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Maynard-X112 H4

Maynard Face

Biographical Information
Full Name

Maynard Reyes

Spartan Tag





May 23rd, 2548


November 8th, 2615 (Age 67)

Physical Description





6'5 (Unarmoured)






Spartan Neural Interface

Political and Military Information

United Nations Space Command


SO (Special Warfare Operator)

  • Tactics and Leadership
  • Assault
  • Infiltration
  • Driving/Piloting

Killed in Action


"Legends are never born. They are created."
―Maynard, speaking in 2583

Maynard-X112, also known as Sierra X-Ray-One-One-Two and by the callsign of Wulf One, was a SPARTAN-IV Commando of X-Ray Company. Maynard was known as one of the best graduates of his Company, and fought in many pivotal battles during the First Galactic War. Maynard's Team became the stuff of legend during the war; spook stories for the Insurrectionists they fought, throughout the thirty-year war.

Born late into the Human-Covenant War, Maynard's parents were killed during the Battle for Tribute, though he was able to escape with several thousand other civilians to Earth, where he was brought up in an orphanage. Maynard joined the UNSC Military at the age of 17, enlisting into the Marine Corps. After four years of sporadic fighting rebels on new frontier worlds, Maynard volunteered for the SPARTAN-IV program, having been marked as physically and mentally superior. After only a year's training, he was deployed, forming 'Wulf Team' from a hand-picked group of his fellow Spartans.

Wulf Team was formed from some of the best Spartans in X-Ray Company, and quickly built up a reputation as being the foremost Spartan Team on the field, rivalling teams Blue and Sigma from the Human-Covenant War. The Rebel Army known as the Legion learned to fear the Spartan Team, as their presence would usually spell doom for whatever operations they had set up. Though each member of Wulf was very proficient, it was Maynard's leadership and tactical prowess that pulled them through their missions. Maynard led his team in many key engagements, not only in frontline battles such as that on Eden V, but in precision strikes, such as the Raid on Uyana in 2579, which led to the capture of General Alfred Bates, a high ranking officer in the Legion.

Following the massive victory at Eden V in 2583, Wulf Team was mainly withdrawn from the frontlines along with most of X-Ray Company, and was put to work on small, yet vital, operations behind enemy lines. A notable occurrence was in 2594, when three members of Wulf Team were captured by the Brute Chieftain Saernus, forcing Maynard, along with SPARTAN-X090 and SPARTAN-A199 to destroy a large station, killing thousands. In 2599, the Legion base of Operations was pinpointed on an outer colony world, Minerva. Maynard, along with X-Ray, Yankee and Zulu Companies were sent along with a large UNSC Fleet to the planet, where they engaged in a colossal battle, during which most of Wulf Team were killed along with a large portion of X and Y companies.

Maynard was promoted after the battle at the turn of the century, becoming the Executive Officer of his SPARTAN Company. In 2609, his superior and mentor, Marco-025, went rogue, disappearing for five years until it became clear that he was part of a new insurrectionist movement, the League of Free Peoples. Maynard was chosen to lead Wulf Team on a mission to strike at the heart of the movement before it could gain power like the Legion was able to. In 2615, Yankee and Zulu Companies, augmented by a dozen regiments of marines, were sent to Reach, a world that had been recovering from it's near-total glassing over sixty years beforehand.

While the bulk of rebel forces were engaged, Wulf Team penetrated into the mountainside base of the LOFP, and despite taking losses, made it to the main control centre, where he came face to face with his mentor, Marco-025. The two Spartans fought eachother in hand-to-hand combat, battling over the split in the mountain known as 'The Divide'. After a lengthy battle with his former mentor, Maynard was finally taken down. He was listed as Missing in Action and Wulf Team was taken over by Lieutenant Kate-X500, Marco's niece. Maynard's death was overshadowed by the attack of a massive alien force, leaving few to mourn the death of one of the best-known SPARTAN heroes of the 26th century.


Early Life

Maynard Reyes was born on Tribute, in the city of Casbah, in 2548. His family were among what was considered the 'lower class' of the people on the planet, working in one of Tribute's many arms factories that supplied UNSC forces fighting the Covenant in the Outer Colonies. Despite this, Maynard had a reasonably happy childhood, until 2552, the penultimate year of the War. When the Covenant finally attacked Tribute, Maynard's parents were killed when their factory was hit by Seraph bombardment. Maynard, who was at pre-school at the time, was evacuated to transport ships along with his school. Many were killed on their way, but those who did make it were safely evacuated due to the sacrifice of the UNSC Naval forces in space and the Marines protecting them on the ground. As Maynard and many others made their way to the evacuation point, they came under attack from Covenant infantry. They would have been slaughtered had it not been for an ODST squad, supported by a SPARTAN supersoldier, who held off the enemy to allow the civilians time to escape. Maynard was personally taken to a ship by the ODST's leader, who ensured that they could escape unharmed.

As per the Cole Protocol, the evacuation ships were forced to jump randomly to ensure that they were not being followed. Eventually, they arrived in the Sol System, days before it was attacked by the Covenant. The refugees were taken to Earth, and put into temporary housing there. When the Covenant did attack, these places were left largely unscathed due to their remote locations. After the war ended in 2553, Maynard grew up in a UNSC-run orphanage along with many other children. He was noted as being highly intelligent among his peers, coming head of his class at his schools throughout his childhood. It came as something of a surprise when, at the age of 17, in 2565, he joined the UNSC Marine Corps rather than attend University.

Marine Corps

Maynard had heard of the growing Insurrection in the new rebuilding Outer Colonies; rebels launching attacks against UNSC and civilian targets. After much deliberation, he decided to join the Marines, much to the surprise of his friends. Maynard, as well as several dozen young men and women from the orphanage, signed up and were taken to the UNSC Training facility in Australia, where they underwent basic training and combat tactics before being shipped out to the colonies, where the majority of the fighting had taken place.

However, in late 2566, while Maynard's company was stationed on a newly-colonised world for training exercises, they were faced with their first true battle. While under questioning for suspected Insurrectionist activities, a local man detonated a bomb that had been concealed on his person, destroying a large part of the UNSC HQ on the Colony, and killing off most of the officers present. Maynard's platoon had been on patrol nearby, and after seeing the explosion, raced back to the HQ as they came under attack by dozens of armed rebels, who had been in hiding on the planet. The Platoon's Sergeant Major took command, sending the surviving troopers to defend the compound from the incoming rebels while he attempted to get a message to the orbiting UNSC Battlegroup.

Private Maynard Reyes and six others were tasked in defending the western tower of the base, where the radio antenna was located. Within half an hour, the compound came under attack; small arms fire and the occasional grenade were thrown at the marines, who held their ground, Maynard's team turning the wide field between the base and the main road into a killzone. The Marine's position was secure, but they had a big problem: A rocket had hit the side of their antenna relay, breaking it in two before the Sergeant Major could send out the full message. It was not until the very early hours of the morning did things go from bad to worse for the soldiers. The few dozen rebels had been augmented by reinforcements: Hard-Line Insurrectionists, armed with advanced gear and weapons. Using a captured Olifant garbage truck, they smashed through the front gate and stormed into the compound. Maynard, who had been picking off incoming soldiers with his Battle Rifle, was forced to kill his first man in close quarters combat when an enemy combatant attempted to jump his squad with a shotgun.

Shortly afterwards, several missiles hit the side of the tower, collapsing it. Maynard's entire squad were killed, leaving him wounded, alone, and surrounded by hostiles. Taking a sniper rifle from the squad's Designated Marksman, Maynard fell back towards the ruined Command Centre, which had been almost totally destroyed in the bombing earlier. From there, he began killing all rebels in sight, either sniping them at long range, with Assault Rifle fire, or with grenades and landmines.

By sunrise the day after, Maynard, who had been shot thrice since the tower collapsed and who was running low on bullets, had almost given up hope. Dozens had been killed, and he had even taken out several of the 'Legion' Insurrectionists. The rebels, who had been looting the base after overrunning the marines there, were preparing to attack the lone soldier yet again. Maynard had crept through the ruins of the large building all night, setting traps and ambushes where possible. This time, however, it seemed that they were determined to get at the marine that had killed so many of their number.

It would have spelt the end for Maynard had it not been for the UNSC, who had finally mobilised, dropping in platoons of ODST's into the compound while the rest of Maynard's Company, who had been away on the other side of the planet. The ODST's dropping in from orbit, massacred the surviving rebel forces and secured the area, finding Maynard, who despite having used biofoam, was close to bleeding out. He was evacuated to an orbiting UNSC Frigate for medical attention. Maynard was promoted to Corporal after the battle, being the only survivor. He then received the Bronze Star for his heroic actions. While in the medical bay of a UNSC Frigate, Maynard was visited by Rear Admiral Ryan Samson, an important figure in the Navy who had heard of his ordeal on Pelion. Seeing a great deal of potential in the young man, he gave him an offer to join the UNSC's latest SPARTAN Program. Maynard, remembering the super-soldier who had saved his life on Tribute many year before, gladly accepted the offer.

The SPARTAN-IV Program

In 2569, Maynard, along with 499 others, were recruited for the UNSC's latest generation of super soldiers: The SPARTAN-IV's. They were taken to Earth, where they were met by their teacher, trainer, and leader: Marco-025, who had been assigned to train 'X-Ray' Company. Maynard's last name was essentially erased. He was no longer 'Corporal Reyes', being given a rank and number: Petty Officer Second Class Maynard-X112. It was announced that X-Ray, being the oldest and initial Company of SPARTAN-IV's, would only be allowed a year's training before they were to be deployed against the Insurrectionist movement known as 'The Legion', which had been steadily growing in strength over the years.

Maynard was put into a team with Leonard-061, Jason-X250 and Gerald-X347. Maynard, however, was the only one with actual combat experience, and so quickly became team leader. It became apparent that Maynard was quickly emerging as one of the leading soldiers in the group, in terms of leadership and skill. His team were often in competition with Team 12, led by Blaise-X034, whom Maynard disliked due to his extremely unorthodox tactics, nearly getting Gerald and Jason killed on a training mission due to his desire to win. Another chief source of terror in their training came from the SPARTAN-III, Alex-A121, who was their main Drill Instructor, and was both loathed and respected by the trainees. Towards the end of the year, Maynard became good friends with several other trainees, such as Mateo-X234, Duncan-X022 and Kate-X500.

The biggest test came for X-Ray Company came when Marco planned for the Company to be separated and forced into what was considered an impossible situation. They were taken to an old forge works, several miles across, and dropped off individually. They had five hours before sentry robots came online to hunt them down, and had to escape within 24 hours. Armed only with a Battle Rifle loaded with TTR rounds, Maynard set out searching for his fellow soldiers in the maze of metal and machinery. Maynard had, within an hour, organised over two dozen others into groups, and after seeing a flare, they made their way to it's source. Max-X489, who had been identified early on as the best potential team leader in X-Ray. Meeting up with Max, who had gathered the rest of the trainees, they moved together towards the edge of the works as the Sentry Bots came online. Every member of the 500-strong company escaped the Forge works unharmed, and well under the expected time. It was decided that they were finally ready for the augmentations that would make them superhuman; that would make them into Spartans.

Wulf Team

All 500 participants survived the augmentation procedures, with only one complication in the case of Leonard-X061, who had to have two limbs amputated and replaced with robotic prosthetics. He was, at the request of Marco-025, transferred to Grim Team, who were used for high-risk, low-accountability operations. Maynard was given the opportunity, like several other trainee leaders, to form his own team of SPARTAN's. His first choices were, of course, Jason-X250 and Leonard-X061. However, Jason declined, preferring to fight alongside the rest of the company rather than participate in small, squad-based operations, and Leonard had been reassigned. So, other potential members were picked for the as-yet unnamed team.

First to be chosen was Mateo-X234, a skilled marksman who was taken from the Headhunter Platoon. Second was Kate-X500, the youngest company member, who had attained one of the highest combat scores during training. Also chosen was Ross-X090, who had been replaced on Grim Team by Leonard. Ross was also a longtime friend of Mateo, so the two would have a good working relationship on the team. Devin-X432, who was known for his dependability and sheer tenacity in combat, was chosen last, forming the SPARTAN team. Finally, Maynard chose a name for his squad. With the permission of Marco-025, he chose the name 'Wulf Team', in honour of Marco's former squadmate, who was killed during the Fall of Reach, who had been known for his 'Lone Wolf' missions while fighting the Covenant. The team was officially formed in January 2571, just as war began.

First Galactic War

In 2571, shortly after X-Ray Company had finished their year of training, dozens of coordinated attacks were launched on UNSC-held ships, space stations and colonies, killing thousands. Several outer colony worlds cut off all contact with other planets and a message was sent to the UEG on Earth, declaring war. The perpetrators of these attacks identified themselves as 'The Legion', an Insurrectionist army that had grown from a defected ODST company to a well-equipped fighting force.

The SPARTAN-IV's were put to work immediately against this new foe, attaining victories on many planets, their first key role being the neutralisation of rebel forces during the Tannis Uprising. The fighting, for the most part, was sporadic, with hit-and-run attacks damaging UNSC supply lines. Though both the Navy and Marine Corps were well-equipped, the fact that the Legion seemed to have no large fighting force or locatable headquarters made them difficult to pinpoint. Maynard's team was dispatched on various missions into enemy territory, for a variety of purposes; from recon to assassination. The war continued as such for nearly a decade before it appeared that the United Nations Space Command was being slowly drawn out of many of it's colonies, prompting a new, SPARTAN-led initiative, codenamed Operation: KNIFEPOINT.


The operation began in 2579, with Wulf Team being deployed on Uyana, an Inner Colony world. There, they met up with three Headhunters who had been scouting the planet for Legion bases. It was revealed that Alfred Bates, one of the key figures behind the Tannis Uprising, was in charge of a large refinery, manufacturing combat stimulants for use by Legion ground forces. The SPARTAN-IV's infiltrated and attacked the refinery, slaughtering the enemies there, though they encountered some difficulty from a group of Legion Commandos who, as it was revealed, had been injected with an unknown substance. Maynard pursued Bates into the tunnels beneath the base. The rebel leader was captured with Artyom-X043's help, the Headhunter saving Maynard's life and knocking Bates out. With their target secured, Wulf Team and the OTHERS fled the base, commandeering APC's as Legion reinforcements arrived, and escaping safely via Pelican.

After meeting with Marco-025, it was revealed to Maynard that the Leigon had been able to recreate a drug known as 009762-OO, formerly used in the SPARTAN-III Gamma Company's augmentations, altering the frontal lobe of the subject while enhancing their aggressive responses. Shortly after, it was revealed that the Legion had successfully invaded Rell, an outer colony, the UNSC dispatching both Wulf Team and the newly-trained Yankee Company to take back the planet. It was there that the SPARTAN-IV's fought a bloody battle against the Legion, whose infantry had been injected with the dangerous drug, making them fight longer against their well-trained foes. UNSC forces took an unexpectedly high amount of casualties that day, including 39 members of Yankee Company. Ross-X090 was also badly wounded by an incendiary grenade, being confined to the medical bay of the UNSC Romulus for some time. Rell showed Maynard and the UNSC at large that the war had truly escalated from isolated skirmishes to full-scale battles, the Legion having an inexplicably large supply of arms and soldiers in spite of their supposed status as 'rebels'.

Not long after, the UNSC obtained the location of the Legion's main drug manufacturing plant, on Pegasi Delta, the site of the SPARTAN-III Beta Company's near destruction thirty-four years previously. Accompanying Wulf Team was Jason-X250, who had been pulled from another team to fill in for Ross. Scouting out the facility, the Spartans noticed a number of Covenant structures, confirming that the Legion were cooperating with the UNSC's former foes. Moving in quickly, Maynard and Kate planted detonation charges on the outer wall while the others made their attack from multiple directions, taking the enemy by surprise and quickly rounding up the rebel factory workers and scientists. As they gathered the prisoners into the middle of the compound, the Spartans came under heavy plasma fire from dozens of Kig-Yar, who had formed into a nigh-impenetrable phalanx, slaughtering the prisoners and momentarily pushing back Wulf Team until Kate could detonate a number of C-12 charges, giving the Spartans a chance to slaughter the rest.

With just about everyone in the facility dead, Maynard ordered the others to search the area for information, stumbling across a wealth of data storage that, before he could reach it, was destroyed by a missile launcher, nearly killing him. Pursuing his foes to a hidden landing pad, Maynard fought in close combat with half a dozen commandos before a second explosion knocked him to the floor, losing his helmet in the process. Before he could retrieve it, Maynard was struck in the neck with a paralysing dart, which left him helpless against his attacker: Roger Maxon, Supreme Commander of the Legion. Maxon mocked the Spartan for his blind obedience to orders before attempting to execute him, though he was stopped by Jason. Fast though the SPARTAN-IV was, Maxon was able to wound him, a concealed Sangheili energy sword slashing him across the chest before the leader made his escape. This encounter angered Maynard greatly, the leader of Wulf Team promising to hunt down Maxon and bring him to justice for his crimes.

Siege of Eden V

In 2583, Wulf Team were deployed on Eden V, an independent planet that while officially neutral, was known for harbouring Legion forces. The Spartans, accompanied by Alex-A121, their 'handler', were sent to the planet capital, Sargon, to meet up with an ONI team that had been there for several months, gathering information. To avoid attracting attention, they were forced to move in without their MJOLNIR suits, eventually coming into contact with the team. To Maynard's surprise, one of them was none other than Lieutenant Jax-007, a SPARTAN-II, who was helping to lead the operation with Alphonse Harper, a high-ranking ONI agent. Mateo-X234 left the building on Maynard's orders to link up with the rest of Wulf Team and report in. Shortly after, the agents noticed a number of local militia closing in on their location, having apparently followed the Spartans there. An explosion blew apart a nearby wall, killing a number of agents and wounding several more as enemy fighters poured in. Though they were deprived of their armour, the Spartans, along with a few ODST's protecting the agents, fought off a number of enemies before fleeing into the city.

The chase continued for some time through Sargon's poorer districts, the Spartans escorting the agents, Harper, and the ODST's through several residential tower blocks, pursued at every step by their surprisingly well-armed foes. As they stopped to take a breather, an AV-14 Hornet opened fire on them, killing a couple more ONI operatives and seriously wounding an ODST, who offered to remain behind in order to buy more time, taking several detonation charges with him in a last stand against approaching enemy forces. Maynard was disturbed about how easily the trooper would give his life, something that he would have second thoughts about in spite of his Spartan status. Retreating to the roof, whereupon they became trapped, only an exposed ladder leading to the street, the small group encountered the Hornet again. Before it could finish them off, two sniper rounds penetrated the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly. Bewildered, Maynard and the others boarded it, with Jax piloting as they attempted to locate the mysterious shooter. Contacting the rest of Wulf Team, they discovered that they had been found and were retreating from the city in their surveillance truck. Jax took them to a nearby roof where they met up with their saviour: Elena-071.

Revealing that she had been operating within the city for some time, Elena accompanied them in the overloaded Hornet, which was forced to land on the city outskirts. There, they found that Eden V was indeed a Legion-run world as enemy tanks and fighters appeared over the city. Heavily outnumbered, Maynard checked in with the rest of Wulf Team, who were pinned down outside the city. Jax, who had remained surprisingly upbeat for a Spartan, activated his COM, and requested reinforcements, which arrived almost immediately in the form of half a UNSC Battlegroup, which had been standing by on the edge of the system. Before they could be extracted from Sargon as hundreds of troops descended from above, there was one more revelation for the Spartans in the form of the ONI leader, Harper, and a suicide vest. Revealing he had been on Legion payroll for years, he attempted to kill everyone, only to be stopped by the ODST sergeant, Willard, who tackled him off the landing pad as it exploded. The Spartans barely escaped, though Maynard was badly affected by what he'd seen. Worse yet, with the revelation of an entire Legion army on Eden V, the UNSC would be pulled into the first full-scale battle against their foe.

Shortly after their narrow escape from Sargon, Wulf Team were called in once more to assist a beleaguered ODST platoon who had taken cover in the remains of a destroyed cruiser. The Legion had unveiled their largest army yet on Eden V, and were surprisingly fighting the UNSC to a standstill. This was a departure from the usual hit and run tactics as even the elite shock troopers were being steadily overwhelmed. Arriving in one of the newly developed Viper Gunships, the SPARTAN-IV's found a new type of foe decimating the troopers; cybernetic battlesuits similar to that of the UNSC-developed Mantis and Cyclops, albeit much stronger and twice as deadly. Maynard was able to direct fire towards the enemy long enough for reinforcements to arrive, killing many others before they fell back towards the bulk of the UNSC forces nearby. This encounter was reported to HIGHCOM as similar reports sprang up across Eden V of these cyborgs engaging Marines in battle.

Skills and Abilities

Even among the SPARTAN-IV's, Maynard was noted as being one of the best emerging soldiers in X-Ray Company. Even before signing up to the program, he was known as an exemplary soldier with an outstanding record. Joining the ranks of the Spartans only made him better at his job. It was made clear in training that Maynard possessed the ideal skills that would make him an excellent leader, something that earned him his own team when the SPARTAN-IV's were first deployed. His usually calm head and charisma earned him the respect of those around him, and gave him the ability to take control of a situation with ease and inspire those around him.

On Wulf Team, in addition to being their field commander, Maynard specialised in infiltration and, if the former failed, direct assault, having served on the frontlines in many battles throughout the First Galactic War. He was also personally responsible for the capture of several high-ranking enemy officers, and was part of the Spartan Team that finally ended the war in 2599. Maynard generally prefers longer range combat to close quarters, often making use of his Battle Rifle rather than his fists or combat knife, though he is proficient with both. While not a dedicated marksman, he scored well above average in both the Marine and SPARTAN rifle ranges, often preferring to stay at range in combat while relying on his teammates to support him. One particular 'skill' of Maynard's was his sheer tenacity and unflinching resolve; refusing to give in easily in spite of insurmountable odds.


"That was always your problem, Maynard. You're so focused at what is in front of you that you can't just step back and look at the bigger picture."

Throughout his entire life, Maynard had held strict adherence to rules and regulations, even within the morally grey area that Wulf Team mostly operated under. He rarely swore and was quite level-headed, following authority figures almost without question. One individual whom he held a grudging respect for was Alex-A121, who had been his chief drill instructor during training. He disliked the older Spartan's mannerisms and ruthlessness, but held him in high esteem nonetheless. Maynard, always an keen learner, would study in his free time, often poring over entries of old battles, mainly during the Human-Covenant War. He was known to almost obsess over the lives of SPARTAN-II's, treating them as living legends, those who trained him, such as Marco-025, and those who were best known, such as John-117 being the focus of this. It was these legendary figures who Maynard based his whole life around. One major flaw in Maynard's personality was his almost extreme obsessive-compulsive nature when it came to certain things, often blowing small details out of proportion and angering team mates in situations. This was largely due to his desire to impress others, older Spartans in particular. He would not take failure lightly and often felt a great deal of guilt for the deaths of his comrades.

Another aspect of Maynard's personality was his strong sense of justice. He despised criminals of any sort. Even while growing up in an orphanage, he would confront any kind of wrongdoing. As a Spartan, going into the seedier areas of the Galaxy, he found it difficult not to intervene to help the poor and downtrodden where he could, often leading to confrontation. His attitude earned him the nickname of 'Boy Scout' by other trainees in X-Ray Company, Blaise-X034 of Grim Team being the main perpetrator of these taunts.

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