"Aside from your intrusion breaking a dozen top-tier restriction levels, <insert name here>, forcibly bypassing me was rather rude. All you had to do was ask."
―Deep Winter grants access.

May as well be the contents of the Chancer V’s cargo hold. Your thoughts on anything and everything seen here are welcome on the talk page.

Articles To Consider for Nomination at the Awards

Be sure to keep an eye on every category - never know when an idea might strike!

Chancer V Story Ideas

  • Gavin recalls a time on Mamore when he lay pinned down by rubble in a foxhole, with a wounded UNSC Marine just feet away.
  • Redux of an RP Colin, Lancer, and I played out using Simon and Zoey. While handing off a cargo in the middle of a far-flung world desert, the crew are approached by a woman on horseback who claims to be the sheriff of a small local settlement, and asks if any of those present are good with a gun. Apparently, the settlement has recently been losing people to brutal animal attacks, and Gavin offers their help for next to no repayment. In reality, however, the problem is much more than a simple beast. A Jiralhanae, a Seraph pilot shot down during the war, has survived in the jungle and now hunts the human colonists. During the fight with it, Simon grows more bestial and falls back on his Stray persona to kill it.
  • In the weeks since the colony, Simon has become irrationally angry, and after one small-time bounty job, collapses in pain. Gavin gets him to Cassandra's clinic fast, and they realize Simon is succumbing to the need Gammas have for anti-psychotic injections. The only place that would have the proper injections needed to save Simon's life would be on a UNSC ship carrying Gamma Spartans, like the Infinity or Themistocles. While Cassandra and Bernard Dalathorn work to develop measures to cure him on their own, Gavin risks going aboard the Themistocles to steal a number of the booster shots, and meets a few UNSC familiars in doing so.
  • The Shadow Exchange: involving Judith Ives, Miranda Talavera, Donnell Guerin, Gavin Dunn, Cailean-378, among others.


Gamma Company

  • "Stay sharp, (Saber, Machete, Xiphos, etc.)." - Gamma Company aloha.
  • "Bleep" - Reference to Piers Anthony's Xanth novels. Used by DIs and passed on to recruits to keep them from learning real bad language.
    • "Beep" - Less harsh version.
  • "Plebes" - Ghosts of Onyx, page 115. "They just made up that stuff [about the Ghost of Onyx] to scare plebes."
  • "Twitchy" - Kelly referred to Team Saber as such. Use as insult/compliment from a II to a III.
  • "Nicked" - Ghosts of Onyx, page 309. "Sir, I think I got nicked."; "You better not nick my armor!"
  • "Oh, for Stacker's sake." — Switching out for Pete.
  • "Snag" - Used by S-IIs to refer to an unexpected problem, Mendez/Kurt would probably pass it on.
  • "Pulling a Machete" - Doing something downright unexpected and likely foolish, as per the screw-ups of Team Machete.
  • "Wired" - Excited, feeling prepared.
  • "Fragged" - Appropriate F-word for kids who grow up constantly scrimmaging with training weapons and grenades.
  • "Dropped the grenade on this one." - Dropped the ball, only worse, because the ball explodes.
  • "What crawled up your armor?" And died.
  • "Dork" - Used by one Gamma for another, Last Light.
  • "Stoked" - Ash, after taking a hit; describes feeling of brain augs giving him a kick, Last Light.


  • "Bloody Elisa!" - Civilian spacers' curse.
  • "Short the fuse out!" - Another curse.
  • "Bulkhead" - Insult, lunkhead.
  • "Greenhorn" - New and inexperienced spacer. A potential risk to the crew depending on him.
  • "the Big Cold" - space, the black, the void
  • "space the X!" - viable switch for "to hell with X!"
    • "Well the chart says..." "Space the charts!"

Thoughts to Pursue

  • Were I to write a Will-043 expansion, which I hesitate to do given I share my name with him, I think I would make his civilian born name Will Scarlet, after the famous companion of Robin Hood. Eesh, every time I consider an S-II expansion, so much detail has to go into it. It's akin to how incredibly legendary the Primarchs of 40K are.
  • In 2468, Harvest became the seventeenth established colony. By 2490, humanity had over 800 colonies. What the hell? Well, we know what to do. When there's inconsistencies, explain them. In 2470, the Argo-class light transport became the first slipspace-capable ship on the civilian market, resulting in an explosion of colonizations.
  • Colony Infobox
    • Astrogational Information
      • FLEETCOM Sector
      • Distance from Earth
      • System
      • Natural Satellites
    • Geophysical Information
      • Atmosphere
      • Native Species
    • Colonization Information
      • Species
      • Languages
      • Population Centers
      • Allegiance
  • Civilian Vac-Suit - Functions as radiation suit, capable of use in space or even underwater.
  • Expand Onyx for the purpose of making it a setting, like Ajax's Tyraxus Pack. Camp Currahee was on a peninsula, El Morro Point was likely a cliff at the end of that peninsula. Gregor Canyon was an onyx quarry that was likely depicted in the Birth of a Spartan trailer. Two Forks River was also a mentioned point of interest, and of course Zone 67 lay to the north.
  • Some sort of vehicle which was precursor to the Warthog, now used in limited backup roles by the UNSC and often sold as military surplus to civilian colonists for offroad vehicles. Perhaps "M10 Something LRV."
  • Human population and dispersal. At the start of the war, the total was around 40 billion human beings, and 800 or so colonies. Take away several billion clustered on Earth (7 today, but estimates of maximum capacity are around 8-10, we'll say 9) and .7 billion on Reach, and your average for the rest is just under 40 million per colony in 2511. Harvest, on the low end, had about 300,000. Inner Colonies like Skopje could be in the ballpark of 75 million.
  • Songs that need to exist, either find suitable ones or write myself:
    • A lullaby for Sepia's early life, among the stars.
    • A ballad for the Chancer V, something simple with one man and one guitar, something Gavin might play during a journey.
      • Potential lyrics: Faster than light; Take a chance;
  • Luminaries - The Covenant's device for finding Forerunner technology. From highest to lowest.
    • Reclamation-class: Best replication of the original on the Forerunner Dreadnought. Used only on fleet flagships and important scout vessels, and operated by Prophets skilled in their use.
    • Questor-class: Mid-level tool, standard for most ships in the Covenant navy and upper echelon ground forces.
    • Seeker-class: The basic required Luminary. Some ground unit commanders have an assistant carry these. The Minor Transgression carried a Seeker-class.
  • RP: Operation: JAILBREAK - A roleplay about Gamma Company's training days on Onyx. The majority of Gammas escape Camp Currahee into the wilderness of Onyx in a mass breakout, probably a reaction sparked by a period of particularly harsh training, but some recruits may genuinely want to desert. Currahee's staff of Drill Instructors organize a search to capture and bring the escapees back, making for conflict that can either be the intense result of deep-seated grudges, or simply a way for the over-pressured recruits to blow off steam by shooting TTR rounds at their instructors. Either way, the story serves to establish who the characters, particularly the Gamma children, were at this time, and set up plot lines and changes that we'll see in them again later on.
    • Two factions pitted against one another: the renegade members of Gamma Company, and the Drill Instructors and loyal/already captured recruits chasing after them. Both are equipped with TTR equipment. The renegade recruits may ditch their armor so the DIs can't paralyze them, but the decision is weighed against the suits' protection from the elements.
    • Even those without Gamma teams may participate by bringing in characters who could reasonably be there as temporary/visiting instructors. They'd have the opportunity to interact with the canon characters hidden in that little ONI covered-up corner of the universe, such as Kurt Ambrose, Franklin Mendez, Deep Winter, and Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091.
    • 330 candidates / 5 = 66 teams, and a Freelancer-esque leaderboard could be worked out. Saber, Gladius, and Katana should be near or on top, and Machete for one would go pretty near the bottom. Also may create a cohesive roster for Gamma Company site-wide, but that thought's more like wishful thinking.
    • If a user is inactive for a while (say 1-2 weeks), their rebelling characters are declared captured. If they wish to rejoin, they may do so by having their team reappear on the Drill Instructors' side.
    • While most of the Gammas may see it as fun, real danger is present and driving the DIs to make haste. The candidates may be straying dangerously close to Zone 67, and the rumors of the "Ghost of Onyx" are truer than most believe.
      • Team X-ray, whom some believed were killed by vengeful DIs, were actually killed by the "Ghost", which Ambrose would know. He hasn't figured out the planet's Forerunner (presence, origins? What's the right word?), but he is aware of the danger. Of course, no Gamma will learn the truth behind the planet, but it might not stop Onyx itself from effecting them.
  • Unggoy colony of Nezbawel (From Halo 3 Grunt quote, "Great Nipple of Nezbawel!").
  • New York City has a ratio of police to population of about 1:240. I need this because of reasons.
    • Time to work up to detective is 2-3 to up to 10-15 years in uniform as a patrol officer.
  • Reference Anne of Green Gables by having Morgan break a tablet over Dyne's head.
  • Nearest I can tell from comments made by Infinity crew, mostly Sarah Palmer, the area the SPARTANs onboard occupy is called the S-Deck. The abbreviation ought to be obvious. The large room with the armor-assembly devices is called the Armor Bay. S-Deck may also encompass the holographic training rooms and Spartan-exclusive quarters.
  • There seem to be two types of slipspace drive. One that translocates a three-dimensional volume through slipspace, a la Halo 2 and the huge plot device in Halo: Reach; and the Infinity's type, which opens a cut into subspace to allow a ship through the portal-like ends. The Infinity's is obviously much newer and near-instantaneous, being based on Forerunner tech that we see the Watchers using on Requiem to get around. Just think we should make the distinction between them, or there's an inconsistency that makes the method the Long Night of Solace was destroyed non-existent.
  • You know, I recall in the books that SPARTAN-II teams weren't permanent, just divided up and named (supposedly) randomly, often with John leading Blue, someone leading Red, and Kurt . . . Ghosts of Onyx, page 33, "Chief Mendez had routinely given [Kurt] command of Green Team during training exercises, and Kurt had often won when facing John's Blue Team." The general consensus here seems to be that the three-person groups from the first day were permanent teams, and that's not likely about to change. Just noticing a trend.
  • So I'm studying psychology and re-reading LL's blog, and realize that the same parts of the frontal lobe that control aggression which were modified in Gamma Company also have to do with pleasure. So . . . SPARTANs have good sex?
    • Mock the hell out of this sometime. Probably through Deep Winter and Erin talking about Dyne and Morgana.


Always Wanted to Try

"You'll have to stay here until she's awake." The dark-haired nurse, actually a fellow Spartan trainee no older than Darrick's twelve, turned on her heels and disappeared down the row of beds lining the walls of Camp Currahee's expansive hospital, nose buried in her data tablet. Self-consciously idle, he shifted over to an empty bench and started wondering how many problems the camp's planners had expected when they designed the medical center so large.

"She won't take long." A cheerful voice called, snapping Darrick upright. Glancing across the bay, he found a pair of brown-haired boys—one large, one small—staring at him from adjacent hospital beds.


"Your teammate," the larger one explained. "The one who got hurt? She drank a ton of the juice they give you here. She won't sleep more than an hour."

"Thanks." Darrick mumbled, trying to remember their names or figure out an answer that wouldn't include them. Scanning for clues, he noticed each had a thick, blunt cast enveloping their right hands. "What happened to you two?"

"Another of Dyne's ideas." The larger—Kodiak, that was it—dropped his gaze, mouth stretching wide in a half-grimace. "We... did something we'd been talking about since they briefed us on the augmentations. A Spartan high-five."

Darrick lifted an eyebrow and made a double-take of their casts. "Like... full-power Spartan high-five?"

"Yeah." Kodiak answered. "In the pro column, we were deaf almost until they got us here."

"And in the cons?"

"Severe bruising, broken bones, torn ligaments..." Kodiak gestured with his cast as he listed, then halted when he noticed his partner's almost deranged chuckling. "You don't have to tell⁠ him—"

"I almost lost a finger!"

Kodiak sighed, but embarrassed as the situation could make him, found the courage to look up again. "So, yeah, that's definitely not gonna be the Spartan handshake. We're thinking armored fist-taps, once they get us back in armor."

Unexpected Visitor

Dyne got up and stretched after having spent upwards of an hour on his hands and knees. With a sigh, he pressed the button on his earpiece to transmit and spoke into it. "It's alright, red alert can stand down, it's not a saboteur."

"Then what is it, Specialist?" Palmer answered in her usual impatient tone.

He couldn't help a private smile as he replied. "An animal."


"Yeah, kind of a big lizard, with fur. Like a little dinosaur. Bugger must've slipped onboard when all those Prometheans were showing up everwhere."

On the bridge, Palmer was actually speechless for a moment before answering. "So what do you suggest we do about it, Spartan?"

"Catch it, eventually. Which is going to be a bit tricky." Dyne answered over the com.

"What's the problem?"

"Not really so much of a problem, but it's gotten into the air and electrical ducts, and those run the length of the ship. So it'll just take a while to track down."

"And what will it be doing in the meantime?"

"Oh, probably animal stuff. Stinking up the place, nesting somewhere, chewing through the wiring."

"Oh god." Roland interjected, and when Palmer turned to look at him, she could have sworn his yellow avatar had paled. "Please, get it out of there now!"


Mike Oliver: So, in your book, you've classified Spartans and the products of various other augmentation-based supersoldier programs posthumans?

Dr. Bernard Dalathorn: No, no. Posthuman describes an entity genetically descended from humans, one which has evolved to a point of either major physical diversity, one in which most posthumanists blindly believe will be physically and intellectually superior to humanity's current state, or transcended what it means to be human entirely, i.e. ascended from the material world all together.

Mike Oliver: Right. So what word do you use?

Dr. Bernard Dalathorn: The subjects of these chemical and physical augmentation procedures fit the definition of transhumans, their bodies being modified through biotechnology. Metahuman is also an accepted term, but I find it rings a bit too much of sequential comic art.

Mike Oliver: Spartans are becoming sort of the stuff of comic book legend. Goliath Comics' Rise of the Spartans is set for digital release over the grids at the end of this week.

Dr. Bernard Dalathorn: Now, not to be disrespectful to the writers of such fictions, but no matter how much research they've done, their work is guaranteed not to come close to the real thing. That's not to say their fictitious accounts won't be entertaining, but what those young men and women had to go through is absolutely incomprehensible to anyone who did not live it.

Mike Oliver: I'm sure that's true to a degree, but the details released on Doctor Catherine Halsey's work on the program after the end of the war have brought a lot of evidence to light. I understand you worked with her in some capacity. Would you be able to enlighten our viewers on just what some of these trials were and how she was able to keep her dubious procedures such a contained secret all those years?

Dr. Bernard Dalathorn: Now we're getting into territory I might start seeing men in suits show up at my door for.


My name is Randall. There used to be a last name, but I don't think it matters anymore. It's Randall-037 now. I'm a SPARTAN-II, a defender of Earth and all her colonies, a soldier for and protector of humanity. I am a demon in the eyes of those who call the Great Journey truth, an alien monster to the zealots of the Covenant.

And I'm falling. Probably to my death.

All in all, I've had better days.

A Sedran Welcome

"Ow!" Dyne yelped, more surprised than hurt, as a hand slapped his own away from the top buttons of his Army dress uniform. It took a slap with a lot of force to even register for a Spartan-III. He looked up, his green, augmented eyes still keen in the dark of the Albatross' troop bay, to find Vinh had materialized between himself and the teammates lined up beside him.

"Hold still." The elder Spartan-II muttered, her eyes downcast, fixated on the collar he'd been fidgeting with a moment before. "You'll wrinkle the jacket. Someone already pressed the suit for you, the least you could do is learn to dress yourself."

Dyne made a show of rolling his eyes. "Yes, mom."

Vinh's fingers froze in the middle of fastening his button. Dyne glanced up at her, curious, and was startled to find her looking straight at him, her brown eyes wide and brow furrowed sharply. She held his gaze for no more than a beat, then, with the job done, turned and marched to join the officers ahead of them without another word.

Exhaling the breath he'd been surprised to hold, Dyne leaned over to his team leader, Kodiak, standing beside him and whispered, "Wow, never calling her that again. Did you see the look she gave me?"

If Kodiak was about to offer a response, the reverberating clank of the Albatross' landing gear and shudder of the dropship's deck cut it short, as both Spartans stood straighter and puffed up their chests. They had a show to put on.

* * *


Stars streaked and swirled across the viewport as the fighter dove and spun at her command, threading needles of laser fire and piercing empty spaces awash in plasma. With the engine gimbals locked, a flipped switch to fire a fore emergency thruster reversed her craft's momentum, turning inertia into G forces which slammed her down, straining crash webbing and threatening to leave her hand on the yoke numb as blood rushed away from it. She could take it, though. If she could stomach goring the safe little pressurized air bubble of her mortal enemies' ships with autocannon fire, she could stomach this. All she needed was a steady hand as her target strayed closer and closer to her crosshair...

"Yeah, I treated it like a toy at first, too."

Zoey Hunsinger jumped, yanking her arms back from the freighter's locked controls to slap firm on the pilot seat's armrests. Standing with one foot up on the bulkhead door's rim was Gavin, his goofy, ever-present grin a break in the cast of his five o'clock shadow. She hadn't heard him coming up through the galley over the imagined blare of missile alarms.

Character Groups

The Gammanime Club

The Irregulars

The Irregulars were a group of runaways and orphaned children that made a life for themselves on the streets of New Alexandria's West Quarter.

  • Judy - The Planner
  • Gav - The Fence
  • Red - The Muscle

Crew of the Chancer V

In order of setting foot on my boat. Sort of an honorary thing. If it means something to you.

  • Gavin Dunn
  • Colin Davis
  • Rebeka Juhasz
  • Simon-G294
  • Zoey Hunsinger
  • Wings-D339
  • Nick Ulan
  • Tal 'Zerex

Fantasy Freelancers

The Assembly

A collective of AI characters that've shown up on the Irk, perhaps usable in any future stories about the Assembly. Also a storage for AI ideas.

Name Description Default Color Generation
Deep Winter Cloaked old man with a staff of ice. Ice blue 5th
Armand Hooded man with a knife belted at his waist. Light blue 7th
Dotto Woman with glasses and her hair worn up. Light orange 6th
Orestes Boy near the age of ten or twelve. White 9th
Amaranth Woman with a long, blonde ponytail. Cyan 4th
Diana Blonde young woman wearing a scarf. Bluish-silver n/a
Caladbolg Celtic warrior carrying a sword. Shamrock green 8th
Nelson British Naval officer from the 16th century. Blue? ?
Joyeuse Slender woman covered by patterns and scrolling data. Scarlet 13th
Deep Ocean A fluid, ever-changing feminine form. Dark blue 9th
Lydia Woman in a plain leather uniform. Indigo Astutility?
Allison Woman in the armor of a UNSC Marine. Silvery-blue ?
Odin Suited man with a featureless face and head. Silver ?
Sherlock Man in a long coat and deerstalker cap. Gray 6th
Tinkerbell Woman with dragonfly-like wings. Pale gold 9th

Quotes and Such I'll Probably Never Use

"We invented many things to survive the war. And some of them, I'm sad to say, will never go away."
"I will be a Spartan again. But I am not, today."
"My name is Dyne . . . just Dyne. I used to be a Spartan. But then my team tore itself apart, either dead, went rogue or hunting each other down. So I ran away. Now, I've ended up on Talitsa, an independent planet on the fringe of human space. With alien and human cultures mingling in the aftermath of the Great War, it seemed like the perfect place for me to figure out where I fit in. But this isn't the free planet the separatists preach it to be. Free of UEG law, its leaders seize every opportunity for profit, and their corruption's made it all too easy for gangs, criminal syndicates and straight-up psychopaths to rule their streets for them. And now that I'm standing in their way, they call me a Renegade. That's fine. I've found back old friends and made a few new ones. With their help, I'm going to turn this city into something better. Maybe I'll fit in here, after all."
―An homage to the intros of the CW's Arrow and Flash.

Wait a minute, I know these measurements. These are my measurements. Why the heck is the Insurrection making a suit with my exact--oh. Stratos.


"A few years ago, I got taken prisoner by an Innie mercenary's operation. They wanted intel on Spartans, and poked around with my suit a little. That data must've made its way here, and you've been building your prototype based on it."

"A top-secret UNSC supersoldier was taken prisoner by a common merc? You must not be a very good Spartan."

"Gee, what tipped you off, pal? The part where I'm here without backup?"

"You don't have any combat support? Oh my god, this isn't a UNSC operation, is it? That means you're..."

"Yeah. Renegade."

--Dyne meets Dalathorn in General Darrow's Talitsa lab (hmm, better rename Dalathorn with that alliteration).

"People here are scared. Scared of Darrow, scared of the government, scared of the police. They don't need another thing to be afraid of. They need something that gives them hope."
―Dyne tries to articulate his decision.

"They're big trouble in a little ship."
―Someone about the Chancer V crew.
Gavin Dunn: "Give it up, Kahn. You're a good hitman, but you ain't half the pilot I am!"
David Kahn: "Don't overestimate yourself, Captain. I have you outgunned by a mile. Surrender now, and I won't blast that broken-down freighter out of the void."
Gavin Dunn: "Broke down? Oh, it is on!'"
— Gavin flees from David Kahn after the Bombing of Phillidelphia.
"It seems everybody today's trying to run the galaxy, thinking they know the way it ought to be run. Me . . . I'm just trying to run from it."
―Gavin Dunn
""Irk Pub." What's an Irk?"
―Gavin Dunn, irony impaired.
"C'mon, we'll break the law. It'll be fun."
―Judith Ives
"Whoah! Wow . . . who left the refueling truck there?"
―Dyne gets more bang for his buck.
Dyne-G217: "It's not stealing if you have the key."
Kodiak-G114: "Didn't you steal the key?"
Dyne-G217: "What's your point?"
— Blargh
Kodiak-G114: "Just go wait in your room."
Dyne-G217: "But this is my room."
Kodiak-G114: "Then go to my room!"
Dyne-G217: "You told me not to go in your room!"
―Kodiak and Dyne bicker.
"Don't touch any of my stuff! It might be loaded."
―Dyne, to anyone entering his room.
"Oh, c'mon. If I were doing it to anyone else, you'd think it was funny."
"A SPARTAN walks into a bar. The Unggoy walks under it."
―Dyne again.
Kodiak: "Remember, you didn't hear it from me."
Dyne: "Uh, I didn't hear it from Kodiak!"
Amber: "Okay. So what third person did Kodiak tell who told you?"
Dyne: "...well that backfired quick, didn'it?"
— After Dyne let slip he knew of Amber's singing.
"Am I the only one here who hasn't grown up yet?"
―Dyne, on Onyx. This one I probably will use.
"Hi there. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Johnny Rebel, and I'll be your hijacker tonight."
―A rebel insurgent addresses the passengers of a hijacked ship.
Authority Figure: "You must've known your actions would have consequences."
Johnny Rebel: "So would inaction."
―Same anonymous rebel.
"The problem I have with Fours? Let me ask you this, Palmer, where were you when Earth was attacked, and the Covenant ready to activate the Halo Array? You were here, sitting on the hulk of a uselessly oversized and overfunded ship that didn't even work at the time. That's my problem, Palmer. You weren't there before."
―Kodiak-G114, synthesizing a character and a player's point of view rather nicely.
"Hey, that's great! I always wanted to be a Spartan. Um, one question, what's a Spartan?"
―Kasumi-G181 upon recruitment
"I loved playing hide-and-seek. Now we just call it search-and-destroy!"
"A hammer. Really? Interesting choice."
―Zane-G112, commenting on Attilus' choice of weapon.
SPARTAN-043: "Melinda? Your name is Melinda?"
SPARTAN-058: "Ugh, I hate my full name. It just doesn’t sound right."
SPARTAN-043: "I think it’s funny."
SPARTAN-058: "I’m sure you would, William."
―Will-043 and Linda-058. Sidenote: Since everyone's keen on giving the individual SPARTAN-IIs nicknames (despite that there's little reason for it in most cases) I think VALKYRIE would fit well for Linda. Something about a sniper being the "choser of the slain" fits to me. And JOURNEYMAN for Joshua, while I'm at it.
"Active camouflage can't hide them from me. See there, how the dew in the grass has been disturbed? We'll catch them before the day's out."
―Anton-044, the SPARTAN-IIs' best tracker, pursuing the Lance of Unseen Influence.

Canon Quotes for Study

Dr. Halsey: "Kelly."
Kelly-087: "Doctor Halsey."
Dr. Halsey: "Isaac."
Isaac-039: "Doctor."
Dr. Halsey: "Vinh."
Vinh-030: *nods*
Dr. Halsey: "William."
Will-043: *grunts*
--First Strike. Maybe it's 'cause even the Spartans recognized the greetings were getting redundant, but all I can take away from this is Vinh is taciturn.
"Vinh and Isaac bounded into the room. "Enemy contacts at extreme range," Vinh reported."
―First Strike. Again, Spartan, not many words wasted.

Quotes concerning other characters

Occasionally, I'll think up a remark about another user's character by one of mine, or something they might say. If you see one about yours, and you want to use it on your page, feel free!

"Thing about Leonid is, he wouldn't make threats to leave you in excruciating pain. They'd be death threats. But he doesn't make threats. He just kills you."
―Probably Dyne, about the dangerous one.
"Ajax, Leonid, and Agent Texas walk into a bar . . . there were no survivors."
"I grew up on hungry streets, crawled through a childhood of military drills, fought a war against alien monsters, and clawed my way back out of the hell of Mamore. Do you really think this shit impresses me?"
―Simon-G294 perhaps?
Kodiak-G114: "Have you seen Olivia?"
Dyne-G217: ". . . No. No one has ever seen Olivia. EVER."
―Regarding Olivia.
Gavin: "Say thank you."
Simon: "Why?"
Gavin: "Because you might want her to do it again sometime."
— Gavin and Simon.
Dyne-G217: "Thanks for the bike!"
Simon-G294: "Later, fuckers!"
―For that Dyne and Simon team-up. Somebody comes on a vehicle to dramatically duel with them, and the pair promptly steal his shit.
"When I'm done with you, you'll be know a hundred different ways to kill a Covenant Elite with only your bare hands. You'll be able to disarm their dark matter bombs, then arm them again to feed right back to them. You'll be able to drop a Brute at a hundred yards and work out the lure to get him there. You will be a god. Waste your time with military history when I'm finished, but for now, you kill."
Zoey Hunsinger: "What did you knock him out for!?"
Tal 'Zerex: "If he had seen me standing by the body with a loaded weapon, he would have assumed I was to blame, and attacked. Had that happened, I would have had to kill him. I saved his life."
Zoey Hunsinger: "You've sure got a funny way of showing it."
— Tal incapacitates somebody.

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