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Camping World is a timeline of events created by Matthew Martin, AKA Camp Froman. Camping World is centered around the later years of the Human-Covenant War.


SPARTAN Team Quebec

An elite unit of veteran SPARTAN III Commandos, servicing for 20 years with minimal casualties. Quebec Team has earned respect and has exceeded any and all expectations. Quebec Team is a Fireteam sized unit that was intended from the start to contain only the top notch SPARTAN IIIs. Originally formed in 2533, Quebec Team's command was given to SPARTAN 482, but was reassigned to SPARTAN 242 months afterward. Quebec Team most notably served in the Battle of Avalanche, one of the largest encounters of the entire Human-Covenant War. Including the Battle of Avalanche, Quebec Team mostly took part in battles organized or assisted by Xutra 'Moramee, who attempted to track down SPARTAN 329 throughout an 18 year campaign. Quebec Team is comprised of...

Xutra 'Moram

A Seasoned Sangheili Officer who has seen everything imaginable, slaughtered thousands of hostiles, and watched as hundreds of his men fell before him. Born as a younger brother to Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee. From birth, Xutra was meant to be a Sangheili Warrior. He proved his abilities in the Arena as a child, and entered the Covenant Military after being eligible. After spending years as a distinguished Warrior, Xutra took command of the Pious Inquisitor, a CCS Battlecruiser. As a commander, Xutra led many of his men into suicide missions, as he believed in never letting an enemy get away. For 18 years, he tracked down SPARTAN 329, until he managed to kill him during the Battle of Recovery Forest in 2551. He also worked as a Special Operations Sangheili and a Field Master, and led a Legion of over 4,500 Covenant Troops into the Battle of Avalanche in 2550.

Donovan Schmidt

If you didn't know any better, this guy would have a pair of wings. Donovan Schmidt was born an underprivileged child in the streets of New York City who took an

interest in flying at a young age. From his youth on out, Donovan knew that he would one day join the UNSC Air Force, and that he did the day he turned 18. Taking a particular interest to the Type-51 Skyhawk Fighter Jet, Donovan inspired other pilots to follow his lead. Donovan has seen it all in his time in the Air Force, from being a part of a Tech Crew to leading a Skyhawk Squadron into battle. He puts the safety of others before himself and is respected by almost everyone. He is currently a First Lieutenant and works at High Command.

Jarrod St. Onge

A respected UNSC Army General who sacrificed himself to save thousands of others, some of which he had never even met. Jarrod is a Demolitions Technician who developed the HYTAC Explosive Prototype. He assisted the evacuation of civilians in Africa during the Rise of The Jiralhanae in his early years. After being promoted to Brigadier General, he took command of Sanctuary Alpha, a remote UNSC Command Center in Norway. During the Assault on Sanctuary Alpha, Jarrod volunteered to sacrifice himself in an attempt to save everyone else.


The Battle of Avalanche

Considered to be one of the bloodiest battles of the entire Human-Covenant War, the Battle of Avalanche was a large scale Covenant Assault Mission organized by Field Master Xutra 'Moramee. An entire Legion of Sangheili Forces, approximately 4,500, was pitted against over 1,000 UNSC Marines and 6 SPARTAN IIIs, specifically those of Spartan Team Quebec. Xutra 'Moramee sent in the Legion, along with a Scarab Ground Assault Platform, from all corners of the fight, leaving Quebec Team and Alpha Company alone in a full scale Firefight. While the defending forces managed to fend themselves off for some time, they were forced to lock themselves down inside the base after 'Moramee arrived with a Scarab. Several hundred other Marines arrived on the site to assist the trapped UNSC Forces. Regardless, they were still outnumbered, and had no chance of winning the battle. After a day and a half of hand to hand combat, the Covenant won the fight. Zadan-054, a member of Quebec team, was wounded almost fatally. Almost all of the UNSC Marines were killed. Approximately 2,000 Sangeheili were also killed, leaving the Covenant Casualties to less than 50%.

The Siege of Outpost 16

The Siege of Outpost 16 was a Covenant Assault Operation organized by Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee. The goal was to capture Outpost 16, a UNSC Command Center Operated by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Several Dozen ONI Personnel were housed in the base at the time of the attack, and many of them were killed. The survivors managed to lock themselves inside, while hundreds of incoming Sangheili Forces invaded the base from all corners. After some time, Marine reinforcements arrived, but were shot down by Banshees supporting the fight from the air. After hours passed, Spartan Team Quebec arrived on site, clearing out most of the Sangheili on the exterior. They also deployed an explosive inside the base that, while not harming the ONI Personnel in the bunker, cleared out almost all of the Sangheili inside. While leading the ONI Agents outside for extraction, Toby-329 killed Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee. After hours of combat, The surviving ONI Personnel, as well as Quebec Team, were evacuated from the area.

Assault on Sanctuary Alpha

In an attempt to "take back" his old base (Sanctuary Alpha), Lieutenant General Jarrod St. Onge organized the Assault on Sanctuary Alpha. Now infested by Flood, the only way to eliminate the threat would be to destroy the entire base. No ordinary Explosive would do the job, so the only other option was a HYTAC Explosive Device, of which was created by Jarrod himself. After scanning the area, it was revealed that one person would have to arm the bomb, but would not be able to be extracted and reach a safe distance in time. Jarrod then volunteered to sacrifice himself, regardless of the disapproval of Command. Although he was ordered to send in a Platoon Member, Jarrod denied and planted the bomb himself while his Platoon was extracted.

The Battle of Recovery Forest

After 18 years of tracking down Spartan Team Quebec, Xutra 'Moramee finally trapped them during the Battle of Recovery Forest. The entire battle began as a large Covenant Ambush, cornering Quebec Team and their Marine counterparts with nowhere to run. Specifically looking to avenge Zezl 'Yuhlee's killer, Toby-329, Xutra took the chance and pursued Toby as he attempted to flank the incoming Covenant. As Toby evaded to the right, Xutra followed close behind while cloaked in Active Camouflage. Slowly, he pursued Toby until Toby realized that he was being followed. As the Spartan turned around to examine the area, he found nothing. Relieved, Toby turned back to his original direction, only to see Xutra emerge from Camouflage. Xutra executed Toby, ending the 18 year search. The rest of Quebec Team managed to escape to extraction, but the Company of Marines did not survive.

The Gemini Invasion

Another attempt to track down Quebec Team, The Gemini Invasion was yet another ambush organized by Xutra 'Moramee in 2548. After he was informed that Quebec Team was on board the UNSC Gemini, 'Moramee ordered several dozen Sangheili to board the ship and search for the Spartans. Taking the fight from a Lone Wolf perspective, Xutra searched for Toby-329 on his own. After chasing Toby down to the Ship's Bridge, Xutra gave all of his effort to take him down. His attempts were halted after Marines flanked Xutra from behind. The two-sided firepower was too much for Xutra to handle, so he forced his way back to the hangar to escape.



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