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Human-Covenant War


Omega Incursion

First Galactic War
FGW Poster
Clockwise from top left: ODST's engaging Covenant Remnants, a SPARTAN-II firing a heavy machine gun, the rebel known as Magnus, SPARTAN Lysander-Y050 fighting on Minerva, Carlos Driscol encountering Michael Green, Legion Commandos suited up for battle.



January 1st, 2600 (Official)


Various places in the Galaxy

  • UNSC/Sangehili Victory
  • Splinter Alliance dissolved
  • Magnus disappears
  • Human forces severely weakened
  • Numerous Small Engagements
  • Tannis Uprising
  • Siege of Mamore
  • Fall of Avalon
  • Ciudad de Huesos Incident
  • Raid on Uyana
  • Battle of Rell
  • Second Raid on Pegasi Delta
  • Siege of Eden V
    • Skirmish in Sargon
    • Raid on Onai Plains
    • Battle of Frion
    • Battle of Peak 2
    • Raid on IMMORTAL Complex
  • Battle of Requiem
  • Operation: DARK STAR
  • Operation: LIONS DEN
  • Raid on Teltin Station
  • Battle of Sangehilios
  • Operation: SCIMITAR
  • Battle for Minerva
    • Battle for Minerva City
    • Battle for Steel Mountain
  • United Nations Space Command
  • Sangehili Alliance
  • Splinter Alliance
    • Around 1200,000 Militant Fighters
    • Medium-sized fleet of captured vessels
    • Several Mechanised Divisions
    • Several thousand Jiralhanae Fighters
    • Fleet of Furious Rebirth
    • Hundreds of thousands of Kig-Yar Soldiers
  • URF
    • Several hundred Prometheans
    • Thousands of soldiers
    • Ragnarok (Modified Forerunner Dreadnought)
  • hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
  • almost half of the UNSC Fleet
  • Nine planets rendered uninhabitable
  • Thousands of Sangehili Warriors
  • Several hundred SPARTAN-IV's
  • Several SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III's
  • Almost all rebel soldiers
  • Entire Legion Fleet
  • Thousands of Jiralhanae
  • Fleet of Furious Rebirth
  • Most Kig-Yar forces
  • Ragnarok
  • All Prometheans

"If there is one art that Humanity has truly honed to absolute perfection, it is that of war."

The First Galactic War was a devastating civil war that lasted for twenty-nine years, longer than the Human-Covenant War that had ended not long before. This war, which began as a succession of uprisings among new human colonies, eventually escalated into a large scale conflict that dragged several other races in as it went on. Though by the end of the century the last of the Rebel forces were defeated by the UNSC, it left both humanity and their allies in a greatly weakened state.


Pre-War Events

Declaration of War (2571)

Outer Colony Uprisings

Tannis Uprising (2572)

Siege of Mamore (2573)

Full-Scale War (2570's)

Fall of Avalon (2576)

Ciudad de Huesos Incident (2577)

Operation: KNIFEPOINT (2579-2583)

Raid on Uyana (2579)

Battle of Rell (2579)

Second Raid on Pegasi Delta (2579)

Siege of Eden V (2583)

UNSC under pressure (2584-2594)

Covenant Resurgence (2584)

Return of the URF (2585)

Requiem (2585)

Operation: DARK STAR (2585)

Forerunner Superweapons (2589)

The Tide Turns (2594-2598)

Operation: LIONS DEN (2594)

Teltin Station Incident (2594)

Operation: SCIMITAR (2597)

Endgame (2599)

Battle for Sangheilios

Battle for Minerva


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