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The U.N.S.C has a great army no doubt, but one man wanted to innovate in his own subtle way.

His name is Victor Barkhov , born in Moscow on august 25, 2500 he speaks clear Russian, English, German ,Japanese,and is a decedent of the infamous Spetsnaz soldiers of the 21st century. He was an expert strategist for the U.N.S.C during the fight against the galactic genocide the covenant was slowly fulfilling. His suggested tactics helped the war effort while defending reach like keeping the maximum amount of civies alive in new Alexandria and setting up offensives against covenant positions like the spire assault. However some facts about him are over looked, but recently files were recovered and now that more is known about him it is open to discussion on what to do about him

Victor Barkhov

Victor Barkhov (age 52) O.N.I file image

In 2528 Barkhov and his platoon had succumbed to an Insurrectionist ambush. During the fight he had become the unfortunate victim of an I.E.D. explosion and spent 2 months in the hospital. Upon being discharged from the hospital he still wanted to fight, make up for lost time so in 2529 he took his standard marine armor and customized it to be a type of riot armor using standard pieces and police armor pieces for better protection on top of standard projectile resistant armor , he called it "marauder" armor. He then recruited others across earth and the colonies, anyone who would join his group and gave them armor he'd customized beforehand and gave them modified weapons, all inspired by the Colonial Marines ideals

Barkhov's armor ( blue and yellow variant)

Founding the Colonial Police:

His main squad that accompanied him was made of the first people he recruited their code names are "Shaka" , named after a fearsome African warlord, "Yamato" which is based on a powerful Japanese warship ,"Hawk" for his pilot skills and lastly " Athena" for her bravery in battle.
Marauder squad

Hawk (left), Shaka (center) and Yamato( right) fighting against the covenant in the Mombasa animal reserve


"Athena" Barkohv's personal favorite member

Barkhov brought this to High Command and explained his need to continue fighting HIGH-COM saw the potential and due the absence of colonials and the cost of Spartans a new group was bound to be useful but they didn't want a mercenary group due to a bad past experience with mercs. They requested to go through with it but due to the color pattern they decided to make them a volunteer group to assist police forces.His idea was somewhat realized and the U.N.S.C Colonial Police was born in 2531.They would then move back and forth, colony to colony assisting where needed.
Marauders Logo Medium

Victor's personal squad patch, but the exact look varies

Battle of Arcadia:

When the Covenant hit Arcadia they hit hard. The U.N.S.C Spirit of Fire responded to a distress call and assisted a civilian evacuation effort, fortunately Barkhov's units were already stationed there.By this time the group had a strength of 3,000 troops and of 500 sent to assist the evacuation only 80 of his men got out via transport and he was amongst them, Covenant had claimed the other 420 lives. It was vowed that would never happen again, but that never meant it was guaranteed.

Barkhov looking on with anger at the Arcadia losses

2532: During Barkhov's unit's time they bonded like a family but Athena and Barkhov grew close , and ended up having a child later that year , they named him Dimitri.For his safety he was to live with his father's relatives on Earth.

Colonial Police's last moments:

Reach 2552

New Alexandria:
Barkhov 2

Barkhov's armor with changed color pattern , symbolizing high rank as of 2552

The Covenant pressed their attack on and new Alexandria happened to be one of the first hits. Barkhov assisted coordinating civilian evacuation leading his remaining members in battle and civies to shuttles.He wanted to hurry the evacuation effort so he commandeered a police transport ship, using it to get civilians out, the UH-135. He also retrofitted a construction mech with heavy weaponry for his troops that helps with ground evacuations which he started doing on Arcadia.Although the city was wasted his help and efforts got as many civilians as he could out , but only less then 20%

The"Bull"mech suit customized from construction mechs


Uh-135 police transport

October 19th, 2552, New Mombasa:

Reach was confirmed lost about 2 months before, and through these months Barkhov had attempted to deal with his loss of friends to death through excessive drinking in a Mombasa bar trying to forget that out of 16,000 accumulated troops they're down to just 16 after their hard work .

October 20-21st 2552 Fight & Fall of Mombasa:

The call to battle once again sounds. The Conglomerate remainders are called again to assist their fellow U.N.S.C in evacuation of civilians and suppression of Covenant alongside Colonials and average marines.While assisting evacuation via the city's space elevator. While getting a group of civilians out the elevator collapsed from the previous slipspace rupture and showered his team in rubble and debris.He was pushed by the falling pieces and got up to find his team covered in debris, he tried to dig them out only to find them dead by the impact and another piece as large mongoose fell striking his arm before the ground leaving him with a serious fracture.They we're forced to evacuate with the last train at the tram station when they heard Kinsler was aboard it. When they saw the mob outside the train and the cops shooting at them they fired on the corrupt cops and helped fellow officer Mike Branley rally the crowd. From 16 to 7 troops left in the unit including Barkhov they boarded the train and left. Mombasa was lost, but it wasn't over yet, he was heading home.

New Mombasa, October 21st,2552

Moscow: He was afraid the Covenant may have found their way to Moscow and he was right. Brutes were rampaging the streets killing anyone in their way, the local police tried to gain control of the situation and there were a number of U.N.S.C troops throughout the city. He told the police commissioner to focus his officers on civilian defense and he volunteered himself and his remaining squad to help the marines suppress Covenant forces. While in the fray of the fighting he came across his son Dimitri fighting with his own squad, they combined their squads and continued to push covenant out of the city.After sustaining moderate losses they had pushed the Covenant out to be slaughtered by reinforcements sent by Lord Terrence Hood, however the initial hit by the covenant left the east side of the city barren.Both Barkhovs remained on Moscow to ensure protection until the war ended.

Victory and personal defeat, 2553

The war ended thanks to the efforts of Spartan John-117 and those who followed him. Barkhov went to the funeral for those lost in battle but felt regret, he wanted to go through the portal, finish the covenant and see them squirm. He couldn't since his group wasn't considered for fighting the major forces beyond the portal and inevitably the Flood.After the service he retired, but still sends weapon designs and prototypes he built himself to the U.N.S.C military branches. His Conglomerate was claimed disbanded by High Command records.

Current status:

Colonel Victor Barkhov (ret.) now spends his days at his manor in Moscow and has hired his remaining Conglomerates as guards.He has begun to sell his designs to anyone willing to pay in a black market fashion on the side sporting his own logo.Although he is loyal to the U.N.S.C military, he's not afraid to sell to enemies unless they're any of the Covenant species. Hiring engineers and weapon specialists like himself he is building a group reminiscent of his group to assist his government and oppose enemies. The last mention he made of his squad at retirement was this: "Жаль только, их души лучших, где они находятся, это лучше, чем здесь", which is translated to "I only wish their souls the best wherever they are, it's better then here"
H4 railgun sm-copy-w1280

One of Barkhov's prototype designs. Referred to as "Rail gun"

Black Market Symbol

Barkhov black market logo


Cpl.Dimitri Barkhov is debating with High Command to bring back his father's group. He claims it's unfair that when the Colonial Marines are brought back his father's group is treated like garbage and disbanded.
Yuri MW3 Model

Cpl. Dimitri Barkhov (Age 22)

(Take notice) Only time will tell whether or not they are reinstated, but to those reading this, a question: Do you believe Barkhov should see his group return? Or is he too aggressive a man to let live and lead this group again ? Your vote could mean this soldier's life or death, think about it (put your response on the talk page) Black market, Prototype, weapons, grudges, Conglomerate, U.N.S.C,

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