It's an honor, <insert name here>. My name is John-A222, but you can call me Commander, John, or A222 for short. There isn't too much to say. I am fairly invested in Halo, know more lore than the average fan, and formerly managed the largest Halo roleplaying community on Google+.

Fanonical Works

Perhaps the largest and most important of my projects has been the development of my article and that of my team, NOVA Team. My entrance to this site was a result of my wanting to find a place where I could record my information in a manner similar to canon articles. Halo Fanon was exactly that place.

My goals in writing are to make the reader feel as if what he or she is reading is solid Halo canon. To do this, I make sure include events, places, and people in a way that is either defined by or realistic to canon. The only original expansions in my work are in fields that canon leaves open-ended. Otherwise, it is a struggle to find any open contradictions of canon (or at least I try to make it that way). I include numerous links to Halopedia articles to keep the reader informed and make the article realistic to canon sites. Likewise, I make my articles an average size. Nothing so short that it lacks detail but nothing so long that it rivals a main Halo character's wiki page (*cough cough* Chief).

Would I ever want my articles to make it into canon under 343? Of course.... who wouldn't? I would adore 343 Industries until the day I die should that ever happen. I guess you could say my articles are firmly grounded in established canon in order to make something like that more likely... still unlikely though.

Seeing other users make crossovers with my or others' characters is probably one of the most interesting things to me. It adds new depth and connects previously unrelated articles. Just a thing I thought I would share.


We are all here for a reason... "We found Halo."

Oddly enough, I first played a Halo game during the Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST era. I have since played and own every single Halo game (aside from twin-sticks like Spartan Assault). My knowledge of Halo canon rivals and even surpasses some of those who have been devoted to Halo since Day 1 (at least most people believe so).

I can say with confidence that Halo: Reach is my favorite Halo game. I like it's dark tone and representation of the essence of the Human-Covenant War. Likewise, I like seeing a Spartan team rather than just a lone wolf. The MJOLNIR looked rugged and tactical. The graphics were wonderful for the time. Forge was breath-taking (so many great custom games). This being said, I love all Halo games. However, my least favorite has to be Halo 4.

I am currently playing Halo 5, like most Halo fans. I must say, I am reasonably impressed with this game. Story-wise, it is a little rough. However, I must say the multiplayer, Forge, and customization is fantastic. There is a little more content I want to see in future updates, so fingers crossed.


That about wraps it up. I encourage you to take a look at some of my articles if you haven't already. Furthermore, if you are looking to see similar, expanded works, check out Halo Universe: Trost on Google+. It will give you plenty of small stories and plots to read. Thanks!

Commander A222

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