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Commander Deadlock-888 was a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He was one of the survivors of Katana Team during the Battle of Onyx (Mentioned in the book "The Ghosts of Onyx") and fought the Human-Covenant War.

His true name, history and personal appearance are never mentioned by any sources (this is likely because of a data corruption caused by contact with Forerunner technology) and his own memory was partially erased, making him a very mysterious character.

The codename "Deadlock" was given to him after he was found unconscious by an UNSC ODST trooper during a recon operation in Trevelyan (Zeta Doradus IV). The Spartan was facing down on the ground, surrounded by more than two hundred dead covenants, from the low-ranked Grunts to Elite Officers and a crashed SDV-class Heavy Corvette. All of the enemies had one single bullet hole in each of their heads. He was holding a letter to a long time friend called "Eugene", the paper was partially burned, so the content was lost forever.

He was later transported to the supercarrier "UNSC Infinity". When they tried scanning for his data, the system went into a corrupted deadlock state, and all numbers in the AI interface changed to "8".

"The commander was one of the survivors, but all of his data was erased, the AI said that he never truly existed. He's like a ghost to us now, and that worries me." - Captain Thomas J. Lasky

Personality & Traits

"No name, no history, no past. Deadlock is a ghost to the database, and a mystery to the UNSC... except to Dr. Halsey, as she secretly smiled when he came back home."

— In-game description

Deadlock is described as a “hot ice”, since he treats all allies with utmost respect regardless of their rank and is absolutely merciless with his enemies. He is said to work better under pressure, with laser-like focus, while maintaining adaptability and flexibility.

He favores an aggressive approach to combat, as he is never afraid of the enemy. It is for this reason that Deadlock is often guilty of overkill, but this apparent sadism has a reason - he does what he does because he knows that it could potentially break the enemy's will to fight, not necessarily because he enjoys it.

After the incident in Trevelyan and the loss of all his partners (except the ones who are still locked in the Forerunner Cryo Pods), he refused to join any other Spartan teams. Consequentially, he is always fighting as a lone wolf.


Deadlock wears a MJOLNIR Mark V Commando Helmet and an Assault/Commando chest piece. He wears a Commando shoulder piece for his left shoulder and a Mk. V shoulder piece for his right shoulder. Deadlock also had a Tactical/Tacpad wrist piece on his left wrist and FJ/PARA knees guards.

All armor pieces are black colored, including the visor.

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