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Greet'ns. I'm Ahalosniper, one of your friendly neighborhood administrators on this website, and someone who knows the ropes of Halo Fanon enough to show you a thing or two about avoiding an NCF template on your Spartan character's page. I started up this guide a while ago to serve as a walkthrough for making articles about my own specific interest, the SPARTAN-IIIs.

It's possible you've been directed here because your page has been marked Not Canon-Friendly, or NCF. That's a rule we've had on Halo Fanon for almost as long as the site's existed, states simply your creations have to fit within the rules of the established canon Halo Universe. We created the rule because it forces writers to be creative within boundaries and helps prevent godmodding or unrealism. If your character's article has been tagged NCF, fear not, for before you is a guide with, or at least pointers that'll help you find, all the information you need about Spartans to create a canon-compliant character with the right dates on the timeline and no conflicts with canonical, existing Spartans. For example, just like you couldn't have your new character with the -117 number, or Spartan tag, because that's the Master Chief's tag, you can't have them with the tag of any other existing Spartan in canon, or born years after all the Spartan-IIs were trained.

Remember, though, that it's still possible to have them tagged NCF after going over your character with these guidelines because of unrealism, godmodding, or some other problem. Hopefully, this just helps to get you some of the basic information you need.

The Infobox

On the left is the coding for the infobox, to be copied and pasted to your page. On the right is the result.

Finish the Fight!
Biographical information
Spartan Tag
Date of birth
Date of death
Hair color
Eye color
Affiliation and military information
{{SPARTAN Infobox
|name= Flower
|realname= *
|caption= Finish the Fight!
|spartantag= *
|homeworld= *
|birth= *
|death= *
|gender= *
|height= *
|hair= *
|eyes= *
|cyber= *
|affiliation= *
|rank= *
|specialty= *
|battles= *
|status= *
|class= *

Isn’t it pretty? Headers colored the green of the Master Chief’s armor with ballistic-layer black between to hold the information you enter into it. This is the basic Spartan Infobox, which pretty much everyone here started with. There are nineteen areas, not all of which are required, and I’ve seldom seen a SPARTAN article with a confirmed date of death. Consider this a walkthrough of each area. While simple to understand, there are a lot of catches that can run you into trouble.


Who Are You: Name, Spartantag, and Realname

Let’s start simple. Generally, your page’s title will be either SPARTAN-(letter and numbers) or Name-(letter and numbers). But, in the infobox, the area that says ‘name’ can be several different things. What you enter there will show up in bold white letters under their picture and caption. It’s your choice what you want to put there, whether it’s the character’s first name, or name and number, or even codename. It should probably just be what the character is most often called, for example his or her nickname. Also, keep in mind your character’s name will be a product of their background, and more on that later.

The Spartan tag is the number (and for IIIs, letter) they were given upon being selected for the program. For a SPARTAN-III, the tags range from –A001 to –A497, -B001 to –B418, or –G001 to –G330, depending on what training company they were part of. Keep in mind that you don’t want to contradict a canon Spartan’s tag, a list of which can be found here, and you might search around this site so you don’t have the same tag as someone else’s fanon Spartan. The second part isn’t necessary, but it saves you trouble of changing it later if you want to join an expanded universe, particularly if you're looking to join Gamma Company, a site-wide expansion any user with a Gamma character can apply for.

Realname simply means their full name before being conscripted. For example, Kurt-051 was Kurt M. Trevelyan before becoming a Spartan-II, Layla-B101 was Layla Farkas, and SPARTAN-G024 was Joshua Héroux. In the article, some choose to include a post-conscription name given to them, examples being Kurt’s last name changed to Ambrose, or Riker-012's surname changing from Abrams to Oakley.

And I should probably warn you about tropes like Aerith and Bob and AwesomeMcCoolname, but this is coming from a guy who (nick)named his characters Kodiak and Dyne. Remember that most canon Spartans have simple names, e.g. John, Linda, Kelly, Fred (Fred? Seriously? Well, Frederic, but Will-043 didn't go by his full name either). If you've seen some machinimas like The Forgotten Spartans or Rise of the Spartans, you probably think it'd be cool to use names along the lines of Darknal, Nightflash, Swift, Brass, and Ocelot. But keep in mind that it should be something parents would actually name their kids.

The Details: Hair, Eyes, Height, and Cybernetics

More easy stuff. You probably already have a mental image of your character under the armor, so hair and eyes are easy. Because of the augmentations Spartans go through, you can get a bit creative with it, but don’t go crazy purple-eyes heterochromia (too often).

Height and weight are where we start paying attention. After the augmentations, they are a lot bigger than a standard human being, so keep it in mind. S-IIIs were generally smaller than the IIs, but even Lucy-B091 was 160 centimeters (5 foot 3 inches outside the metric system) at twelve years old, as probably the smallest Spartan. Carter, Kat, Jun, and Emile all stood about 6’10’’, so your character should be somewhere over or just under 200 centimeters, the largest and strongest of them going near seven foot or 247 cm. And you might want to give both feet and centimeters; while your used to someone saying “six-foot-ten”, the metric system is the way of the future.

While it's not in this infobox, weight should be a little over 200 lbs. or 100 kg., figure out the conversions yourself.

I assume you won’t really need help with gender.

Eye-Catcher: Image and Caption

You can easily find some random picture on a search engine, but that’s not what you want. Using a cool screenshot of exactly what you want them to look like in their personal MJOLNIR armor is more the way to go, or use a photo of an actor or famous person for them out of armor. It’s again up to you. If you need or would like help with screenshots, ask around. There's at least one friendly place you can get screenshot help, guaranteed, here: User blog:Brodie-001/Halo Pics for all!

For further help on using and uploading images, see Help:Images.

Captions are optional, and could take the form of a quote or saying that fits the character, or whatever short piece of text you’d like to have there.

Timing: Class, Homeworld, Birth and Death

Here’s where it gets complicated; there’s a different set of dates for each SPARTAN-III Company, so let’s break them up that way. The class section in the infobox is synonymous with what generation they were. So, an Alpha Company SPARTAN would have in their class section “SPARTAN-III Alpha Company” or just "Alpha Company".

Homeworld and Deciding on a Company

Keep the years in which your selected company was conscripted in mind when it comes to choosing where they were born. When you decide on a planet, check to see when it was attacked and glassed by the Covenant. For example, a member of Gamma Company couldn’t have been born on Harvest; that planet had been glassed and abandoned by the UNSC before Gamma Company was born (barring some sort of long cryostasis). There's a list of canon colonies on Halopedia here: Known Human Colonies⁠—but you're free to make up your own colony if you want.

Keep in mind, the SPARTAN-III Program was conceived with the idea of using orphans from the Human-Covenant War, motivating them with revenge for the homes and families taken from them. If a battle took place just before your company was recruited, that may be where you want your character to have grown up. But, if you’d rather not figure that out, Earth or Reach is a safe bet for a homeworld, both were undiscovered by the Covenant when Gamma Company was recruited. Their parents might've been soldiers or were trapped on a colony world when the Covenant arrived.

Alpha Company

  • Born: 2527
  • Recruited: 2532
  • Deployed: ~November, 2536
  • Homeworlds: Harvest, Biko, Green Hills, Second Base
  • Team Designations: Animal Groups? (Wolf Pack)

The first SPARTAN-IIIs were recruited in 2532, at ages four to six, making their birth years between 2526 and 2528. There were 497 candidates brought to the training facilities of Camp Currahee on Onyx on December 27th, 2532, and of those 300 graduated, the others washing out due to not being good enough or killed in their augmentations which likely had the highest fatality rate of any class. Team Wolf Pack, our only known canon Alpha team, was made up of three members, but this seems a bit low for a full team. They might've had members who were killed during augmentations.

Wearing Mark-I SPI suits, they deployed in 2536 as a unit and were active for nine months before their decimation at K7-49. There, in Operation: PROMETHEUS, Alpha Company completed its objective of destroying Covenant ship building facilities, but was cut off from its exfiltration craft. Stranded, they were slaughtered by a fleet’s worth of Covenant ground reinforcements. However, a small number were, like Noble Team’s members, removed from the Company to serve in various other special ops units, such as the Headhunters, and may have survived on past the end of the war.

On a personal note, though, I dislike that excuse, as it makes the story of PROMETHEUS less meaningful to the growing number of survivors. However, it's possible that a small number survived PROMETHEUS, although the majority were hunted down by the Covenant reinforcements which would leave any Alpha Company characters scarred.

Beta Company

  • Born: 2531
  • Recruited: 2537
  • Deployed: 2544
  • Homeworlds: New Constantinople, Jericho VII
  • Team Designations: NATO alphabet (Foxtrot, Tango, X-Ray)

Alpha’s successors included future Gamma drill instructors Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091 (which I still think is a reference to The Littles), Catherine-B320, and the infamous SPARTAN-B312. You might have to decide what the status of that last character is in your universe, but I prefer to keep it ambiguous myself. Mentions of “Yeah, I knew B312”, and expanding the Noble 6 mythos without actually identifying the character. But back on topic.

Beta Company was composed of 418 candidates, with 300 again making the cut. Recruited sometime after 2537, their birth years can be a little more ambiguous. We know Tom and Lucy were 10 in 2541, so plan accordingly. Deployed likely in 2542-44, and served until July 3rd, 2545 and Operation: TORPEDO.

After the last mention of an operation, this one just sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it?

Like Alpha before them, most of Beta Company was slaughtered at Pegasi Delta, the only known canonical survivors being Tom and Lucy, while Kat and B312 had already been pulled out of the program for Noble and other similar teams beforehand. Survival is still possible, though the area where the Company was fighting was mostly vaporized and less likely. The exfiltration craft survived the explosion, though, providing a possible way off the planet for them.

Gamma Company

  • Born: 2539
  • Recruited: 2544
  • Deployed: 2552
  • Homeworlds: Kholo, Miridem, Alluvion
  • Team Designations: Swords (Saber, Gladius, Katana)

Gammas are my personal favorites, because they’re easy to work with number-wise and because they’re the ones with something to prove. They were twelve on average in 2551 when they went through augmentations, making their birth years around 2539, and were likely recruited when they were four to six like the previous companies, placing it somewhere in 2544.[1] All of the 330 candidates survived the augmentations, and were in the mind of Kurt Ambrose "the finest Spartans ever". In the book Ghosts of Onyx, when Sentinels started showing up Kurt mentioned he wished it had happened a week earlier, when there would have been 300 Spartans on Onyx[2], so they may have been deployed in late October, 2552 just before the Battle of Earth.

There can be exceptions to this, for example having a Gamma team on Reach for equipment testing or some other reason for the Fall of Reach, or an early deployment to fight Insurrectionists, but remember Gamma was just being augmented in February 2551 and needed a long time to recover.

While they get in a little late in the war, the major advantage of a Gamma is there wasn’t some huge disaster in which every Spartan in the unit was killed, so there’s no major competition over numbers in each universe.


One idea I’ve been trying out is the SPARTAN candidates of Alpha and Beta Companies that did not graduate. They were kept on Onyx and served as drill instructors for the next generations. However, Kurt had been working on getting them to see deployment, and it’s possible he found a way. Aspen-B145 is an example. So, a washout would have the same sort of information as any other Alpha or Beta, but their history would unfold differently, perhaps not seeing action until after Gamma Company was augmented in 2551.

Where You’ve Been: Status and Battles

Status is simple, at the last time they’ve appeared chronologically, were they alive, wounded, or dead? In ‘battles’, you can list and/or link to the most major conflicts they’ve participated in.

A Place in the War Machine: Specialty, Rank, and Affiliation

The first of these is probably the most fun. Like Linda-058 was a peerless sniper and Kelly-087 the fastest Spartan, what’s your Spartan good at? A methodical and precise sharpshooter? A gifted and inventive explosives expert? Or perhaps a brilliant leader? A Spartan’s specialty often ties into their personality, so give the connection a bit of thought. And, if I can suggest, you should look for something no one’s done before, or approach something in a way that hasn’t been seen yet. Cliches are terrible things. You might search the military’s MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) list on wikipedia:

You are not Brigadier Grade 3. First off, ‘Grade’ is in the game only.

Second, all Spartans are trained by the UNSC Navy, giving them Navy ranks, but there is the rare exception to the rule. Noble Team, for example, was attached temporarily to the UNSC Army during the Fall of Reach, but still held Navy ranks. This ties into affiliation, which can become complicated.

Third, Spartans are special forces operatives meant to be on the ground taking out high-value targets, not sitting in a command room leading armies. Most Spartans start off with a rank of Petty Officer Third, Second, or First Class, in ascending order. These are enlisted ranks, and Spartan officers are rare, only promoted under special circumstances, for example Kurt-051 and Fred-104. Halopedia has more information on ranks in the Halo Universe: UNSC rank structure

Affiliation can be a tricky part, but during training all SPARTAN-IIIs were within the UNSC Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence, Beta-5 Division. For Alpha and Beta Company SPARTANs, I recommend to stay with your company until PROMETHEUS or TORPEDO, respectively, because if ONI abducts too many for super-secret projects, it'll be a great tragedy that seven or eight died on those days in total. Instead, they could survive it and be assigned a new branch/unit. You might have them join Navy Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWAR), which oversaw the S-IIs, or be recruited by an ONI officer as an agent. With my own characters, I had them assigned to the Army's Special Warfare Command, aka SPECWARCOM. If you're particularly determined to join the Marine Corps or Air Force, you'll have to figure it out for yourself.


Three examples of successful SPARTAN articles using the template properly filled out, though some of these have moved on to other templates since then: Shepard-A294, Tess-B312, and James-G023.

Biographical information


Spartan Tag




Date of birth

July 23, 2526





Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

First Sergeant


Basic Infantryman

  • Close Combat
  • Insurrection on Mamore
  • Operation: CHEMOTHERAPY
  • Battle of New Constantinople
  • Battle of the Bonanza Asteroid Belt
  • Mission to Hera
  • Battle of the Far Gone colony platforms
  • Battle of K7-49 (Operation: PROMETHEUS)
  • Operation: SAVIOR (indirect participation; rescued during this operation)
  • Operation: DEVIANT
  • Operation: WARDOG

Active Duty


UNSC Special Warfare Group SPARTAN, Detachment Three


TessB312 picture
"Lone Wolf"
Biographical information

Theresa Bradley

Spartan Tag



Charybdis IX

Date of birth

June 6, 2528

Date of death

[OFFICIAL MIA] August 30, 2552 (age 24)




203.5 cm

Hair color


Eye color

amber (brown before augmentations)


SPARTAN neural interface

Affiliation and military information



UNSC O-3 Lieutenant


CQC, reconnaissance, assassination, sabotage


UNSC Spartan Emblem SPARTAN-III Beta Company


G023 Necros
James-G023 after a battle during the Necros War
Biographical information


Spartan Tag



Sigma Octanus IV

Date of birth

July 31, 2539



Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color



Neural Interface

Affiliation and military information
  • 2551: Petty Officer First Class
  • Necros War: Gunnery Sergeant
  • Squad Leader
  • Close-Quarters Combat
  • Knives
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat




Biographies are the chronological history of your character, stretching as far back as you like, be it childhood or only when they were found in some orphanage by ONI, to the day they die, or at least as far as you've plotted out their story so far. While this is likely to be the shortest section in this guide, as there aren't a lot of precise instructions I can give on a subject that's going to vary so widely, there are at least a few suggestions I can give.

The first is to be brief, if you can. View each section of the bio, whether that covers a single day-long battle or whole years at a time, as a recap, not a detailed description. You want to hit the main points of what happens at this point in their lives, how it changes them, and not flood it with details—keep to the important stuff for how it shapes the character. I'll use one of my articles as a case study here; the following's from one of my Gamma articles:

"As time went on, the Themistocles pushed further out into former human space and encountered alien colonies on conquered human worlds. Amber voiced qualms with the UEG's official position on these settlements—to imprison or push them offworld, through force if necessary—as they had been in place for sometimes decades and had become homes, but had little means to influence the decisions made, and accepted humans and former Covenant species could not presently, if ever, peacefully coexist. Often, Machete was called on to take part in skirmishes against Covenant settlements which had, with the breaking of the Covenant, fallen under the rulership of dozens of minor warlords. Among the strongest of these was Attilus, whose roving fleet extorted resources and press-ganged troops from a number of systems. After their first encounter with his forces, the Themistocles and other human vessels participating in reexpansion efforts came to be viewed first as targets for raiding, then legitimate threats to be answered with coordinated attacks.

Following a skirmish with Attilus' forces in late 2555, during which Machete rescued a ship full of San'Shyuum refugees fleeing imprisonment by one of their own kind, the Themistocles received a request from the Swords of Sanghelios to brief one of their commanders, Rtas 'Vadum, on what they'd learned of the San'Shyuum's whereabouts. Accepting in the interest of furthering cooperation with the Swords, Machete arrived at the outpost Exceeding Grasp and in giving their report learned 'Vadum intended to make peace with the San'Shyuum, when Attilus fell upon the station with his entire fleet. While none of these vessels approached the power of 'Vadum's carrier Shadow of Intent, the Sangheili vessel suffered from a longstanding lack of repair, and even with the Themistocles’ help could not prevent the station from being boarded. Amber, Dyne, and Morgan fought alongside 'Vadum against boarding parties led by the Stalker captain Sidonus and repelled them from the station, only to learn Attilus' true target had been a trophy held aboard the Intent: the Fist of Rukt, symbolic weapon of the last Chieftain of the Jiralhanae, Tartarus, and had killed their teammate Tara and wounded Kodiak in its theft before escaping. Grieving for their childhood friend, Machete vowed to eliminate Attilus and received 'Vadum's promise of support when the day came.
Amber-G330's article

Notice the difference in scope between the two paragraphs? One is covering a stretch of at least a couple years, while the other is about a specific event, but there's a consistency in the level of detail. I'm trying to get across just the what and why of things, not delving into actual description of events themselves as they occur. Save the exciting prose for a story; if you're describing a fight blow-for-blow, generally you've gone too specific. But even then, there could be exceptions. Maybe how they win a fight is significant—their opponent only wins by cheating, etc. Just make sure if you're including specific detail, it's because it informs us about the character or wider story.

Personality and Traits

Like many wikis, our progenitor site Halopedia was heavily influenced by Wookiepedia in how it chose to lay out its character articles, and in copying their format, much of the same was passed down to us. Thus, you'll often see a "Personality" or "Mental Report" section after the biography that gives an account of what their character is like as a person. If you'd like to do the same, you could put any number of interesting details here, or lay out how their character changed throughout the course of their life due to different significant moments.

One recommendation I might make for this section is to consciously include, in brief, everything you'd want another writer to know if they were going to include your character in a story they were writing. This would allow your readers (and fellow writers) to have a clear idea in their head of what your character's like at this point in their life, why they might do things, or what rules they might live by which they'd naturally follow in a given situation.


  1. Ghosts of Onyx, page 69
  2. Ghosts of Onyx, page 139


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