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Team Quebec
Unit Background
  • Special Operations
  • Response Missions
Unit size


Current Commander

LTJG Deborah LeBlanc

Current Status



Spartan Team Quebec is a Fire-Team Sized unit within the United Nations Space Command Navy currently comprised of 5 SPARTAN-III Supersoldiers. Team Quebec most notably fought in the Battle of Avalanche. As of 2553, Quebec Team is classified as MIA, after their Evac Pelican crashed during Operation: CONTAINMENT.


In an attempt to expand the fighting force of Spartan III Commandos, the UNSC Navy handpicked the most noble veterans of the SPARTAN program and organized them into fireteams of 4-6. After observing the talents of SPARTAN-242, UNSC Superiors gave her command of Quebec Team. Although these small Fireteams were nothing more than expendable units, Quebec Team excelled all expectations. Surviving numerous operations that other Spartan Teams did not, Quebec Team gained the respect it deserved. After servicing the UNSC for over 10 years, Quebec Team is usually the first to be sent into large-scale Special Operations missions, including Operation: CONTAINMENT, an event that attempted to put an end to the UNISYS Infection.

Team Composition

Former Members

Notable Events

Siege of Outpost 16, 2543

Deckland-482, Toby-329, and Baron-319 are sent to Outpost 16 in an attempt to rescue the ONI Personnel trapped inside.

Battle of Avalanche, 2550

Quebec Team is sent to defend ECHO-549 from an incoming Sangheili Legion led by Field Master Xutra 'Moramee.

Battle of Recovery Forest, 2551

Covenant Forces ambush Quebec Team at Delta Base in Recovery Forest. SPARTAN 329 is killed.

Operation:CONTAINMENT, 2553

Quebec Team invades the UNISYS Facility in an attempt to snag a virus sample of the Infection.


  • When fighting in smaller Battles, Quebec Team rarely fights as an entire unit, but rather splits up into two separate groups, or even one small group of 3. An example of this is the Siege of Outpost 16.
  • Like most Spartans, Toby-329 was classified as MIA while in reality is KIA.
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