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Xutra 'Moram
Biographical information


Physical description
  • Ship Master (Post-Great Schism)
  • Field Master (Pre-Great Schism)
  • Special Operations Sangheili






  • Type-1 Energy Weapon
  • Type-33 Needler
  • Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle
  • Energy Shields
  • Type-25 AGC "Wraith"
  • Type-26 "Banshee"
  • Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform
Chronological and political information
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Great Schism
  • Covenant
  • Covenant Separatists (Later)

"We shall arise, my Brothers, and slit the throats of any miserable vermin who dare step in our path!"
―Xutra 'Moram

Xutra 'Moram is a Sangheili Commander who served throughout the course of the Human-Covenant War, as well as a leader of the Covenant Separatists after the events of the Great Schism. Xutra is known significantly for his "No Mercy" combat style, and fears no enemy. He most notably led the Covenant Forces during the Battle of Avalanche that occurred in 2550. After joining the Covenant Separatists, Xutra took command of the Pious Inquisitor, a Covenant Separatist Capital Ship.

Xutra is also the younger brother to Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee.

Early Life

Xutra 'Moram was born into the State of 'Moram on Sanghelios in 2529. Along with his older brother, Ripa, Xutra was trained by his uncle, Erwo 'Moramee. Erwo was a retired Sangheili Ultra who had faithfully served the Covenant Empire for several years. Under his uncle, Xutra learned the foundation of honor, strength, and discipline. After Ripa joined the Covenant Military, Xutra wanted to follow his lead. After the Prophets learned of Xutra's skill and determination, he was sent to the Arena to be observed.

Xutra was given 5 Minutes to fend himself off from a Jiralhanae Prisoner who had been known for murdering thousands of Covenant, whether it be Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-Yar, and even his own brothers, the Jiralhanae. From the side, the Prophet of Mercy watched as Xutra attempted to fight the Brute. Although Mercy knew there would be no chance of success for Xutra, Mercy was amused by his determination. Armed with only a Plasma Rifle, Xutra's fight would be hopeless. Regardless, Xutra ceased to upset the observers. Against all Odds, Xutra killed the Brute, leaving it liying cold on its back.

Shocked and awed by Xutra's power that he displayed in the Arena, the Prophets assured Xutra that he would one day become Supreme Commander. Honored by the Prophets' blessing, Xutra joined the Covenant Military, adding the "-ee" suffix to his name. He most notably fought in the Battle of Cosmic Stretch (And is the only known Sangheili Survivor of the Battle) in 2530 and the Battle of the Rubble in 2535.

Early Career

After fighting in the Battle of the Rubble, Xutra was almost immediately put back into the fight in the Battle of Jericho VII. For a young warrior like Xutra, the odds of surviving a major battle were thin.

Xutra 'Moramee as a Major, onboard the Pious Inquisitor.

Onboard the Pious Inquisitor, Xutra was eager to join the fight. After landing on the surface of the battlefield, the Covenant encountered tough resistance from UNSC Forces. Xutra used his instincts he learned from his father to annihilate several waves of Marines, but was put to a stop when he encountered a Platoon of Spartans. The Covenant responded with Sangheili Reinforcements, along with several Banshees. Regardless of the Reinforcements, the UNSC had the Covenant at a standstill. All Ground Forces were forced to retreat back to the Pious Inquisitor. Xutra, eager to be heroic, offered to stay and fight, but was forced to board the Spirit Dropship. Onboard the Covenant Cruiser, Xutra watched as the dozens of other ships in the Fleet glassed the surface of Jericho VII.

After his reign on Jericho VII, Xutra fought in many other small skirmishes, most of which were won by the Covenant. This included the Battle of Leonis Minoris, Battle of Kholo, and the Battle of Psi Serpentis. In 2541, Xutra was promoted to Major. While not being in combat, Xutra was stationed onboard the Pious Inquisitor, a ship of which he would one day take command of.

Siege of Outpost 16


Xutra (Left) and Zezl (Right) fire on Outpost 16.

After years of service in the Covenant Army, Xutra was finally put into a minor command position during the Siege of Outpost 16 . Onboard the Pious Inquisitor, Xutra met Zezl 'Yuhlee, the Shipmaster of the Cruiser, who taught Xutra many secrets of the Sangheili Army. Over time, the two became friends, and created a spiritual bond with one another. In 2543, Zezl requested that Xutra may fight by his side during the Siege of Outpost 16. The Prophets allowed Xutra to join the fight. In October 2543, the Sangheili Force of 300+ issued the Siege on Outpost 16, a High-Priority UNSC Command Center of which belonged to the Office Of Naval Intelligence. Xutra

Xutra grieves Zezl's Death.

remained behind Zezl's back for the majority of the fight, firing a Beam Rifle from behind a Covenant Barrier. Outnumbered and Outgunned, ONI issued a Lockdown Protocol on the Outpost. In an effort to save the ONI Agents inside, 3 SPARTAN-II Soldiers were sent into the fight, one of which was Toby-329. The Spartans managed to slaughter several of the Elites, but the overhead carrier was relentless with reinforcements. 2 of the Spartans were killed in the firefight, while Spartan 329 retreated into the base. The remaining Sangheili barred themselves into the locked base, after spending much time and effort on it, and murdered several ONI Agents inside. However, multiple Pelican Dropships arrived on site to evacuate the survivors through the Base's Emergency Exit. SPARTAN-329 made one last attempt to lessen the Covenant Threat by firing at full force on the Sangheili Invaders. Armed with a Flak Cannon, Toby issued heavy fire on Zezl and Xutra. While Zezl took heavy fire from the Spartan, Xutra ran into cover. Stubborn as always, Zezl would not retreat from Toby's fire. As Zezl's shields went down, Xutra leaped into the line of fire. His effort to save Zezl failed. Zezl 'Yuhlee was killed by Toby, while Xutra watched from the ground. Convinced that he had cleared the area, Toby boarded one of the remaining Pelicans outside. Shocked, Xutra grieved Zezl's death traditionally. A Spirit Dropship came to scout the aftermath and located Xutra. He was evacuated and sent back onboard the Pious Inquisitor.

Rise to Power

After the Siege of Outpost 16, Xutra swore to avenge Zezl Yuhlee's death. As one of the few Sangheili survivors of the battle, the Prophets gave Xutra a promotion to Ultra. The High Prophet of Mercy, who watched Xutra in his youth, was certain that he would be the right choice for an Honor Guardsman, but the High Council denied Mercy's choice and decided Xutra would be more fit for combat. Honored by the Council's decision, Xutra swore to uphold the Covenant and slay anyone who would dare step in their path. He was once again placed onboard the Pious Inquisitor, now second in command of the ship. While he participated in several small skirmishes as an Ultra, Xutra took a major role in Operation: TORPEDO.

Leading the Pious Inquisitor into battle, Xutra was determined to defend the Covenant Refinery on Pegasi Delta. After the Spartans of Beta Company commenced the Invasion, Xutra led 400 Covenant Troops into the fight. With no interest for his own life, Xutra dove head first into the crowd of Spartans. Using the Energy Sword that once belonged to Zezl 'Yuhlee, he managed to kill several Spartan Invaders. However, the entire Spartan Beta Company was too strong for Xutra's forces, and they were forced to retreat from the fight.

As the years continued to pass, Xutra's Reputation began to be known throughout the entire Covenant Empire. His men feared him and his Superior's envied him. His No-Mercy combat style led to the deaths of hundreds upon hundreds of UNSC Personnel.

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