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Future Story List

Not counting shorts, the planned Sigmaverse stories I intend to do on Halo Fanon.

Planned/Finished/Future Stories

Stories that I find integral to the Sigmaverse and will definitely write, in the order I intend to write them.

  • Halo: Sanctuary (AW, Part Two) - The search for home during a bloody war. COMPLETE
  • Halo: In the Dark (ORION) - Richard Mack's most important mission. COMPLETE
  • Halo: Salvation (AW, Part Three) - Conclusion to the Dynasty Trilogy. 2557. COMPLETE
  • Halo: Underworld (Asad) - An undercover mission to stop a terrorist group in 2513.
  • Halo: The Howling Dark (Spartans) - The fight to survive immediately following the climactic events of late 2558.


With so many characters in the Sigmaverse now and more popping up every time I'm struck with an idea, I need to figure out how to integrate them all into the general plot of my universe. As it stands currently, everything should lead up to the end of Halo 5 in October of 2558, since the galaxy-changing arrival of the Created will likely change the face of the Haloverse forever. As such, I'm going to try and list out planned things for every group of characters I have.

  • Sigma Team - Aside from intermittent short story appearances and vague involvement with what have so far been fairly meaningless events I've plotted out on Marco's page. I think I'll get a storyline of sorts together starting with the conclusion of Operation: RAILROAD.
    • Finding the Kuwabara - Sigma ends up going after a long-lost ship, the UNSC Kuwabara, after it is spotted by an ONI probe moving through the DMZ. I'm not entirely sure what I want to happen here, but it might have something to do with some of the story I had planned for the OVERSIGHT project.
    • Splitting up - To prepare for the events of The Howling Dark, I need Jax, Kane and Marco in different areas by October 28th of 2558. Kane's going to be visiting a hospital on Asphodel, Jax will be on Europa when Denegroth Station is attacked, and Marco will likely be aboard a ship that flees the Sol System immediately.
  • ONI
    • Alexander Redford will continue to run BRUTUS, and by October 2558 will be aboard Helios Station over Mars when the Created attack, attending a meeting with numerous other high-ranking officials regarding Blue Team apparently going AWOL.
    • Ryan Samson's kind of taken a backseat since the events of Shrike, since he's now running the Prowler Corps. Aside from cameo appearances, I doubt he'll do much until THD where he attends the meeting.
    • Elena is present at the meeting on Helios Station, and gets Redford, Samson, and possibly some others out aboard the Heavens Asunder.


Unlike the SPARTAN-II's, the SPARTAN-III washouts didn't die. They backed down. In Ghosts of Onyx, when an Alpha Company member backed down when asked to jump from the back of a Pelican, they 'washed out', being unable to become a Spartan. However, it was later noted that they were kept on as DI's for the training of Beta Company. This is quite understandable, as you wouldn't want a group of kids sent back to an orphanage telling people they'd been recruited by the military. I'll have this particular person assigned off planet by 2552, doing something-or-other behind the scenes. Will probably have been put to work by ONI.

Halo: Underworld

Since I'm going to be expanding a lot on the backstory of Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad in the near future, it may warrant a story or two based on his younger years. I'm thinking around 2513 or so, when he's in his early twenties. This would be a few years before he founds Lion's Claw and his tracking down of the mentor who betrays him. During this time he's recruited by ONI to work for them under threat of death or life imprisonment, and helps to track down a number of major criminals on several planets - including his hellish homeworld of Troy. To do this ONI gives him a pre-owned ship and enough supplies to work on their own, and a small crew.

Ship Name: The Oryx. A heavily retrofitted Parabola-class freighter designed to remain inconspicuous and keep the crew comfortable between trips. It possesses a couple of guns and a missile bay for dealing with fighters but will mostly rely on avoiding conflict, as it is not a warship. The ship contains a great deal of storage space and room for a single SKT-13 Shuttlecraft in one of its loading bays, which has been converted into a hangar. Being such a large ship, it is unlikely to be suspected as an ONI vessel and will be bringing tremendous amounts of water and vegetables grown in the on-board hydroponics bays to worlds in the Outer Colonies.

The Mission: A designer drug known as 'Rocket' is slowly seeping into the Inner Colonies. Taking the form of a red substance that is injected via a small canister, it gives the user a short-lived high and heightens their senses immensely for roughly an hour afterwards. Prolonged use leads to mental degradation and heavy addiction, and has spawned an incredibly lucrative drug trade in the Outer Colonies. While this would usually be a matter for law enforcement agencies, ONI has discovered several major links to Insurrectionist groups being funded by the trafficking of Rocket, which is believed to be a low-grade form of the 'rumbledrugs' created by several terrorist groups. However, all attempts to discover the source of Rocket thus far have failed and a few agents from ONI's BRUTUS force have been captured or killed. As such, the crew of the Oryx have been tasked with going to some of the more dangerous areas in Human space to track down the manufacturers and their Insurrectionist paymasters.

Target Worlds: The Oryx is set to deliver supplies to several colonies in search of the group producing Rocket. These range from fairly quiet planets to bustling, crime-ridden worlds.

  • Imber - Sudden emergence of Rocket addicts and reports from local law enforcement suggest that a fairly new operation has emerged here. If so, it could give the team some good leads.
  • Mamore - A hotspot of Insurrectionist activity for years. Though there are no connections to the group manufacturing Rocket, ONI has deemed it worth investigating anyway due to the high likelihood of finding useful information via interrogation of local rebels.
  • Troy - Often regarded as the worst planet in the colonies, its high crime rate makes it an ideal spot to manufacture and distribute illegal drugs.
  • Madrigal - Its wide industrial zones and known ties with Colonial Security Services make it a good location for possible operations throughout
  • Cyrus VII - Information from Vivian Harris revealed that she was first contacted by Rocket manufacturers there after becoming addicted to the drug. Heavy UNSC presence on the mostly-rural colony world makes it an unlikely location for anything more than a smuggler's pitstop, but it should be investigated all the same.

The Crew

  • Samantha Jones - Lieutenant Commander serving in the Prowler Corps, she was chosen to lead this mission due to her actions in a 2511 raid, where terrorists tried to seize the fretghter she was serving on while it was in drydock. While the rest of the bridge crew were killed, Jones signalled for help and singlehandedly eliminated the entire enemy force, leading to her promotion not long after. Her level-headedness and quick thinking make her ideal for managing the Oryx. The mission is also a chance for ONI to assess her capabilities for possible recruitment in the future.
  • Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad - A young mercenary with a troubled past, Asad was recently captured by ONI after being left for dead by his former leader, and has joined the mission as part of a plea bargain to gain his freedom. An excellent if unorthodox fighter who lacks conventional military training, and suffers from major trust and anger issues. His former connections with the criminal underworld and natural charisma make him a good choice for a mission like this. Currently ONI has no plans to terminate Asad once he has finished the mission, seeing the potential for a contact within the world of PMC's in the future.
  • Henry McNair - Recently-promoted to Sergeant at the age of 24, McNair recently passed selection into the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers before being assigned to this mission. Having seen several years of combat against Insurrectionist groups in the Outer Colonies he is a hardened veteran in spite of his fairly young age. An intimidating and skilled soldier, McNair is remarkably loyal to the UNSC and is expected to try and complete the mission at all costs. He is noted for being surprisingly intelligent and quick-witted; many believe him to be simple dumb muscle from his outward appearance.
  • Harold Redford - A former Gunnery Sergeant and member of the ORION Project's Trident Team years before, Redford was brought onto the mission as a special favour from one of his old comrades. The oldest member of the crew, he has the most experience in combat and was trained as a demolitions specialist while in the Engineering Corps before he joined ORION. Surprisingly optimistic considering his past experiences on Troy and Heimdall, though fellow crew member Asad is unaware of the former. Well-adjusted and likely to be the voice of reason in any argument. A superb soldier.
  • Markus Jensun - A Senior Airman in the UNSC Air Force, Jensun was discreetly transferred from his station aboard a UNSC Destroyer to act as a pilot for the mission. While he can fly the Oryx without AI assistance, unlike the rest of the crew, his main purpose is to transport his comrades in the ship's SKT-13 shuttlecraft. Jensun is noted as an excellent pilot, though his past and possible sympathies toward the plight of dissident colonists may be a cause for concern.
  • Vivian Harris - Like Asad, Harris was forced onto the mission as part of a plea bargain from ONI. She was apprehended by agents while smuggling a huge shipment of Rocket onto Tribute. While a lengthy interrogation made it clear that she knew very little about her suppliers' location and that she herself was a user, Harris is surprisingly willing to help with the mission after being forced into rehabilitation and purged of the drug's addiction. She possesses some rudimentary skills as a mechanic and has been given basic combat training in preparation for the mission, though her primary purpose will be to assist others in the potential infiltration of the rebel/criminal group supplying Rocket to the colonies. Is a self-confessed loner and is unlikely to befriend any of her crewmates - a good thing, from ONI's perspective.
  • Leonard - A 'dumb' AI created to assist in the training of UNSC Special Forces, he played a major role in the Heimdall Incident of 2499 and has since undergone some reprogramming to expand his capabilities. For this mission he is to pass as a simple shipboard AI while compiling data on their mission and relaying transmissions to and from ONI. He is capable of piloting the Oryx to some extent, but cannot properly maneuver the vessel without Human assistance.

The Howling Dark

As the 'final' (depending on new Haloverse plot developments) Sigmaverse story I have planned, THD's gonna be big. I mean, all hands on deck here we go plot armour removed big. Need to plot out potential battles, important story elements and when and where people will show up. So far there's three main spheres of conflict the story revolves around:

  • The Heavens Asunder
    • Characters involved: Kane-098, Elena-071, Alexander Redford, Frederick King, Fireteam Scythe, Rora 'Marak, Dorenn 'Tenon.
  • The Fifteenth Fleet
    • Characters involved: Marco-035, Fireteam Whiskey,
  • Spartans on Sol
    • Characters involved: Jax-007, Martin-A136, Alex-A121, Louie-A199,

Site Stuff

Frontier's End

This is just a vague idea at the moment, but I'd sort of imagined most of the Outer Colonies and contested UNSC/Covenant space as a Wild West of sorts in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, where mercenaries, outlaws and warlords reigned supreme with the occasional intervention from one of the major powers. However, all that chaos and uncertainty isn't going to last. Mankind got back on its feet pretty quickly, and as their recolonisation efforts expand alongside their cooperation with the Swords of Sanghelios, they're going to set their sights on problems they've been forced to ignore for years now. Namely, the frontier.

This isn't a project as such, but more of a concept mostly tied to the Sigmaverse as it heads into the Created War. Once the status quo is (hopefully) restored and things aren't too horribly messed up in the aftermath, I've a feeling that things are going to be different. After enduring the machinations of ONI, the Created and their attempt to take over the galaxy, and the usual infighting, how many of these groups will remain? Taking many of my own characters into consideration, I wonder what kind of life they would have if they survived this new war. Times are going to change, and there will be a shift as the frontier is 'civilised', for all that's worth, and certain antagonists may be introduced or brought into prominence to lead this effort. Whether or not the frontier's denizens go down fighting is up to them I suppose.

RP: Imperium

Officially lasting from late August to mid-September of 2558, the Imperial War was a brief but intense conflict fought between the joint forces of the United Nations Space Command and the Swords of Sanghelios and the Imperium of Clarity, a sizeable Covenant Remnant faction. While the Imperium's growth from a small collective of far-flung colonies into a potentially threatening interstellar empire in the span of less than five years had gone more or less unchecked by other factions in the galaxy due to its remote nature, a sudden attack during a fairly minor dispute over mining rights in a minor system kicked off a brutal war between these factions. This RP will tell the story of those involved in the Imperial War and follows the conflict from beginning to end.


  • Theatres of War: Since this is a relatively small (compared to the Human-Covenant War) war, there isn't going to be any absolutely massive fleet movements or fights on the scale of say, Reach. However, the UNSC/SoS force must make do with long supply lines and limited numbers to deal with the Imperium, especially since there are other battles being fought elsewhere that their higher-ups are concerned with. However, battles will be fought across multiple systems over the course of this war.
    • While most participants will likely be writing for the UNSC/SoS side due to the Imperium's staus as a relative unknown to most of the settled galaxy, that does not mean that it'll be a straight-up series of victories all the way towards the Imperium's homeworld of Iradu. Those fighting on the ground may do well, only to have their orbital support decimated or vice versa, leading to some rather dire situations. Naturally I won't forcibly kill off anyone's characters without their express permission, but writers must consider how their characters may end up during the war.
    • As for fleet movements, I will be directing the overall strategy of both sides while remaining flexible enough for participants to act without feeling too railroaded. Goals will be given out for factions, and we can discuss things via PM to figure out the specifics of major events i.e: battles being won, character deaths.
  • I want to try and get a bigger picture of the conflict than just our guys killing each other. As such, some chapters may cut away from the action to focus on things happening behind the scenes or to have people reacting to the RP's events. After all, things aren't going to just be driven by two big fleets killing each other until one side wins.
  • Overall, the objective of this RP will be to tell a kickass story. If we've got people vying for their characters to 'win' by murdering all the other side's leaders or whatever then that simply won't fit in with what I'm trying to accomplish here. Character development, intrigue and entertaining writing are what is really going to make people want to read this thing if and when it's finished in years to come, and quality is important for that!


SIGMA Rankings

Project SIGMA training rankings circa 2525.

1: Fenn-145
2: Jack-085
3: Elena-071
4: Kane-098
5: Grigori-018
6: Pierre-127
7: Marco-035
8: Wulf-041
9: Jax-007
10: Derek-142
11: Hank-136
12: Luisa-026
13: Resk-063
14: Jacob-076
15: Stanley-148
16: Amy-133
17: Trevor-120
18: Nef-015
19: Irene-074
20: Ahmad-126


Character Soundtracks

Tracks that, in my mind at least, fit my characters.


King of Sparta


The Ruined Childhood


Waking the Demon

Rora 'Marak

Blood and Guts

Ash Mitchell

Dead Man's Gun

Alexander Redford

Aria De Capo

Carlos Driscol


Richard Mack Senior

You Know My Name



Richard Mack Junior



Far Away

Amanda Wade



Stand Strong, Stand Together

Winston Zhou

Low of Solipsism

Frederick King

Human Cost





Abd-al-Qadir ibn Asad

Space Lion

Felo 'Ranak

Fields of Fright

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