"Heroes to the Core"
―A good man
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Age Currently: 19
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 1in.
Weight Anywhere between 200-300lbs
Blood Type AB+
Date of Birth May 8 XXXX
Zodiac Tartarus
Birthplace Cincinnati OH.
Religion Christian
Favourite *Video Game: Halo/Sonic
  • Movie: Godfather
  • Color: Green
Specialty Command
Occupation Student
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Rank on Wiki Commander
Gamertag BEN THE BEST456
Other Usernames Washington


My name is BEN THE BEST456, I am currently a Halo fan who is obsessed with Halo's lore and history.  I have created many ideas, Spartans, soldiers, and other events that I only desire to share with you all and hope for the best.

I also want to take this time to say that I am thankful for all those who can help provide or assist me on this site/journey. So again thank you.


The BEN THE BESTverse will be my expanded universe, much like the Sigmaverse. I plan to have over 130 articles revolving around this ideal, hence why you do see some red links on my articles currently. I try my best to get the reader involved in as many characters as he or she choses and stories as far as the digital eye can see (I'll be in the conner now). I'm currently trying to do my best to link this universe to the Halo Timeline the best I can and do everything I can so it would be as such.

As it stems, the current main link to all current articles under my stance is the Alpha-Zulu Corps. Will I make an article for all the spartans...hell no. That would be way to many spartans with highly similar articles and events as others. Which is why I try to make teams either very small, very diverse or give one or two members of a team their own backstory unless I think the whole team does deserve their own articles.

Do I want my stuff to become canon...personally, not by 343's hands (I mean look at Halo 5's story), unless I was hired to continue their stories in the official halo timeline.

My experience with Halo

My experience with the Halo Franchise has been a blast. Through the countless novels and great games. My first Halo and my first video game period was Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. Ever since then, I was hooked on gaming and halo itself. Late on, I bought and love both ODST and Reach as all three stand as my three favorite halos (1.Reach 2. 3 3. ODST in case anyone was wondering).

Once Halo 4 came out I was disappointed but I powered through it and survived. Afterwards, I discovered the greatest Halo Lore channel on Youtube (In my opinion of course) named Halo Canon. https://www.youtube.com/user/HaloCanon. The man has allowed me to be more engaged and knowledgeable of the Halo Lore and personally is the reason why I think I joined Halo Fanon.


So then, thats everything for now. I encourage you to see some of my work and criticize as such. If anyone wants some sort of stories behind these events I have created, they will be out after the initial articles for the BEN THE BESTverse is finished. Until then, have yourselves a great night and take care,



Alpha-Zulu Corps



Human-Covenant War



Orange Team

Purple Team


Coalition of the New Earth Government

Fleet of Regretful Redemption

Devil's Cry

Servants of the True Reclaimers

2570's and Onward

Shield Team




Fireteam Guardian

Fireteam Renegade




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