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Future Ideas in the Works

  • Toma(?) 'Sefum/Sol 'Sagon - A honest minded Sangheili Minor during the ending years of the war, atleast in time for Reach (bad day). Has a huge crisis of faith and somewhat warily joins Mdama's remnant for a sense of purpose, regrets it, and then buggers off to do something (maybe brief tour of information brooking? Maybe then a librarian and even archaeologist?)
  • Badab - Unggoy Ultra turned rebel leader. Lead the Thirteenth Unggoy Disobedience until his demise.
  • Eivard 'Yandamee - Elderly but beloved Fleet Master during the early years of the war. Veteran of many battles and wars; Unggoy Rebellion, Jiralhanae War of Conversion, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Unggoy Disobedience, and Heresy of Fell Glory. When the Prophets call for the extermination of the humans and NOT conversion to their faith, he becomes suspicious of their motives. Gets executed for showing mercy to humans. Death results in the rebellion on his fleet. Heresy of False Commitment.
  • GENOME Program - Plan to enhance regular soldiers by using gene therapy. Viral vectors replace parts of their genome with superior genes to create superior soldiers. It won't be anything near the Spartan programs but probably will make some badass ODSTs or something. Still deciding how much of an affect it will have, noticeable obviously but not much.
  • Ryan-A101- Former-Spartan-III Headhunter. Did a bunch of things and survived the war but not before losing his partner. Almost participated in Operation SUNSET. Hated the Covenant with a passion and refused to ally with the Sangheili after the war, calling it a betrayal. Going renegade he formed his own militia called Ryan's Warhawks to continue the war against the Covenant species. Attacks a summit to kill Ragan 'Tagrah and disrupt the peace-talks, but is killed by Spartans of Firteam Raptor defending the summit.
    • Operation SUNSET- A last-ditch op concocted by ONI in the months between the Fall of Reach and the Battle of Earth. After the loss of RED FLAG, ONI decided on a new op. Declaring code Dragon, spartan REAPER Team would infiltrate enemy territory and deploy the UNSC's remaining stockpile of NOVA Bombs and bombard major covenant worlds, hopefully forcing them to retreat. Should the war be lost the Spartan group be reassigned to vengeance-actions on Covenant worlds and would sow despair and terror in atrocious ways, including the use of vile terror tactics and an arsenal of NBC weapons to exact a measure of vengeance and cause as much suffering as possible. REAPER Team composing of various ruthless, psychotic, or unstable soldiers. Narrowly aborted.
    • Ryan's Warhawks- A anti-alien militia formed by renegade Spartan-III Ryan-A101. Composed of the former crew of the Charon-class UNSC Saber at Ready 700 former soldiers and civilian recruits who refused to accept the UNSC's alliance with the Sangheili and wanted to strike back at the Covenant. Renamed ship the Valkyrie.
  • Code Dragon. Dragon is a UNSC emergency code declaring the deployment of NOVA bombs.
  • Viral 'Tramamee - A rogue Fleet Master who during the Great Schism attempt to lead his fleet to attack human worlds. Disfigured by human chemical weapons deployed on Chi-Rho. Visits a military base and procures a deadly biological weapon he intends to use on human worlds and Earth which would very well may have been the end of mankind. Ragan 'Tagrah refused to allow him continue with this and battles his forces and eventually kills him. Description is pale and thin, white armor.
  • Gun 'Durak - Mercenary Sangheili. Has a thing for particular human weapons.
  • Inka 'Ikashardamee - Basic name is Inka 'Shardam. Once the personal aid to the Prophet of Piety, grew up in staunch religious zealotry. A religious fanatic who leads a violent and destructive doomsday cult called the "Children of the Ancients", who still worship the Forerunners but regard the San 'Shyuum as false prophets, the humans as unholy creatures, and Thel 'Vadam as the arch-heretic. Description is very tall, 8'5 but wiry.
    • Assault on Earth - The Children of the Ancients launch a stealthy assault on Earth to gain control of the Portal to gain access of the Ark and starting the Great Journey. They slip past orbital defenses using sixteen DAV-class Stealth Corvettes. They land and use stealth-pylons and communications-jammers to go unnoticed and translocation Spires to bring more troops (from where?).
  • Anico Szántó - Member of the Colonial Militia on Reach during the Fall. Closest thing to a real professional leader, responsible maintaining the militia as a cohesive force by organizing it and stealing several shipments of weapons and procuring others when the UNSC wouldn't provide. During the Fall of Reach she gathered 500 militiamen from surround areas and launches an effective but brief guerrilla campaign and then last stand. Survives and leads the remaining 200 men to New Alexandria.
  • Prophetess of Severity - Minister of Conservation and member of the High Council. Description: Beautiful, serene, elegant, subtle, and crafty. Called Severity but actually was known to be occasionally fairly lenient or making exceptions, depending on the situation, case-in-point being Oruna. Survives the Great Schism by not being on High Charity. On a different world. Escapes on private ship. Rescues other Prophets, 52. Flees Brutes and Sangheili to escape the war, requests UNSC for asylum in exchange for covenant secrets. Moved to the colony Elysium IX, guarded by Fireteam Mecca. Actually isn't evil and works to keep the Covenant at peace.
    • Oruna 'Soramee - Disgraced Ultra turned Honor Guard. Personal bodyguard of the Prophetess of Severity. Was originally a Ultra before being disgraced for retreating in battle and was stripped of his rank then imprison but did not commit suicide. Rather than be shamefully be executed, Severity made him her personal bodyguard. Eternally grateful and undyingly loyal. Has a very close connection to Severity.
  • Khul 'Warhakee - Field Master during the Trace Campaign. Black-skinned from being from a desert clan. Tough and mean, pretty violent for a commander. Artillery collapsed a building on him during a attack and he's killed when his own ship begins to glass the area.
  • Project SCYTHE - Bio-warfare group. Experiments on alien races to develop bioweapons for ONI. Responsible for those engineered crops in Glassland and numerous alien-specific viruses including VY-7X-Blue. Worked closely with Project HYDRA.
  • Project HYDRA - "Flood research and application". Ye be warned. Went horribly wrong, and Spartans were sent in to torch-and-burn in 2556(?).
  • HYDRA Team - Asymmetrical warfare group of Spartan-IIIs. A black-ops unit, they specialize in covert-operation and undertake false-flag operations, espionage, communications warfare, and infiltration of target groups. During battle use fabian strategy, false signals, misdirection. Made up of Betas and later Gammas. 8 members. Active Post-War, engaged in destabilization actions on Venezia

Romulus Campaign Ideas

Present special units.

  • Project SCYTHE - a Special Research Unit of Project SCYTHE is present for the battle to oversee the field test the effects of VY-7X-Blue on Covenant. Result is the Covenant army being wracked by plague and sickness. Also have a Special Recovery Unit? Captures Covenant for research and experimentation.
  • Project SVALINN - Up to Spartan-D042. But i envision a Special Forces unit field testing SVALINN Armor, a experimental exoskeleton showcasing advancements in energy shielding. Far more advanced than MJOLNIR, but extended use strains its systems and reactor. Strains its radiation shielding?

TYPHON Program

MORLOCK Armor.jpg
TYPHON Program

Office of Naval Intelligence


BlackOps Unit

  • Wetwork Operations
  • Psychological Warfare
  • Counter-Intelligence Operations
  • Assassinations



MORLOCK Powered Exoskeleton


A secret ONI project codenamed, TYPHON, the program was secretly green-lighted by operatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence as a counter-balance to Section III's ever increasing number of SPARTAN commandos. The Theta-1 cell of the Beta-5 Division was charged with operating the TYPHONs and overseeing their deployment. They were used as weapons of terror against the Covenant and rogue elements of ONI.

However internal conflict, corruption, and personal ambition meant that the TYPHONs were unleashed against other elements of ONI. Dr. Jacob Wallvern, the project head and original proponent, would seize control of the project and unleash them upon Halsey's Spartans to prove the superiority of the TYPHONs into what would escalate into a full blown war with the Spartan Programs. After numerous battles and missions against the Spartans, including the deaths of Roger-133, ARROW Team, and FURY Team, the tables were turned as the TYPHONs became the hunted as Theta-1 and the TYPHONs were hunted down and eventually be wiped out by the vengeful Spartans with the final two being killed along with Dr. Wallvern. Theta-1 was disbanded and liquidated and all research and data pertaining to the rogue project would be confiscated and presumably destroyed.

The destruction and elimination of their counter-balance would spur the heads of ONI into creating the the EPHIALTES Program.

[How to make them a dark-version of the Spartan-IIs?]

  • Spartans have moral compass/honor. Typhons taught to kill on command.
  • Parody of Spartan training. Garm Cage?
  • Cold killing machines with sadistic tendencies. Make quick and bloody work.
  • Have a penchant for leaving their enemies in pieces.


  • Started by Dr. Jacob Wallvern who once worked on the Spartan Program as Halsey's assistant researcher, but was booted because his methods endangered the trainees. Deliberately attempted to test dangerous methods on them? Believed Halsey was too soft? After his expulsion from the program, he was picked up by ____. After the formation of Alpha Company he was approached and was asked to create a "counter balance". His knowledge of the Spartan-II augmentation procedures allows him to match SPARTAN capabilities.
  • Doesn't recruit, test tube babies and trains from birth, used neural reconstruction to encourage "favorable traits". Taught to kill and nothing else, no hesitation, no remorse


  • In case Section III gets too powerful with all the Spartans running around?
  • Mad Scientist Mastermind sends TYPHONs to hunt a SPARTAN to test them. SIII Teams; ARROW Team and FURY Team. Roger-133 is killed. Sparks a war with White Team.
  • ONI cracks down on the now rogue Theta-1 cell. White Team joined by Black Team.
  • White Team fights two TYPHONs, Wallvern activates self destruct to try to kill the Spartans, doesn't work of course.
  • White Team hunts down TYPHONs, with ONI's help. Destroys Theta-1 Cell.


  • MORLOCK Armor = Lighter than MJOLNIR, and more agile. Not as powerful as MJOLNIR but Compensates by removing structural weaknesses (giant visors and soft armor). Infiltrator, Wetwork, Counter Intelligence capacity. Concealed knife carrier. Will have GUNGIR-style helmet.
  • Armor has capacity for biological warfare.

Skirmish over New Tyre


Operation: CURVEBALL


Battle of New Tyre, Operation: AXEKICK

Skirmish over New Tyre


  • Insurrection




In orbit over New Tyre


  • Tactical Stalemate
  • Light losses to both sides
  • Ceases with arrival of Covenant forces


United Independence Front

  • RADM Jeriah Colt
  • CPT Robert Gates
  • General Nathaniel Hale
  • LT. Naston Golding
  • LT. Lancer Millers
  • Battlegroup Terra Firma (12 ships)
    • One Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser
    • Four Marathon-class heavy cruisers
    • Two destroyers
    • Four frigates
    • One prowler
  • UIF Fleet (9 ships)
    • One Marathon-class heavy cruiser
    • One frigate
    • One corvette
    • Six armed freighters
  • Light Casualties
  • Several ships damaged
    • UNSC Terra Firma damaged
    • Others damaged
  • Light Casualties
  • Several ships damaged
    • UIF Spartacus damaged
    • Two freighters damaged
  • One freighter destroyed

The Skirmish over New Tyre, also called the Theft of the Illustrious, was a brief but fierce skirmish in orbit over New Tyre. The United Independence Front had successfully orchestrated the theft of an Marathon-class cruiser, renaming it the UIF Spartacus.

The UNSC response was swift and heavy and the resulting fight ended in several ships being damaged. Before the battle could continue a fleet of Covenant ships appeared within the system and the battle ceased. Shortly afterwards the two sides allied with each other to fight the Covenant in the Battle of New Tyre.


Since 2515, the United Independence Front had been operating on the world of New Tyre with the aim of making it independent from the UNSC. For the past several years they had slowly been gaining momentum as popular support for their cause rose.

Encouraged by their recent success, including the capture of a frigate and a corvette, insurrectionist General Hale planned for their greatest move yet, the theft of a cruiser. With it, he intended to make savage strikes at the UNSC's military infrastructure, attacking shipyards, military bases, and logistics chains surrounding New Tyre without risking civilian or collateral damage. "throwing the UNSC a curveball" as Hale put it, and that was the inspiration of the operation's codename.

Operation: CURVEBALL

Hale's goal was the capture the UNSC Illustrious, a fairly new ship laid in New Tyre's orbital docks for repairs after an engagement with an as-of-yet unknown enemy (Covenant). The plan called for several maneuvers to be pulled off. The UIF launched several decoy attacks on New Tyre around New Tyzena and Korae, including smaller but overt raids on UNSC bases. Trusting that this would keep the UNSC's eyes off the ship while the UIF made their move, Hale commenced phase two of CURVEBALL.

Most of the ship's crew were away while repairs were underway, leaving only a security detail and a minimal amount of crew to occupy it. Passing themselves off as part of the repair crew, a covert commando team slipped by security and infiltrated the ship before rushing the bridge and deactivating it's onboard AI and plugging in their own AI, Marco, and deactivating the ship's anti-air defenses. As the alarm sounded across the shipyards the rest Hale's handpicked assault group landed in the Illustrious' hangar bay from dropships.

In the confusion of several attacks the UNSC could not mount an effective response in time, and the UIF were able to take control of the ship and escaped with it into the out rim of the system. With a cruiser class vessel on the loose, the UNSC battlegroup with it's few frigates was scattered. The UIF made maximum use of this victory for propaganda and morale, leaking the act directly to the media and taking their own soldiers to tour the ship in a post-victory celebration. The theft made instant headlines; Rebels Steal Cruiser, Rebels on the Warpath, Cruiser Stolen, it all made for excellent propaganda.

General Hale was purported to have only partaken only briefly in the celebration before leaving to prepare for the expected UNSC counterattack.

Opening Skirmish

CENTCOM did not take this lying down and panicked over the prospect of a cruiser in rebel hands. The UNSC immediately organized it's ships to hunt down the Illustrious.

Sent a fleet In. Much bigger than the rebel expected

Leader by a super-heavy cruiser, UNSC Terra Firma

Brief skirmish, rebels retreat behind the boom to avoid MAC cannons


Rebels reengage the UNSC.

Use a Longsword to sweep in from the flank and blindside then with volleys of missiles that damage the Terra Firma.

Both sides disengage.

Covenant appear. High jinks ensue

Covenant Invasion

Battle of Moline

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Battle of Harvest, Battle of Bliss


Battle of Nu Scorpii, Battle of Midvale, Battle of New Tyre

Battle of Moline


Human-Covenant War


March 12th, 2526


Moline, Outer Colonies


Covenant victory



Covenant Empire


Captain George Elliot

Unnamed Shipmaster


Battlegroup F

  • 7 Ulysses-class heavy cruisers
  • 3 Stalwart-classlight frigates

18 CCS-class battlecruisers


Very heavy

  • Near total military losses
  • Heavy civilian causalities



The Battle of Moline was a major engagement in the Human-Covenant War that took place in the early years of the war. On March 12th 2526 a Covenant fleet of eighteen CCS-class battlecruisers attacked the Outer Colony world of Moline.



After the massacre on Bliss the threat of the genocidal alien hegemony known as the Covenant was made public. Knowing now that the threat was real, colonial forces began preparing for conflict by hardening their defenses.

Moline was a typical Outer Colony world, mostly an agrarian colony, with a small population and with little in the way of defenses or fortifications, but it was close enough to Epsilon Indi to warrant concern. The colonial government of the planet authorized the construction of civilian fallout shelters and began mobilizing its colonial militia.

When Second Base and Green Hills were attacked, the colonists were suddenly very fearful of an attack on Moline and reactivated old mass drivers just in case. The colonial government negotiated with the UEG to send a UNSC battlegroup for protection who dispatched Battlegroup F to protect the system.

Under the command of former-CMA Captain George Elliot, Battlegroup F was composed of former-CMA ships and crews to help ease tensions with the colonists, who were wary of UNSC military presence. Elliot's history as a colonial officer, a CMA Captain, as well as his reputation as a outspoken critic of the UEG, did much to earn him the colonial government's confidence and the population's trust.

Elliot advises that the colonists practice evacuation drills, updating their early warning, sensor stations.

The Battle


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