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Battle of Earth

Battle of Titan


Human-Covenant War




Titan, Sol System


  • UNSC Strategic Victory, Covenant reinforcements diverted

United Nations Space Command

Covenant Empire

  • Major General Jerimiah Irons

  • UNSC Navy
    • Eighteenth Fleet
  • UNSC Army
  • UNSC Marine Corps
    • 1st ODST Battlaion
  • Spartan-III Gamma Company
    • Shaksha Team
  • ONI Signal Corps

Fleet of Unending Virtue

  • Jiralhanae forces
  • 90% personnel losses


The Battle of Titan was a major engagement during the Human-Covenant War and Battle of the Sol system. Among HIGHCOM it was also known as Operation: TRAPDOOR, a plan concocted by the brass to stem the flood of Covenant reinforcements heading for Earth. Their plan was to divert inbound Covenant reinforcements away from Earth and occupy them. The UNSC successfully lured the Jiralhanae-led forces into battle on the mostly evacuated colony on Titan. Where the Covenant expected a swift victory they instead found was a trap set by the UNSC and were drawn into protracted urban battle with concealed Army forces and a Spartan-III fireteam who delayed and reduced the amount of Covenant forces that would reach Earth.

Signal Corps broadcast false signals, creating the illusion of a much greater force than they actually had.

Order of Battle


The battle for the Sol System had been raging since the arrival of Regret's fleet on the 10th of October. The departure of Regret should have been a sigh of relief by the UNSC but instead his departure heralded massive Covenant reinforcements. They laid siege to Earth, Mars, and several important Jovian colonies. In early November the garrison at Mars fell to the relentless Covenant onslaught and now reinforcement flooded the already desperate defenders on Earth. HIGHCOM was desperate to stem the the seemingly endless tide of forces pouring in and formulated a plan to _____.

After the initial Covenant attack the population of Titan was evacuated off-world or to civilian bunkers in preparation for the inevitable battle that would ensue. The UNSC enforced a draft to bolster in their depleted defenses and a large portion of the young adult population of the colony that had not already enlisted. Thousands of men and women between the ages of eighteen and thirty were were summarily drafted into the Army.

The UNSC could spare four Divisions for the plan, the 21st, 423rd, 32nd Mechanized. However each Division was depleted and under strength from their previous engagements and in serious need of resupply. They were reinforced by the 362nd Armored Division fresh from their battle in the Sahara along with the 1st Battalion of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The 21st Division, slowly replenished from its understrength state by the drafted men and women. Team Shaksha, one of the many Gamma Company Spartan teams, was also sent in, both to eliminate potential high value targets that appeared on the planet, as well as help create the illusion that something valuable was on the planet.

Operation: TRAPDOOR




Space assest


  • Eighteenth Fleet


Ground forces


  • 21st Mechanized Division
  • 423rd Mechanized Division
  • 32nd Mechanized Division
  • 362nd Armored Division

UNSC Marine Corps

  • 1st Shock Troops Battalion
    • Alpha Company


  • Major General Jeremiah Irons
  • Admiral ______
  • Colonel Maria Goulding
  • _______ Hallie Wilda
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