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Military career




Petty Officer 3rd Class



Born in 2511 into a somewhat wealthy farm family Alex had spent his time tinkering with the safer farm equipment.At age 6 in the year 2517 he was kidnapped by ONI and replaced with a clone like many other children who were put in the Spartan II program. During the training process he'd met Daisy-023 and her friend Ralph, he even tried to talk them out of escaping for their sake.After receiving his first set of combat armor he went on numerous field ops

Alex's first armor set

In the year 2525 the Spartan II's received their MJOLNIR armor from Chi Ceti V and using it clearly increased effectiveness on the battlefield. After some adjustments Alex was enjoying the improvements along with the given A.I. named Mia.
Starship troopers invasion1

Alex's MJOLNIR armor with his personal inscription the chest reading "Hero" what Spartans were supposed to be and are to the public

2552: Alex was injured on Reach during the Covenant's final push against defending forces and was taken to a shuttle and placed in cryo for treatment similar to Linda-058 but sent immediately to Earth. He was kept in stasis through the rest of the war.

In the year 2555 He was brought out of cryo in stable condition.The military decided to request him for the new Spartan IV program and he did appreciate that and gladly accepted." I figure this is a way for us experts to teach the new bloods how to be true Spartans". Set up with new equipment and shiny new armor Alex-136 was ready for combat once again and served aboard the UNSC Infinity in 2556.He died 2575 due to a severe wound in combat.


Alex's new set of armor from the Spartan IV program


"Mia" an A.I. named after Alex's mother at Dr. Halsey's request for his efficiency in service

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