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Factions in the Revenant Era
Alliance of United Races

United Earth Government/UNSC | Sangheili Republic/Swords of Sanghelios | The Freeholds | The Warbound | The Veiled Dominion | Frontier League | Independent Yonhet States

Covenant Successors

Storm Covenant | Covenant Remnant | Servants of Abiding Truth

Confederacy of Former Covenant States

The Demiurge | Jiralhanae Kingdoms | Kig-Yar Union | The Hegemony | Covenant of Blood | Tzxyzyl Hives | Empire of Koroku | Thuria Ascendancy



Yanme'e Hives | The Syndicate | The Obsidian Circle | New Colonial Alliance | The Banished | Apostles of Might | Velkara Cartel | Svinir War Guilds | Haarzon Sellswords | Frynda Red Consortium | Iron Olchior Sovereignty | Commonwealth of Sobiri and Kolda | Belcoth Coalition


Forerunner Empire | The Flood

Campaigns and battles in the Revenant Era
Human-Covenant War

Battle of Harvest • Battle of Reach • Battle of Earth • Battle of the Ark

Second Insurrection

Sangheili Civil War

Storm Insurgency

First Battle of Requiem • Battle of Installation 03 • Attack on New Phoenix • Second Battle of Requiem • Battle of Corvus • Battle of Ealen IV • Battle of Oban • Battle of Aktis IV • Battle of Rise • Search for the Absolute Record • Operation: PRIZEFIGHT • Battle of Hesduros • Battle of Sanghelios • Battle of Sunaion • Search for the Traveller

Oriana Rebellion

Remnant War

Conquest of Greenwell • Conquest of Aranal • Conquest of Castellum • Battle of Sacred Fealty • Operation: DEFIANT STARBattle of Crowe's Landing • Last Stand at Sastaras • The Pirate Wars • Tribal Campaign • First Battle of Mannheim • Battle of Glorious Light • First Battle of Akuze • Operation: RESOLUTE HAND • Battle of Blessed Grace • Second Battle of Mannheim • Operation: STONE HAMMER • Battle of Maskiv • Battle of Kanna • Battle of Vespera • Operation: WARDOG • Battle of Tul'argom • Second Battle of Akuze • Battle of Sheltered Sanctum • Operation: WILDFIRE

New Corinth Uprisings

The Information War

War of the Triumvirate

Frontier War

Union Clan Wars

Wolfbane Crisis

Demiurge Conflict

First War Of The Confederacy

Volga Rebellion

War of Kings

Second War Of The Confederacy

Revenant War

Revenant Era Stories

Crimson Team

Crimson: The Professionals | Crimson: The Watchdogs | Crimson: The Betrayed | Crimson: The Thunderbolts

Blackjack Company

Blackjack: Do Or Die | Blackjack: The Trials | Blackjack: Fallen Angels

Blood Of Brothers

Crusader's Curse

The Tyraxiad


Ryuko: Unbreakable | Ryuko: Unstoppable | Ryuko: Undying | Ryuko: Unforgiven

Bound by War

Storm War

Remnant War

War of the Confederacy

One Shots


{{Revenant Characters}}


{{Revenant UNSC}} {{UNSC Characters}}

Individual and Crew Served Weaponry of the UNSCDF


M6L Personal Defence Weapon System | M57 Pistol | M98 Compact | M19 Modular Pistol | MK50 Pistol

Submachine Guns

M20A Submachine Gun | M12 Special Operations Carbine | M8Z Submachine Gun

Assault Rifles, Carbines, and Battle Rifles

MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System | M2A Carbine | VK Commando | M81 Special Purpose Carbine | M55C Enhanced Battle Rifle

Designated Marksman Rifles

M396 Designated Marksman Rifle | M97 Special Purpose Rifle | M113 Special Purpose Rifle

Machine Guns

MA6L Individual Automatic Rifle | M739C Squad Automatic Weapon | M122 Light Machine Gun

M247B2 General Purpose Machine Gun | M247D Medium Machine Gun | M247H2 Heavy Machine Gun

AIE-486K1 Heavy Machine Gun | M343A3 Heavy Machine Gun | M780 Special Purpose Machine Gun

Sniper Rifles

M22 Scout Rifle System | M818D Enhanced Modular Sniper Rifle System | M1091 Sniper Rifle System | Sniper Rifle System 99G-S6 Anti-Materiel | M99CA1 Special Application Scoped Rifle | M133 Precision Anti-Materiel Energy Weapon System


M45F Close Assault Weapon System | M108A1 Close Assault Weapon System | M48 Combat Shotgun | M77 Extreme Close Quarters Combat System

Energy Weapons

Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6B Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle | MX4 Light Support Weapon | M921 ARC

Non-Lethal Weapon

M2 Threat-Negation Device | MX9 Pulsed Energy Projectile System | M39 Long Range Tranquillizer Rifle


M41B2 Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon | M899 Light Anti Armour Weapon | M57 Light Multipurpose Assault Weapon | M1 Multiple Launch Rocket System | M25 Underslung Rocket Launcher | VKR 56 'Spear' 80mm Recoilless Rifle | VKR 77 105 Recoilless Rifle

Grenade Launchers

M319N Individual Grenade Launcher | M23 Multiple Grenade Launcher | M363B RPD | M460C Automatic Grenade Launcher | M556 Counter Defilade Grenade Launcher | M24 Underslung Grenade Launcher | M26 Grenade Launcher Module


M71 Mortar | M78 Mortar | M81 Mortar


M117 Light-Weight Field Howitzer

Sentry Guns

M55 GUARD DOG Sentry Gun | M601 GARGOYLE Sentry Gun


M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade | M2 Anti-Materiel Grenade | M70 Flash Bang Grenade | M43 Smoke Grenade

Anti-Personnel and Anti-Armour Mines

M320 Anti-Tank Mine | M341 Anti-Tank Mine | M362 Anti-Tank Mine | M121 Bounding Anti-Personnel Mine | M127 Anti-Personnel Mine

Explosive Devices

C-7 Foaming Explosive | C-13 Gertex | C-14 Plastic Explosive | C-15 Liquid Explosive | M303 Thermite Cord | M311 Detonation Cord | M382 Special Munition Attack Charge (Kinetic) | M390 Breaching Charge | M394 Clearance Charge | M404 Special Lightweight Attack Munition | M366 Demolition Charge | M376 Satchel Charge | M379 Explosive Pack

Warships of the UNSCDF Navy

Stealth Vessels
Minerva-class Prowler | Cerberus-class Strike Prowler | Obsidian-class Heavy Prowler | Reckoning-class Attack Prowler | Scáthach-class Command Prowler | Nyx-class Sloop | Auriga-class Light Prowler | Crux-class Sub-Prowler

Light Craft

Raven-class Assault Shuttle | Comet-class Fast Attack Craft | Wyvren-class Light Corvette | Durham-class Corvette | Oscarborg-class Missile Corvette | Uhlan-class Fast Attack Corvette | Romulus-class Heavy Corvette | Saint Elisa-class Cutter | Nemesis-class Sloop | Kékes-class Minelayer | Elbe-class Mine Countermeasure Ship


Vanguard-class Light Frigate | Rivia-class Frigate | Griffin-class Frigate | Heimdall-class Frigate | Jaeger-class Frigate | Helios-class Heavy Frigate | Saint-Étienne-class Heavy Frigate | Ronin-class Stealth Frigate


Oberon-class Light Destroyer | Indra-class Destroyer | Platinum-class Destroyer | Centurion-class Hunter-Killer Destroyer | Revanchist-class Picket Destroyer | Ferrus-class Heavy Destroyer | Raijin-class Escort Destroyer | Tyne-class Command Destroyer


Artemis-class Scout Cruiser | Tempest-class Light Cruiser | Valkyrie-class Light Cruiser | Chieftain-class Light Cruiser Thermopylae-class Cruiser | Delphinus-class Cruiser | Cannae-class Cruiser | Sentinel-class Anti-Aircraft Cruiser | Victoria-class Heavy Cruiser | Reach-class Heavy Cruiser | Athena-class Command Cruiser | Talion-class Battlecruiser | Keyes-class Battlecruiser | Andraste-class Strike Cruiser | Bishamonten-class Assault Cruiser


Endeavour-class Assault Ship | Iskander-class Light Carrier | Rhodes-class Escort Carrier | Alexandria-class Escort Carrier | Argo-class Assault Carrier | Astraeus-class Support Carrier | Bastion-class Carrier | Odin-class Carrier | Marduk-class Carrier | Damocles-class Heavy Carrier | Pendragon-class Super Carrier | Sol-class Command Carrier


Cavalier-class Fast Battleship | Kataphrakt-class Battleship | Archangel-class Arsenal Ship | Titan-class Dreadnought | Ragnarök-class Dreadnaught

Special Vessels

Hyperion-class Drone Ship | Hellfire-class Drone Ship | Strangeways-class Fleet Escort

Troop Transports

Briareos-class Troop Carrier | Campbeltown-class High-Speed Troop Transport | Bellerophon-class Landing Craft (Utility) | Kirin-class Landing Craft (Mechanized)

Supply Vessels

Diomedes-class Combat Supply Ship | Baikal-class Replenishment Vessel | Motosu-class Ammunition Vessel | Torrens-class Refueller | Lesotho-class Depot Ship | Hecate-class Tender

Support Vessels

Bright-class Fleet Support Ship | Jupiter-class Command Ship | Arcadia-class Communication Relay Ship | Heligoland-class Satellite Launcher | Chaldea-class Tracking Ship | Foxwood-class Observation Vessel | Corvinus-class Courier


Demeter-class Agriculture Ship | Davao-class Mobile Powerplant | Wayfinder-class Buoy Tender | Maastrict-class Buoy Tender | Ysionris Jeromi-class Hospital Ship | Vulcan-class Repair Ship | Virve Tamm-class Auxiliary Repair Dock | Van Zandt-class Rescue and Salvage Ship | Lucilla Battaglia-class Construction Vessel | Gigantes-class Tug | Eckhart-class Intrasystem Hauler

Transport Ships

Vindolanda-class Light Freighter | Antaris-class Freighter | Atlas-class Cargo Ship | Cotopaxi-class Mass Transporter | Haverlock-class Lighter | Exile-class Armed Transport | Endymion-class Fleet Transport | Georgios-class High Endurance Transport | Ebon-class Fast Transport Ship

Colonisation and Exploration Ships

Aether-class Science Vessel | Dawn-class Exploration Vessel | Luna-class Research Vessel | Anong Wattana-class Survey Ship | Odysseus-class Colony Ship | Horizon-class Colony Support Ship

Mobile Battle Station

UNSC Lord Hood

Orbital Stations

Springville-class Orbital Defence Platform | Atlantic-class Orbital Defence Platform | Karaba-class Defence Platform | Reliant-class service, repair, and refit station | Clyde-class build-and-repair station | Stedman-class Supply Platform | Montreux-class Personnel Platform | Fairchild-class Medical Platform | Maginus-class Observation Station | Waypoint-class Outpost Station | Kepler-class Research Station | Kongming-class Starbase | Starhaul-class Skyhook | Albion-class Colony Platform

Ground Vehicles of the UNSC

Scorpion & Variants
Heavy Tanks
Warthog Knight FAV family

Warthog FAV | Warthog Knight LRV | Gauss Hog LAAV | Rocket Hog LAAV | Guard Hog Crusader | Warthog Assassin RAV | Razorback LTV

Warthog Troop Transport | Tread Hog DTV | Warthog Medical Vehicle | Warthog Ammunition Carrier | Spark Hog MEWS | Fire Hog CB-RADAR| Warthog Recovery Vehicle | Warthog Flatbed Truck | Comm Hog | FIST Hog | FAC Hog | Storm Hog | Heat Hog

Unified Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle
Rapid Armoured Carrier

Sidewinder RGC | Adder RRV | Viper RPC | Rattlesnake RAD | Python RATV | Boa RMV | Anaconda MCV | Asp RAV

Personnel Carriers

Pangolin JPV | Echidna JSV | Hedgehog JMV | Saiga FOV | Armadillo PTT | Porcupine MRTT

Mastodon APC | Mastiff ISV

Bison APC | Bison Ambulance | Bison Command Vehicle | Bison Repair Vehicle

Crocodile IFV | Crocodile Command Vehicle | Crocodile Recovery Vehicle

Springbok APC | Oryx MICV | M480 Oryx Battle Command Vehicle | M482 Oryx Engineering Support Vehicle | M483 Oryx Fire Support Vehicle | Aardwolf ADS | Hyena CSV | Wildcat FCV

Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Cougar AFV | Pallas AMC | Cheetah LAAD | Margay MAV

Lynx F-AFV

Utility Vehicles

Mongoose ATV | Momgoose HATV | Gungoose ATV | Meerkat LATV | Jackrabbit LSV | Fennec LSV | Fox SRTV

Tapir LSV | Antelope MSV | Buffalo ETT | Impala HTT | Yak HTU | Ox HVT | M808 Mule Unified Payload Transporter | Wildebeast SHSV

Tenrec ASV | Muskrat HASV

Otter ATAV | Beaver HATAV

Sika HSV | Sambar RSV | Muskox AAC

Bobcat Command Vehicle | Tanuki DCV | Skunk CBFOS | Badger ASRS

Gopher ACT | Serow HBV | Platypus PS

M63 Okapi LTC | M77 Giraffe HDCU

Ibex MPTV | Snow Cat AT | Snow Leopard HAT | M903 Goanna Heavy Duty Rig | | Rover EEV | Ranger LEEV

T-31 Aircraft Tug | R-12 Motorised Cart | S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter | VC-81 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicle


Moa LRW | Gyges ATLL | Wolf ATAAS | Mule Cargo Loader | Cyclops HAS | Mantis ADS | Colossus ADS | Talos ABS

Artillery and Anti-Air

Wolverine SPAAA | Genet MRAAD | Aardvark HAAD | Sun Bear C-RAM

Axis HELL | Diamondback MADS |

Addax AMC | Bombardier SPMA | Kodiak Heavy Artillery

Firefly MLRS | Racoon HIMARS | Fossa BMS | Dhole SSMS | Mammoth MAAWPS/UH

Elephant and variants

List of air and space craft of the UNSCDF

Light Fighter

F-41C Broadsword | F-67 Kukri

Medium Fighter

F-218D Super Sabre | F-218E Star Sabre | F-290A Cutlass | FA-365 Francisca | EF-365 Sagaris | F-298 Stiletto

Heavy Fighters

F-406 Katana | F/E-406 Wakizashi | F/I-522 Claymore

Atmospheric Fighters

F/A-110 Axe | E/A-110 Hatchet | F-130 Karambit

Bombers and Interdictors

B-65E Shortsword | ALB-65F Gladius | B-65S Shadowsword | I/B-660 Glaive | IA-309 Falchion

Gunships and Scouts

AV-49 Wasp | MV-14F Super Hornet | AV-22D Sparrowhawk | F/AV-77 Raptor

OV-90 Nightjar | OD-237 Tern scout

Dropships and VTOLs

UD-83A Merlin | MD-83B Merlin Direct Action Penetrator | HD-83H Rescue Merlin | OD-83C Merlin Scout

UV-144D Falcon | MV-144E War Falcon | UV-37 Rook | MV-37S Crow | MV-37E Magpie | MV-37M Sea Raven | EV-44 Nightingale

D-79I Pelican | AD-79J Super Pelican | MD-79L Gannet | HD-79V Skua | ED-79M Pave Pelican | MD-79M Sea Pelican | ED-79E Pelican AEW | MD-79P Mockingbird | MD-80A1 Osprey

MD-67 Cormorant | MV-13 Owl | UV-66 Quetzal

D-81 Condor | AD-81 Condor Gunship | ED-81 Scout Condor | MD-81 Stealth Condor

D-3 Petrel | MD-3 Storm Petrel | AD-3 Buzzard Gunship

VD-67 Peregrine


US-48 Crane Lighter | CS-89 Egret shuttle

C-57 Robin | C-209 Lark | C-255 Shearwater

C-668 Cardinal | C-385 Dove

CD-92 Darter | CD-20 Heron | CD-44 Auk | CD-45 Super Auk | CD-1023 Puffin

Reconnaissance, Search and Rescue, Patrol, and Air Control

RE-361 Estoc | R-103 Oriole | OR-98 Screamer

EP-909 Spatha | E-456 Xiphos | E-457 Kopis

HD-58 Misericorde | HD-331 Seax

Amphibious Aircraft

UW-65 Mallard | CW-67 Goose | HW-68 Swan | PW-69 Loon (boat plane)


KD-3 Petrel Tanker | KD-44 Talwar

Escape Shuttles

Class-7 Light Escape Shuttle | Class-9 Medium Escape Shuttle | Class-12 Heavy Escape Shuttle


T-66 Falx | T-102 Tanto | TD-114 Frigatebird | TD-55 Booby | F-108 Rondel

Drones of the UNSC
Unmanned Ground Vehicles


M11 Redeye Hyper-Agile Reconassiance Drone | M68 Makepeace Small Reconassiance Unit | M72 Sprinter Small Unmanned Vehicle | M12 Seeker Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle | M34 Maverick Legged Reconnaissance System | M68 Vanguard Autonomous Patrol Platform | M666 Hades Mobile Landmine


M22C Siegfried Modular Armed Robotic System | M91 Reaver Modular Armed Legged System | M490 Atlas Hazardous Material Disposal System


M51 Cavall Legged Squad Support System | M70 Reisig Multifunction Unmanned Support System | M840 Arsalan Fire Fighting Drone


M450 Hellhound Automated Weapons Platform | M16A5 Venom Mobile Unmanned Combat System | M774 Barghest Heavy Modular Platform | M309 Kämpfer Autonomous Armoured Vehicle | M989 highlander Autonomous Logistics System | M331 Krios Robotic Mine Clearance System | M234 Titan Hazardous Environment System


M20 Badger Automated Multifunction Drone | M21F Ratel Automated Infantry Unit

Unmanned Air Vehicles


RQ-3 Peregrine | MQ-96 Kite Support Drone | RQ-56 Wren | A/RQ-40 Gnat Grenade-Launched Support Drone | M282 Hummingbird Micro Reconnaissance Drone | MQ-460 Virgil Multipurpose Exploration Drone | MQ-98 Remote Presence System


MQ-34B Harrier | AQ-21 Kestrel | MQ-44 Eagle | AQ-606 Killer Bee | RQ-78 Kingfisher | MQ-22 Dragonfly Multi-Purpose Utility Platform | RQ-90 Damselfly Cannon-Launched Support Drone


RQ-4 Shamshir | RQ-98 Booby | MQ-29 Halberd | RQ-95 Shotel | RQ-55 Rapier | RQ-104 Kilij | RQ-120 Partisan


MQ-71 Switchblade | MQ-19 Rondel | AQ-687 Shrike Anti-RADAR attack drone | ELQ-441 Snipe Counter-Drone System | MQ-90 Bayonet | FQ-99C Scimitar | FQ-21 Kunai


EQ-75 Thrasher | KQ-510 Bustard | CQ-818 Grouse

Equipment and Technology of the UNSC

Armour Systems

M4A2 Body Armour | M6B SOBA | M7 OGRe | M19 HazOp Armour | M26 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Armour | M11 Stealth Suit | M37 Pressure Suit

Advanced Combat Engagement System | ARES



Camouflage Technology

Nanotech Polymers | Camouflage Cloak Mark II | 2606 Thermal Optical Camouflage

Augmentation and Cybernetics

Bio-Tech Force Enhancement | Cybernetic Augmentation | Thunderbolt Initiative | Project EINHERJAR | Project VARANGIAN | Project Spartoi | Project DIRAE UNSC Spartans

Warship Technology

Shaw-Fujikawa Model 52 | Plasma Fusion Drive | Decoy Launcher | AN/SLQ-1011 PAVE FAITH | Slipspace Scrambler Installation | Ship Boring Umbilical Laser | High Orbit Precision Entry | Starship Weaponry | ADIS

Space and Aircraft Technology

BELLIGERENT | Gunpod Technology | Hardpoint Systems | X-13 Series | SUBTERFUGE | DECEPTION | Area Defence and Interception System | Vehicle Weaponry | FAI


SOL Laser Satellite | HELIOS Satellite

Ground Vehicle Technology

M980 WAO/AM DW | CARAPACE DAPS | ADIS System | REBOUND | NOCTURNAL | BLINDER | Artillery Fire Control System | PALADIN Weapon Station | NEMESIS | AN/VLQ-1010 PAVE HOPE | Vehicle Weaponry

Stationary Weapons

Mk, 2588 Trebuchet MAC | M388B Hecatoncheires ADS | M389A Briareos ADS | M8A2 Wolf Spider ADS

Mobile Equipment/Weapons


Infantry Equipment


Misriah Rails | SWORDS | Radio Pack | Communication Pack | Battle Dress Utilities | LAIRD | RATS

Defuser | M-1126 Explosives Installation Tool

Ghost | Electronic Engagement System | Cybernetic Attack System | PAVE ROOK Sensor | SPHINX System | M35 Beacon

Mobile Equipment

B-68 Command Post | Type-D Resupply Canister

Medical Technology

Biofoam | Adrenal Booster | MethAmp | Reflex Enhancer | K-Boost

Artificial Intelligence and Computing UNSC Battle Network | Artificial Intelligence (Necros) | Thirteenth Generation A.I.s | Project Erinyes | Liquid State Electronics | Cyberwarfare

Melee Weaponry of the UNSCDF


{{Revenant USR}} {{USR Characters}}

Weapons of the USR

Energy Rifles

Plasma Rifle | Plasma Repeater | Storm Rifle | Concussion Rifle

Kinetic Rifles

Needler | Carbine | Needle Rifle | Needler Shotgun


Plasma Pistol | Nail Gun | Fuel Rod Burster

Heavy Weapons

Plasma Caster | Fuel Rod Gun | Plasma Launcher | Needler Cannon | Assault Cannon

Sniper Rifles

Beam Rifle | Focus Rifle | Fuel Rod Rifle

Support Weapons

Plasma Cannon | Plasma Mortar | Plasma Flamer


Plasma Grenade | Fusion Grenade | Electricity Grenade

Melee Weapons

Energy Sword | Energy Greatsword | Curveblade

Energy Garrote | Energy Dagger | Tactical Knife

Energy Pike | Energy Spear | Energy Glaive | Energy Halberd | Type-34 Energy Weapon/Lance


Anti Matter Charge | 'Bouncing Betty' | 'Jumping Jack'

Warships of the Swords of Sangehelios

Corvettes and Escorts

Vigilant-class Stealth Corvette | Messenger-class Light Corvette | Fortune-class Caravel | Trapper-class Palisade Corvette | Venerable-class Brig | Predator-class Storm Cutter| | Empyrean-class Wrath Cutter | Judgement-class Man O' War | Endeavour-class Escort | Victory-class Fast Corvette | Blade-class Battle Corvette | Templar-class Heavy Corvette | Prosecutor-class Blockade Runner


Redoubt-class Bulwark Destroyer | Guardian-class Destroyer | Avenger-class Heavy DestroyerVengeance-class Heavy Destroyer


Hunter-class Light Cruiser | Penance-class Cruiser | Sanctifier-class Support Cruiser | Renown-class Torpedo Cruiser | Retribution-class Battlecruiser | Resilience-class Armoured Cruiser | Foebane-class Interdictor Cruiser | Reverence-class Grand CruiserTenet-class Grand Cruiser | Relentless-class Heavy Cruiser | Repulse-class War Cruiser | Absolution-class Carrack | Honour-class Galleon | Citadel-class Siege Cruiser


Storm-class Light Carrier | Shepherd-class Escort Carrier | Dominator-class Carrier | Warspite-class Battle Carrier | Venerator-class Assault CarrierInheritor-class Assault Carrier | Crusader-class Brigantine | Lord Urs-class Super Carrier


Valour-class Fast Battleship | Aggressor-class Battleship | Sanghelios-class Dreadnaught

Support Ships

Devotion-class Transport | Arrow-class War-Freighter | Adjudicator-class Combat Supply Ship | Crucible-class Forge Ship | Journeyman-class Stellar Corvette | Foundry-class Repair Ship | Bountiful-class Support Ship

Vehicles of the Swords of Sangehelios


Wraith AGC | Poltergeist MBT | Geist AIT | Demon HWP


Eidolon Assault Exoskeleton | Locust LE/AFP | Scarab UHAP | Tarantula UHAPC | Firefly UHASP | Harvester UHSE/E

Light Armour

Ghost RAV | Fiend LRV | Revenant LAGC | Dybbuk MAV | Spectre ISV | Wight CCV-L | Kasha LAAV

Artillery Vehicles

Wraith AAA | Catsith CADV | Kirin | Dullahan SPHA


Shadow TT | Anima IFV | Imp APC | Kodama LT |

Command Vehicles

Efreet SHCL | Gallu HCL

Support Vehicles

Incubus ARRV | Drude AOCV | Kobold MLV | Ant CAW | Yaksha CBV | Erlking EIV | Kamuy CRV

Spriggan CSV | Xana MT | Dryad HT | Ghoul HBT | Wisp Personal Transport

Aquatic Vehicles

Selkie RT | Kelpie PT | Melusin LS | Umibozu-class Corvette |

Air and Spacecraft of the Swords of Sangehelios


Type-31 Seraph | Type-26 Gigas Fighter-Bomber | Type-45 Tarasque Heavy Fighter | Type-66 Tengu | Type-65 Ophan | Type-67 Grigori | Type-71 Nue

Attack Craft

Type-62 Jinn | Type-63 Archangel | Type-64 Malakhim

Support Craft

Type-61 Cacodemon | Type-59 Kappa

Ground Support Craft

Type-54 Banshee | A-64 Yűrei


Type-67 Spook | Type-57 Spirit

Type-57 Phantom Dropship | Type-57 Phantom Gunship | Type-57 True Phantom | Type-57 Black Phantom

Type-56A Lich | Type-32 Apparition | Asura-class Assault Shuttle


Drop pods

Type-55 IBC | Type-55 SBC | Type-54 MDC

Aerial Fortresses

Kraken-class Ultra-Heavy Siege Tower | Orochi Ultra-Heavy Occupation Tower | Ziz Heavy Air Carrier | Roc Heavy Defence Platform

Wave Skimmers

Storm Covenant

{{Storm Ships}} {{Storm Craft}} {{Storm Weapons}} {{Storm Vehicles}} {{Storm Tech}}

Covenant Remnant

{{Remnant Ships}} {{Remnant Craft}} {{Remnant Weapons}} {{Remnant Vehicles}} {{Remnant Tech}}

Veiled Dominion

{{Dominion Ships}} {{Dominion Craft}} {{Dominion Weapons}} {{Dominion Vehicles}} {{Dominion Tech}}


{{Warbound Ships}} {{Warbound Craft}} {{Warbound Weapons}} {{Warbound Vehicles}} {{Warbound Tech}}


{{Freeholds Ships}} {{Freeholds Craft}} {{Freeholds Weapons}} {{Freeholds Vehicles}} {{Freeholds Tech}}

Frontier League

{{Frontier Ships}} {{Frontier Craft}} {{Frontier Weapons}} {{Frontier Vehicles}} {{Frontier Tech}}


{{Demiurge Ships}} {{Demiurge Craft}} {{Demiurge Weapons}} {{Demiurge Vehicles}} {{Demiurge Tech}}

Jiralhanae Kingdoms

Warships of the Jiralhanae Kingdoms

Corvettes and Escorts

Stalker-class Light Corvette | Anguish-class Heavy Corvette | Rampage-class frigate


Antagonist-class Light Destroyer | Bellicose-class heavy destroyer


Woebringer-class | Dread-class battlecruiser | Onslaught-class Armoured Cruiser | Desolation-class heavy cruiser


Scourge-class Carrier | Conqueror-class Assault Carrier


Support Ships

{{Kingdoms Craft}} {{Kingdoms Weapons}} {{Kingdoms Vehicles}} {{Kingdoms Tech}}

Kig-Yar Union

{{Union Ships}} {{Union Craft}} {{Union Weapons}} {{Union Vehicles}} {{Union Tech}}

The Hegemony

{{Hegemony Ships}} {{Hegemony Craft}} {{Hegemony Weapons}} {{Hegemony Vehicles}} {{Hegemony Tech}}

Covenant of Blood

{{Blood Ships}} {{Blood Craft}} {{Blood Weapons}} {{Blood Vehicles}} {{Blood Tech}}

Tzxyzyl Hives

{{Hives Ships}} {{Hives Craft}} {{Hives Weapons}} {{Hives Vehicles}} {{Hives Tech}}

Empire of Koroku

{{Empire Ships}} {{Empire Craft}} {{Empire Weapons}} {{Empire Vehicles}} {{Empire Tech}}

Thuria Ascendancy

{{Revenant Ascendancy}} {{Ascendancy Characters}} {{Ascendancy Tech}}


AUR units of the Necros War
UNSC Marines 3rd Marine Regiment | 13th Infantry Regiment | 180th Urban Air Assault Regiment | 1st Special Service Force | 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur | 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade | 345th German Armored regiment | 7th Marine Expeditionary Force | Royal 22e Régiment | UNSCAF 3rd Special Operations Squadron|
UNSC Navy 1st Naval Armada | 77th Naval Squadron | 112th Naval Squadron | 79th Cruiser Squadron | Battlegroup Everest | Battlegroup Advent Children | Battlegroup Apophis | Battlegroup Essex | Battlegroup Shōkaku | Battlegroup Tenochtitlan | Transport Division Three

Miscellaneous Pieces of the Necros Project

Project Related
Project Portal | Necros Timeline | Necros War

37895-CT69 | Elixia


Terma Beetles | Arcturus Wolf | Sharquoi

Albi | Khalid | Rubra Rex

X14 | Thermopylae Server | Camp Sparta

Type-2 Gravity Scimitar | Type-19 Teleportation Device

MIDAS Bomb | Pandora's Box | Redeemer

The Lexicon | The Crucible | The Matrix | The Cypher

Yanme'e Hives
Palamok-class Hive Ship | Berserker Assault Armor

Kig-Yar Pirates
Energy Shell | Type-36 Compact Projectile Launcher

The Reclaimer | The Redeemers | Revenant

Military Divisions
Marine Expeditionary Force | Marine Expeditionary Brigade | Marine Expeditionary Unit | Marine Assault Unit | Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Expeditionary Unit | Ranger Expeditionary Unit

Hadre-Karida Plan | Military Decorations | Rank Structure | UNSC Vocational Code System | AMG Ajax | Airbus A1023 | Boeing 905 | Marine Manual, 2616 Edition


Old Stuff

File:HFT2 File:Contact_Linna

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Ship Save

USS Newcastle: Centaur class (updated refit)

USS Tyne: Shi-Khar class

USS Dead Reckoning: Excalibur class

USS Dragoon: Sabre class

USS Enkidu: Quasar class

USS Bahamut: Oslo class

USS Halcyon: Hope class

USS Themis: Themis class (Dakota, Stargazer, Stargazer, Stargazer, Cheyenne, Stargazer)

USS Myrmidon: Gallant refit (electronic warfare refit)

USS Victoria: Discovery class

USS Archon: Galaxy class

USS Revenant: Prometheus class

USS Nemesis: Emissary class

USS Triton: Luna class w/ electronic warfare mission pod

USS Athena: Sovereign class

USS Artemis: Gryphon class



Upon the deliberations and consensus of the community, administrators, and bureaucrats, Ajax 013 has been officially recognized as a system operator and administrator as of November 4, 2007.

Eagle medal.png

On behalf of the Halo Fanon administration, Sonasaurus has awarded you the Eagle Superior Service Medal, in recognition of your long-term service at Halo Fanon as a site veteran.

Given on March 26, 2012, to Ajax 013.

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