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Defend the bridge from the Covenant.

  • Sangheili
  • Unggoy
  • Kig-Yar

Coldsnap is the first level of an Unnamed Halo Game. The player controls Rocco-512, a rookie SPARTAN-III Commando, in an attempt to assist UNSC Marines with an incoming Covenant Assault Mission.



(A Kestrel Dropship arrives on the icy planes of the battlefield. The hatch opens and 4 SPARTAN III Commandos are seen. One by one, they depart from the troop bay. The leader of the team establishes contact with command.)

Dragon Leader: Command this is Dragon One, we have arrived at the location point and are dusting off. Please advise, over.

(A weak signal is detected) Command: Uh, roger that Dragon Team. I read you, slightly. Looks like we have some technical difficulties. It may be the snowstorm. I (signal is lost momentarily)

Dragon Leader: Damn it... Ty, what do you read?

Tyrone-029 (Dragon Three): Nothing but snow and ice.

Dragon Leader: Then we have to take this into our own hands. We have Marines out there, let's find them. Four! Take this.

(The player takes control of Dragon Four, Rocco-512, in first person. A MA5K Assault Rifle is tossed to him.)

Dragon Leader: Let's head out. We need to find those Marines. They won't last long without us.

Dragon Two: When they said this place was covered in ice, I didn't think they meant everything.

Dragon Three: Why do they want this place anyway?

Dragon Leader: That's classified. Keep moving.

(Three Longsword Fighters fly overhead).

Dragon Three: Hold up. I see something. (He aims down his scope)

Dragon Leader: Contacts?

Dragon Three: No, I see friendlies. Looks like Marines.

Dragon Leader: Pelicans. Up ahead. Looks like we got reinforcements.

Dragon Two: I thought we were the reinforcements?

Dragon Leader: Looks like we were wrong...

(A Transport Warthog of Marines approaches Dragon Team).

Marine Sergeant: Thank God you arrived Sir. Covenant has a battlecruiser, coming in to this position. Hell of a lot of troops and vehicles... we sent a Longsword team to try and damage it, but they were shot down. We have to set up a defensive border by the bridge, so they can't get past by foot.

Dragon Leader: Understood. Rocco, follow these marines down to the checkpoint.

(The player takes control again, operating the warthog. More Marines follow in convoy).

Marine: Good to see you sir!

Marine: Take this sir. We're gonna take this fight from range. (The player is given a Sniper Rifle).

Dragon Leader (Comms): Rocco. We are reading a hell of a lot of bogeys inbound to the bridge. I see plenty of Cloaked Elites. Hold your position with the Marines, we're on our way with artillery.

(Several waves of Sangheili and Unggoy arrive. The player fights them off, one by one).

Marine: They just keep coming!

Marine Sergeant: They have troops, but we have firepower! Keep shootin'!

Marine: The little ones have flamethrowers! What are those things?

Marine: I'm hit! Agh!

Marine Sergeant: Fall back! Fall back! Keep suppressive fire on the bridge!

Dragon Leader (Comms): Rocco! You've got a carpet bomb on the way! Recommend you get your ass outta there!

Marine Sergeant (Comms): Pardon me sir, but where the hell are you? We got more Covenant here than we can handle?

Dragon Leader (Comms): Hold your position! We are on our way!

Marine: Wraiths! On the other side of the canyon!

(Mortars fire on the humans' position. Rocco is hit almost directly by one. His vision blacks out slowly and he is stuck on the ground. Above him, another Air Strike comes in, destroying the Wraiths. From behind Rocco's position, several Warthogs arrive. He is flipped over and sees an extended hand).

Dragon Leader: Looks like you need a hand.

(The player is lifted up and pulls out a pistol).

Dragon Leader: Everybody get the hell outta here! We can't fight any longer! I repeat! Evacuation is on the way!

(Dragon Two and Three arrive and fire on the Covenant Bridge. A large plasma beam is heard in the distance).


From behind the Covenant Position, two Mythos approach the bridge, slowly.

Dragon Two: What the hell was that?

Dragon Three: Oh shit... that's not...

Dragon Leader: MYTHOS!!! Everyone scatter! Now!

Marine: MYTHOS! RUN!

(Numerous Marines release screams of terror in the background, as the player is dragged by the Dragon Leader to safety. Plasma Streams impact the surface, mass killing Marines).

Dragon Leader: (Coughs) Rocco... take this... call in a bombing run on those Mythos!

(The player is given a Laser Designator, and is prompted to target the Mythos Pair).

Longsword Pilot (Comms): Roger that Dragon Team, I read your coordinates.

(A Longsword Squadron bursts in and prepares to drop their payload onto the Mythos. Their attack is countered by the Mythos' plasma streams, which completely demolish the Longswords).

Longsword Pilot (Comms): I'm hit! I'm hit! I'm hit! (Signal is terminated).

Dragon Leader: Fuck! Common, we gotta get the hell outta here...

(The player returns to their magnum, as slowly fades out. Kestrel Dropships arrive, Their troop bays can be seen within the distance. As Rocco gets closer, the Mythos targets their position and fires a plasma stream. A large beam of light is seen. The Dragon Leader is killed, the Kestrels are destroyed, and Rocco is left for dead, miraculously surviving the attack. Gasps of pain and terror are heard, and the screen fades out to black).



  • Laser Designator





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