It is I!

Hi! Name's CarpeJugulum, or just Carpe. I did some writing around here a couple years ago, but life caused a fairly lengthy sabbatical I didn't really prepare for. I'd like to get back into the community, but I'm not sure yet sure at what level I want to get involved, or what I'll be doing. Expect me to lurk for a while.

I hear you now; "Who is this Carpe guy?"

Glad you asked, <insert name here>! Like I said, I wrote some stuff on the wiki a while back, but dropped off the radar in early 2011 when life happened. I'm currently unsure what I'll be doing with my old work - I'd like to rejoin the collaborative efforts I worked with such as AAO or Necros, but we'll see.

What's that? Personal details? Well, okay. I'm a student currently working toward my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Biblical Languages (Attic/Koine Greek and Ancient Hebrew) with a minor in Spanish Language/Culture. I live in the Midwest, I play League of Legends a lot (Wulfshark Mgroin's the tag - hit me up!), and cats make me squee.


My sandbox. Currently filled with random junk pertaining to this story.


Random story/idea/spam storage.


Hey! You! <insert name here>! You'd better not leave without signing!

EliteMaster117Rien n'est vrai, tout est permis.
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Well 'ello there! I see you are fascinated by many of the things that I am into, too. As SWK said, TITEZNESS!

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Stellar Elite — Whenever I think up of ideas, that car is symbolic for my brain
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IsaacDKramer — Speak up. Your voice is muffled
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goddamn guestbooks, trying to destroy 'merica!!
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