Anakin Nakamura

Jenkins S115 SII

President Angel

Gender Male
Height 178 cm
Nationality Aboriginal Canadian
Birthplace Ontario, Canada
Speciality Writing
  • Original stories
  • FanFiction
Rank on Wiki The Eclipse Empire Wiki
  • Bureaucrat
  • Founder

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Gamertag Anakin Nakamura
Other Usernames Jenkins the Editor
"I'm just an Anti-Social Hermit."
―Jesse describing himself

Hello there! I am Jesse Spade Loon, I mainly go by the persona Anakin Nakamura. I'm an Aboriginal Canadian who lives in Canada, should be obvious, with my mother. I also live with my sister, little sister, baby sister, little brother, nephew, niece and my mom's... I don't know what to call him, calling him her boyfriend is far from what they actually are. And no, I'm not saying they are married either. Actually come to think of it, rarely any Aboriginals in Canada actually marry each other, its all just relationships than marriage. But not me, I don't really wanna follow the way my fellow Aboriginals; having kids before marriage? No, that's not me. I wanna be married first before that, heh all my sisters laughed when I told them that. It was actually funny just saying it again.

Anyways that's enough of me, you know me, and I don't know you yet but hopefully we will get to each other and call ourselves; A friend of one another. Down below will be a list of all my works. Stories included.


This is a list of all my works. Both original and fan-fiction.

Works in regular text are finished.
Italic are unreleased works.
Bold means they are in-progress/in-production/currently on-going.
Italic bold are planned.
Struck through are deleted/cancelled works.
This list is also under active construction.


  • Eclipse Universe
    • Rise of an Angel
    • Eclipse Federation: Rise of an Angel
    • Uriah Varanee: First Contact
    • Mary Anderson: Fleet Admiral
    • Eclipse Civil War: Voices of Hoxes (Non-canon)
    • Time Paradox of Falls (Non-canon)
  • Blake
  • Earth Universe
    • Infected: An Earth Universe Short-Story
    • The Battle of Earth
    • Earth: Prologue
    • Earth Episode I: Civil War
    • Earth: Vengeance
    • Conquest series
      • Conquest: An Earth Origins Story
      • Conquest: Infection
  • Nuclear Winter
  • Guardians: Commander Canada
  • Age of the Soviet Union
  • Dawn of the Japanese Throne
  • Fall of the United States
  • Canada Rising
  • The Afterlife


  • San Andreas: Criminal Underworld
  • Butler series
    • Butler of Belladonna
    • Butler of Xiao Long
    • Butler of Schnee
    • Butler of Rose
  • RWBY Wars Saga
    • RWBY Wars: Episode I The Apparition Menace
    • RWBY Wars: Episode II Attack of the Androids
    • RWBY Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Grimm
    • RWBY Wars: Episode IV A New Rose
    • RWBY Wars: Episode V The Atlesian Strikes Back
    • RWBY Wars: Episode VI Return of the Huntsmen
    • RWBY Wars: Episode VII The Aura Awakens
    • RWBY Wars: Episode VIII The Last Huntress
  • Imperial series
    • RWBY: Arrival of the Imperial Order
    • RWBY: Revenge of the Rose
    • Untold Stories
      • RWBY: Emerald
      • RWBY: Torchwick
  • RWBY II: The Covenant Strikes Back
  • Halo Avengers: Revenge of the Terminators
  • Varanee
  • Clash of Worlds
  • Star Wars: Alliance Civil War
  • Ascension of an Apprentice
  • Nrahom-verse
  • RWBY: The New Empire: Jek 'Nrahom
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