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This underused group of the U.N.S.C was stationed as colony protection against rebels . When the Covenant hit, the colonials held alongside the average marines but were no match in the end. However through a stroke of luck and great financing , the colonials were reestablished on December 25, 2550.

The Mk II armor was developed by the manufacturers of MJOLNIR armor to enhance or even replace the MkI entirely. It possesses a standard bullet resistant armor. The visor links up to the firearm's ammo capacity similar to a Spartan's visor
Colonial marine armor

Colonial marine MkII armor

Weaponry has developed gradually and the colonials are always tasked with testing prototypes. Along with the standard MA5C and MA5B the colonials use a prototype of the MA5K to suit their enemy crushing needs.

MA5K Assault Carbine

The standard MA5k model used throughout the C.M.'s career as colony defenders and rebel fighters

The standard sidearm for these troops is known as the M6D magnum, in fact some troops modified theirs to adjust firing speeds and take standard and modified ammo , virtually the same but stopping power differs. Relatively simple design, great effectiveness


M6D magnum , standard issue with custom rounds in case

For the larger set of weapons the armory is the WDT25,the "Waffe des Teufels" which is translated to "devil's weapon" and the 25 is to remind troops of the day the colonials were instated into the U.N.S.C army. Firing standard BR55 rounds it cuts down enemies and light cover. Many colonials nicknamed this gun th
Ammo -BR

ASKR1 ammo type

e ASKR1, which was to express that it's an "ass kicker rank #1"

ASKR1" Devil's gun"


7.62 MA5 ammo for ASKR1

Cpl. Danvers

Cpl.A. Danvers with his modified MA5k in MkI armor

A respected member of the colonials is Cpl. Anthony Danvers. Born on Reach, July 18th in the year 2530, Danvers was your average child who happened to have a fascination with the military life. At age 18 in 2548 he signed up for the colonial position while it was in its first stages of being reestablished, went through the process of training and being a rookie, then finally passed with flying colors alongside childhood friends Andre Wilson and Woodrow McCoy.These three happen to gravitate toward the MkI armor with pieces of MkII namely torso armor they customized. Danvers has a fiance who happens to be his childhood friend named Marrissa and he swears to keep her and his family safe on Reach at any cost. " With all the devastating new toys we get, there's no way in hell covenant are gonna get to Earth without some serious bloodshed on their side and for damn sure aren't gonna touch Reach. Oorah !"

Colonial Marine 01

Cpl. Danvers (right),Cpl.Andre Wilson(left) and Pvt. Woodrow MCcoy (center) investigating colony complex on Reach before the Covenant all out attack

Vehicles are key to any army but these troops rely on one standard vehicle and a few of their own:

The M17 LRV is a prototype descendant of the M12 LRV "Warthog",agile and loaded with a rocket attachment on the turret, it mows enemies down in seconds with 14.5mm anti-material rounds and a SPNKR loaded in the second turret. The MkI looks very similar to its predecessor but the MkII adds the rocket capability along with the MG turret


Recon hornet surveying area ahead for MkII M17LRV to have safe passage during operation " Tip of the Spear"

The Recon Hornets the Colonials use have no armaments but are fast, about pelican top speed. It seats one pilot and contains a back storage compartment. A simple prototype, but only used on Reach since all blueprints were destroyed

Finally they posses their custom pelican variant, known as "Marauders" armed with missile pods on top and standard guns for a true "iron fist in the sky" as Pvt.MCcoy calls it.Although it seemed fairly basic it was working.
Pelican heavy

pelican " Marauder" variant



The U.N.S.C.C.M are the underdogs of the U.N.S.C. army core but perform well with the right amount of pressure applied, for example Reach didn't fall so easily with their assistance to Spartans and O.N.I. They are true grunts in the eyes of a D.I. but heroes to their fellow troops an inspiration to other colonial defense groups. "If it weren't for us, where would your precious spartan laser be? You're welcome"- Pvt. W. MCcoy


C.M.'s holding off covenant at a refinery during operation "Tip of the spear"

Ashley ME3 Character Shot

Marissa Falconi, works as researcher for Reach's agriculture business

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