matchlock

United Nations Space Command


Spartan branch




Special Warfare


5 SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers


UNSC Infinity

  • Any equipment requisitioned or procured on site

SPRTN Alicia Valenza


Fireteam Matchlock was a team of five SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity under the command of Spartan Alicia Valenza. One of the less experienced fireteams aboard the Infinity, they were originally formed as a light reconnaissance and scouting unit. Fireteam Matchlock served on several missions against the Insurrection before participating in the Second Battle of Requiem.

On Feburary 18th, 2559 Matchlock was ordered to track down the Covenant commander Ghota 'Maharm but instead were caught in a brutal ambush planned by 'Maharm and all members of Matchlock were killed in the attack.


Quarry Ambush

Returning from a extended recon-observation mission, on Feburary 18th 2559, Fireteam Matchlock were briefed by Commander Palmer on their next mission. The Infinity had intercepted a Covenant transmission mentioning of a hidden base in which they were moving troops through to attack UNSC positions from multiple sides, more still was that this base was under the command of the brutal Covenant commander, Ghota 'Maharm, who was responsible for heavy UNSC losses including the destruction of Faraday Base and the loss of Fireteam Apollo. Their orders were to locate 'Maharm and to track him back to his hidden pass so that the cavalry can sweep in as a surprise attack.

Matchlock was inserted under the cover of dark and successfully infiltrated Covenant lines. They located 'Maharm as he was transported down a canyon and Matchlock followed him. Spartan Elena Roswell stayed behind in sniping position as overwatch and to provide long range support if need. The rest of Matchlock moved in quietly. However 'Maharm had vanished. Spartan Valenza immediately knew something was wrong and tried raising the Infinity but found that their communications were being jammed. She called in Spartan Roswell to report what she sees. Roswell reported motion all around them and warned them to get out of there before being killed by several beam rifle shots. Out of active camouflage Covenant troops attacked the rest of Matchlock from both sides catching them in a crossfire. Matchlock took cover and attempted to hold out until the Infinity came looking for them but they were not prepared for a close-up assault being only outfitted for a light reconnaissance mission.

Matchlock defended themselves the best they could from the hundreds of Covenant around them but Spartan Jasper was eventually shot and killed a well placed carbine shot to the neck. Enraged, Spartan McKinley attempted to retrieve her body but was driven back by the fusillade. The Covenant closed in on the last three Spartans, Valenza, Mckinely, and Southfield fought back-to-back firing in all directions against the advancing aliens, desperately calling for evac. They fought until a cloaked figured ran Valenza through the back with his energy sword. The figure de-cloaked and revealed himself to be Ghota 'Maharm.

Fireteam Personnel

Fireteam Matchlock members
Call Sign Image Name Role Status


Alicia Valenza

Team Leader, Marksman
Killed in Action

Matchlock Two

Ryan McKinley

Killed in Action

Matchlock Three

David Southfield

Automatic rifleman
Killed in Action

Matchlock Four
Elena Roswell Designated Sniper
Killed in Action

Matchlock Five
Evie Jasper Automatic rifleman
Killed in Action

Battle of Beta Scorpio II

Battle of Beta Scorpio II


Human-Covenant War


September 7-15th, 2550


Beta Scorpio System


Decisive Covenant Victory



Covenant Empire

  • Rear Admiral Redmond†
  • General Douglas D. Taylor†
  • Lt. General Adolf Barrenstein†
  • Lt. General Sakuya Akagi†
  • Minor Prophet of Valor
  • Fleet Master Jero 'Zamamee
  • Field Master Kurku 'Baratamee
  • Field Master Zeba 'Usculee
  • Field Master Los 'Vakamee
  • General Ghota 'Maharmee
  • 26 ships
    • Beta Scorpio Defense Fleet (18)
    • Battlegroup Meddigo (8)
  • 3 Infantry Brigades
  • 91st Marines Regiment
    • 17th Shock Troops Battalion
  • 45 ships
    • Fleet of Reverent Fury
    • Army of Vicious Persecution

Very Heavy

  • 26 ships
  • Extremely heavy ground losses
  • 57% civilian losses
  • Light-Moderate ground losses
  • 11 ships


In early September of 2550, a Covenant stealth ship trailed a human cargo ship which lead them straight to the colony of Beta Scorpio II. After evaluating the defenses of the planet the ship reported their discovery directly back to High Charity and tthe Fleet of Reverent Fury was tasked with it's destruction. However the Covenant were unaware of two facts, one was that a battlegroup of destroyers had just arrived to reinforce the colony's Defense Fleet, and two was that their stealth ship had been destroyed by a UNSC prowler before it could send anymore information.

Knowing that they had little time, Admiral Redmond made the most of what he had. He set up a three-layered defensive plan. The first line of defense composed of four Halcyon-class cruisers which he placed his ahead of the main fleet to tempt Covenant fire away from his six Marathon-class heavy cruisers and eight frigates who made up the second line of defense. Several orbital stations were also re-purposed into defensive positions as cover for the UNSC fleets. Their third and final line would be their recently arrived destroyer battlegroup who hid behind Beta Scorpio's moon in preparation for a last-ditch ambush. When the orbital battle is lost whatever frigates that remained were to retreat to the surface to aid the inevitable ground battle. With luck, the layered defense plan would buy the evacuation more time to complete. However despite their preparations, the Admiral knew they were hopelessly outmatched.

Covenant Incursion

On September 7th, the Covenant fleet exited slipspace and made a bee line for Beta Scorpio and assaulted the planet in overwhelming strength. Forty-five destroyers, cruisers, and carriers bore down on the meager human defense fleet. The Covenant's opening barrage was devastating. The Defense Fleet fired their MAC cannons and managed to destroy three ships. With the first shots fired the Covenant charged the UNSC fleet and the Halycon's were the first in their path. The four Halcyon-class cruisers managed to destroy one cruiser before being completely annihilated, but their sacrifice had bought time. In the time it took for the Covenant to destroy the famously rugged cruisers the Marathon's were able to recharge their MAC cannons and fire another volley destroying three more cruisers.

The Covenant fleet engaged and devastated the remaining human ships. With their cards played the remnants of the Beta Scorpio Defense Fleet made a brave but hopeless stand against the Covenant who overwhelmed them with sheer strength and numbers. Admiral Redmond himself was killed when his ship, the Dauntless, was struck by two Energy Projectors.

File:Human defeat 2 by kawassass00.jpg

The remains of the Beta Scorpio Defense Fleet.

In less than eight minutes the bulk of the human fleet was reduced to molten slag and the Covenant armada had smashed the Admiral's carefully laid defenses at the cost of seven of their ships. However, despite the intensity of the barrage, two frigates, the Nevermore and the Bataan, had managed to evade the Covenant's fire and retreated to the surface of the planet to continue to the fight.

With seemingly little else in the way of them and the planet the Covenant fleet advanced toward Beta Scorpio II. However as they passed the moon they were taken by surprise by Battlegroup Meggido. The group of eight destroyers attacked their fleet from behind, striking at Covenant ships whose shields had been weakened in the opening barrage and their volley of accelerated rounds and nuclear warheads managed to destroy a further four ships before speeding past them and fleeing into slipspace. They would return to maraud the Covenant for the duration of the battle.

Ground Campaign

After the ambush, the Covenant commander was incensed. Furious, Fleet Master Jero 'Zamamee ordered their destroyers to clear a landing zone for their dropships and scorch a path for their troops. The UNSC had targeted mostly their cruisers knowing that they would be carrying more troops than the destroyers and had hoped to maximize their casualties.

For the next two days the Covenant assaulted the key human population focuses on the planet. The UNSC garrison composed mainly of three undermanned Army Infantry Brigades reinforced by the Marines of the 91st Regiment. Command of the ground campaign was left to the elderly Major General Douglas D. Taylor who coordinated the defense of the planet from his fortified base, Fort Lima, located near Sanda City.

Battle of XXXXX

Siege of Fort Lima

The Covenant Fleet Master tasked General Ghota and his battalion with attacking Fort Lima, which was identified by Special Operations as the center of resistance for the region, and had presumed where most of the human leaders had dug in were coordinating the planet's defense from and realized it as the anchor point for the human's defensive line in the entire region. Ghota intended to tear their defenses up by the roots.

For three days he laid siege to the base but the UNSC held out. The base were well defended, the area around the base was fortified and garrisoned by a whole regiment's worth of troopers as well as companies of Orbital Drop Shock Troops. Their ships were too busy hunting the last two human frigates and marauding destroyers to waste time destroying a single base. If Ghota failed to take this base his risked demotion and humiliation.

On the dawn of the third day the base still stood. General Ghota was livid, the human's continued defiance was unacceptable. So Ghota resorted to a different tactic. Nearby was the human city of Sanda a major civilian center, mostly lightly defended residential areas of civilians still awaiting evacuation, so the Sangheili Field Masters had ignored it in favor of striking military targets. But not Ghota. In a surprise move he withdrew the bulk of his forces from the siege and stormed the city's suburban and residential habitats. He was not after strategic targets, just to cause as much slaughter as possible. He hunted and killed as many unarmed civilians as he could and broadcasted their attack for the humans to see. All day and all night they continued their merciless raid until finally the defenders of Fort Lima couldn't stand to simply watch and General Taylor sent reinforcements to defend them.

With their garrison now split in two, Ghota sprung his trap and unveiled his camouflaged battalion who stormed the now thinly spread human defenses and Fort Lima fell within the day. The Covenant found that most of the information in the database was wiped and the human leaders within the base had escaped beforehand but despite their best efforts, the humans had no totally succeeded and discovered the locations of three other worlds to attack.

The assault on the evacuation zones marked the final fall of Beta Scorpio II.

However the human line did not collapse like they had expected. General Taylor had escaped the attack on Fort Lima and continued to coordinated every defensive action, this time while remaining mobile.


Ghota was lauded for his success by the Minor Prophet of Valor despite the complaints of fellow Sangheili commanders. Five months later his vessel along with he and his troops were reassigned to the Fleet of Holy Respite.



Space assets


  • UNSC Dauntless- Marathon-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC Paladin- Marathon-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC Fist Raised High- Marathon-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC Leyte Gulf- Marathon-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC August Burns Red- Marathon-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC Severance- Marathon-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC Unflinching- Halycon-class light cruiser
  • UNSC Atlanta- Halcyon-class light cruiser
  • UNSC Twilight's Last Gleaming- Halcyon-class light cruiser
  • UNSC Interdictor- Halycon-class light cruiser


  • UNSC Meggido
  • UNSC Broadside
  • UNSC Shredder
  • UNSC Bulgaria
  • UNSC Autumn Sky
  • UNSC Gabriel
  • UNSC Hello Darkness


  • UNSC Miami- Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Eagle- Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Sucker Punch- Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Rainmaker- Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Nevermore- Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Bataan- Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Pacifica - Stalwart-class light frigate
  • UNSC Septagon- Stalwart-class light frigate


Ground forces


United Independence Front

United Independence Front
Political information
Type of government

Secessionist Organization

  • Articles of Just Secession
Societal information
  • New Tyre (formerly)
    • Camp Ticonderoga
Official language
  • English
  • Various Other Languages


Historical information
Date of establishment


Date of dissolution



The United Independence Front, also referred to as the New Tyrian Insurrection, the UIF and Independents, was an armed opposition group who operated on New Tyre and now abroad and who's ranks composed of defected soldiers, unsatisfied colonists, and volunteers. Founded in 2515 by former CMA soldier Nathaniel Hale, the UIF soon became the predominant rebel group on the planet and fought to overthrow the UNSC and establish New Tyre as an independent sovereignty. However after over eleven years of struggle, New Tyre came under attack from the Covenant and the UIF allied with the UNSC to save New Tyre and then disbanded to fight the greater enemy for the sake of humanity.



The UIF was originally a disorganized band of malcontents that operated in Lazoli and were small-time insurgents until the defection of a CMA soldier, Nathaniel Hale. Once he took control his military experience and logistical skill gave the group a whole new lease on life. Hale was able to totally reorganize and rearm the group, very quickly remaking them into a organized militia.


Gaining Ground

Rifts among Rebels


Battle of New Tyre


The United Independence Front aimed to overthrow the colonial government and replace it with a independent one by defeating the government's military forces, dismantling corporate conglomerates, and encouraging military defection and of course armed actions. Against the UNSC's superior strength, the UIF adopted guerrilla-style tactics and asymmetric strategies operating in both the rural countrysides and cities. Rather than trying to hold ground or capture territory, the UIF's strategy focused on a planet-wide guerrilla campaign with aim to spread the UNSC's forces thin across the planet and strain their logistical chains of supply for maximum battlefield effectiveness and degrading enemy morale.

Knowing that they cannot face the UNSC in a open battle they focused on maximizing their tactical advantages. To avoid unnecessary attrition and collateral damage the UIF mounted attacks against the UNSC's command-and-control structure and embarking on a planet-wide sabotage campaign, attacking military checkpoints, logistical trains, cutting communications lines, and knocking down relays and build support through their minimally destructive strategies. In the long run they hoped to slowly isolate New Tyre from the UNSC so that they could not hold it any longer and that they may finally liberate it from the UNSC's control.


As well as being one of the most prominent rebel groups on New Tyre, the UIF was also considered the most moderate in terms of their methods. A clear set of rules-of-engagement set by General Hale himself eschewed the use of child soldiers, suicide bombers, or the targeting of civilian structures entirely. It gave the UIF a sense of moral high ground over the UNSC and their fellow rebels who used terrorist tactics and bombings.

Eighth Fleet of Infinite Sacrifice

Eighth Fleet of Infinite Sacrifice‡

9th Age of Reclamation (2533-2537)


Covenant Empire


Covenant Navy



  • 21 Ships, then 4. Disbanded.
    • 1 ORS-class Heavy Cruiser (Thunder of Triumph†)
    • 11 CCS-class Battlecruisers
    • 3 RPV-class Light Destroyers
    • 6 Frigates
  • Army of Valiant Resolution‡
    • Ilamus Legion‡
    • Rora Legion†
    • Levu Legion‡
    • Dened Legion†
    • Echul Legion‡
    • others†
  • Battle of Lachesis
  • Battle of Rhododendron
  • Hora Wattinaree†
  • Vekta 'Tagrahee†
  • Lucol 'Vagramee†
  • Ragan 'Tagrahee


The Eighth Fleet of Infinite Sacrifice was a Covenant naval fleet during the Human-Covenant War. The fleet served a brief tour of duty before suffering a catastrophic defeat resulting in the near-complete destruction of it during the Battle of Rhododendron.

Operational History

The Eighth Fleet of Infinite Sacrifice was made to fill in the gaps left by recent losses against the humans, it was fresh fleet made almost from scratch with many ships of it were newly constructed.

The first year of service revolved around patrols to test the mostly raw crews against kig-yar pirates.

Battle of Rhododendron


  • ORS-class Heavy Cruiser
    • Thunder of Triumph†- Flagship, destroyed attempting to ram human cruiser.
  • CCS-class Battlecruiser (11 optimally, then 4)
    • Commitment and Compunction† - Shot down by MAC fire from UNSC Magog over Rhododendron and crash landed
    • Spear of Urs- Heavily damaged but survived the Battle of Rhododendron, transferred to Fleet of Inner Solace
    • Solemn Sacrifice†- Destroyed protecting the Thunder of Triumph
    • Incorruptible Spirit†- Destroyed
    • Valorous Hope†- Destroyed protecting the Thunder of Triumph
    • Ascendant Intent† - Destroyed
    • Incorruptible Salvation†- Destroyed
    • Seeker of Justice†- Destroyed attempting to avenge the Triumph and Justice
    • Truth and Solace- Survived the Battle of Rhododendron, transferred to Fleet of Brilliant Annihilation
    • Triumph and Justice†- Destroyed by human Orbital Defense Platform.
    • Long Night of Reconciliation- Survived the Battle of Rhododendron, transferred to Fleet of United Resolution
  • Destroyers (3 nominally, now 0)
    • Pitiless Faith†- Last destroyer to be lost.
    • Triumphant Contrition†-
    • Pitiless Reverence†- Destroyed. Struck by Orbital Mass Accelerator round.
  • Frigates (6 nominally, now 0)
    • Minor Retribution†-
    • Twilight Piety†- Sacrificed itself to protect the Commitment and Compunction. Destroyed by Mass Accelerator round. Last Frigate in the fleet.
    • Unflinching Spirit†- Destroyed by Mass Accelerator fire
    • Rising Prayer†- Destroyed. Struck by nuclear mines and finished off by missile barrages
    • Harbinger of Transcendence†- Destroyed by nuclear mines. First frigate to be destroyed.
    • Glorious Faith†-


"†"-Killed in action or destroyed


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