Angelica Frost

aka Crystalie

  • I live in In the Philippines
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is Writter, Music Analyst
  • I am Stomping Keyboards with MAGIEEK
Angelica Frost
Height 5"11
Weight 63kg
Blood Type AB+
Nationality Filipino
Birthplace Makati
Religion Catholic
Occupation Student
Personal Website Classified

Fall of Kobol

Fall of Kobol

Fall of Kobol, we remember it was like Reach. Only a little bigger than Reach. I've done a little mixup with Photoshop to make this.

Cquote1 So Say we all! Cquote2

About me

Hello there <insert name here>, do you still want to have a cup of tea? Or bed?

Cquote1 The words " Help ", " I need help " and " You need help? " is probably the common words I have read, seen or heard from other people. But it is like to be used when you need help to someone for your article or you wish to help someone for their article. Cquote2
— Angelica Frost

Well, don't expect me to say something better. Although, I tried to widen my imagination and expect to create more. But uhm, even I have some knowledge about Halo. I still need to read more about the storyline and how does it starts and how does it end. Still reading lots of lots of books about halo. Or, playing games of Halo. Maybe. x3


  • Ponies
  • War
  • Halo
  • Cute Cats! ^^
  • A lot of stuff.
Angelica Frost
Angelica Frost - Donating my love to you.:
TALK - Saturday, July 4 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
These are the contributions or articles I've made on Halo-Fanon. Though, some are not the best articles you have read so far. You can try giving me ideas how to make them better. Such as having canonical problems, lack of informations, twists and other problems that you might expect on my articles. Anyways. Feel free to look!


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