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Damian Hawke
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Damian Hawke was a Orbital Drop Shock Trooper during the Human-Covenant War. He was once a soldier of the Colonial Military Administration and so his loyalty to the UNSC was suspected.

After many battles against both the Covenant and the Insurrection he grew disillusioned with the war during the Trace Campaign he conspired with the rogue Brute Chieftain Teketus to steal a Forerunner artifact and deserted along with most of Victor Company.

His desertion lead directly to the fall of a evacuation point and the deaths of many loyal marines and so was labeled both a war-criminal and a traitor to humanity .


Early Life

Damian Hawke was born in 2506 on the Inner Colony world Olympia.

Military Service

By the age of nineteen, Damian had grown sick of his boring life at home and long to ____ and so without the consent of his parents enlisted into the Colonial Military Administration. Damian got what he wanted and was soon shipped off world to see other worlds. His company was rotated between several colonies to keep security on the wild frontier for those colonists there. The time on new worlds made Damian feel like a pioneer out on the frontier, an adventurer.

However it wasn't all fun and games. Part of the reason the Militia was being move around several worlds was because the Insurrection was gaining momentum, attack with increasing frequency and severity and the Militia was called in to put these revolts down.

Human-Covenant War

Staff Sergeant Hawke watches the ruins of his homeworld. This moment would become the reason for his desertion.

  • fights Insurrectionists often, redirected towards covenant actions as war progressed.
  • loses homeworld, becomes disillusioned.

Trace Campaign

  • 2540
  • part of UNSC reinforcements as a result of Forerunner artifact activation.
  • Ill advised/conceived drop attack. Falls right into a Elite ambush, night fight, stealth elites. Hawke leads company to higher ground, Pelicans arrive. Company has been halved.
  • The last straw. "Has given enough. Wants to get out of this lost cause"
  • Overrun by Brutes, spared by Teketus, in exchange help

Personality and Traits

  • Bit of a dare-devil when he was young. Joining the military to escape his small life.
  • Fairly good person, cares about his troops and their well being, but cares about himself more.
  • "Strong sense of self-preservation"
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