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"I should be writing more."
―The collective mantra of Halo Fanon.

Greet'ns. I'm Ahalosniper, one of the admins around here. After showing up in 2009, I hung around in the background for a couple years until joining the old Irk and eventually ascending to the Administration. I've been known for contributing to some of the site's largest RPs, both on the site and on the Old Irk, though I'm something of an infrequent presence on the new Discord.

As far as on-site projects go, I head up the Good Articles panel, started up The Weekly and have helped run it off and on, and contributed to a number of odd projects including Haloween, Survival of the Fittest, and Halo Party Time. I generally try to be a nice guy, so have no fear, and seek me out on my talk page if there's something I can help with. Regards, That Damn Sniper.

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The Onyx Chronicles

On a planet made secret by ONI, the recruits of Gamma Company become SPARTANs.

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Dwindling Flame

Team Machete takes part in the last battle of the Human-Covenant War.

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On The Periphery

Outlaws, rogues, and thieves band together to find a life outside the powers that be.

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And Beyond

The crew of the UNSC Infinity struggle to survive in the far reaches of space.

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Writing Resources

A compilation of tools and tips I've found to help improve your writing. I'm using these too, for sure.

  • A Readability Calculator: This tool gives you stats on how many words you have per sentence, how many letters your words are on average, and other stats. Also points out outliers that might be adjusted to bring your totals closer to the ideal. According to WritersWrite, the ideal totals for fiction are roughly:
    • Four characters per word.
    • Three sentences per paragraph.
    • Nine words per sentence.
    • A passive voice score of less than 5%.
    • At least an 80% readability score on the Flesch-Kincaid scale.
    • No higher than a 5th grade readability level on the Flesch-Kincaid scale.

General Writing Style Tips: General rules of thumb for writing that improves prose. Not absolutes, but useful guidelines to apply to your work once you have a draft and see where a word could be cut to make your writing sharper.

  • Thats: Kill them most wherever you find them. It's an extra word (that) you can usually cut straight out without any other change to a sentence. See?
  • Very: Ditto, even harder. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don't use very sad, use morose. Very's the most useless word there is, since it always weakens the word it's meant to be strengthening.
  • "To be" and -ing verbs: Was, Were, Been. These are sometimes difficult to reword a way you feel satisfied with, but it's often better to, since these little connecting words can show up more often than anything else and keep your exciting, unusual choices of specific nouns and verbs further apart. Things like "John was running" to "John ran."
  • -ly adverbs: loudly, painfully, beautifully. Adverbs like these could be done better, if not always as succinctly, with description of what the verb they're attached to does, or just a more specific, descriptive verb. "She laughed loudly" vs. "Her laugh boomed" or "She guffawed".
  • Filter words: Instead of "He looked over the field. He saw a Wraith floating", you should go "He looked over the field. A Wraith floated" since the reader will assume the "He" will be the one seeing.
  • In general: Good writing is specific, not vague. Your reader's here to read exciting description, and vagueness won't do. "Some", "sometimes", "something" are vague by definition. "A trio of", "every other Friday", and "a notion" cut more precisely than they do. Apply this however you may. If a snippet of your writing isn't satisfying but you're not sure how to improve it, fall back on looking to make it more specific.

Sci-Fi and Military Specific: Topics about the specific genre we're here writing about.

On Halo and Writing: Stuff about the universe, the site, and writing fanon here.

Odd Resources

"If you would not be forgotten, long after you are dead and rotten, either write things worth the reading, or do things worth the writing."
Benjamin Franklin
"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."
―Anton Chekhov
"When the work stands equal to one’s judgement of it, it is a bad sign for the judgement. When the work surpasses one’s judgement that is worse, as happens to someone who is astonished at having produced such good work, and when the judgement disdains the work this is a perfect sign. If someone with such an attitude is young, without doubt he will become an excellent painter, but will produce few works, although these will be of such quality that men will stop in admiration to contemplate their perfection."
Leonardo da Vinci
"This kiss, while realistic from her perspective--she thought he was dead, of course she still loves him--ends up symbolizing everything I hate about this movie: which is that his survival becomes all about his love for her--then they neuter it by giving her a new husband. Life? Fine. But this is no longer a story deserving of film treatment. He ends up sad as f*ck. Like me. I hate you."
―CinemaSins on Cast Away, and important to remember that fourth-to-last sentence when I want to explore the minutia of daily life of an average person in the 26th century: some stories, while real, are not deserving of exploration.

A snippet of discussion from a group playing the Pendragon RPG, a tabletop game about playing knights through the whole Arthurian cycle, with the events of those stories already set in place and unchangeable. Seemed oddly relatable to fanon writing.

Colin: [Someone] couldn't understand the appeal of playing through something like the Arthuriana cycle. Specifically, when you know ahead of time what's gonna happen, and the game doesn't generally deviate that far from the events. I think it would be a very weird game if Arthur didn't draw the sword from the stone. There's some people who are like, why would you want to? The appeal isn't necessarily me always having agency, it's getting to be there. To get in on the ground floor and have my character in the background getting CGI'd in by George Lucas later.
Eric: It's Rozencrantz and Guildenstern.
Jim: It's okay that we're not Arthur. That's not who we're playing. We're playing one of the countless other people who are alive and participating in this time.
Eric: It'd be like being in Dune and mad you're not Paul.
Colin: What we're doing is, for me, giving texture. By living in it, we're giving it a texture that it doesn't have.

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We were sneaking through this relic - a might sorry lot;
Our fraternizing lovers, just yesterday had fought.
The AI wouldn't shut his mouth, our ammo all was low,
But we had to find the target soon or lose our bet to Blue...
Our heavy weapons specialists were itching for a fight,
So they both took the left fork, while we went to the right.
And that was when we heard it! The sound of primed grenades,
We remembered what our DIs tried to teach in the old days...
Don't You Know? You never split the party
Medics in the back, keep those heavies feeling hearty
Commander in the middle, where she can shed some light
And you never let that sniper out of sight...
So then we heard this bellow from back around the bend,
We turned around to see if there was aid that we could lend,
And suddenly the corridor was covered up with Grunts
Our leader called a fall back, feeling kinda like a dunce...
The sniper ran for cover; our pilot's skills were stiff,
Cause he boarded, jacked, and stole their Ghost, and drove right off a cliff.
Our medic threw a hand grenade that landed in our midst,
We all hit dirt as our Commander pondered what she'd missed...
Don't You Know? You never split the party
Medics in the back, keep those heavies feeling hearty
Commander in the middle, where she can shed some light
And you never let that sniper out of sight...
We finally found our heavies, facing down a Hunter pair.
They jumped and dodged quite frantically, as cannons came to bear,
And then our pilot reappeared, killed the Hunters to our cheer!
It cut off pretty quickly when he ran over our leader...
The medic had his hands full; apologies were said.
We swore an oath we'd stick together just like we were wed.
But then we got to asking, where was the sniper with our jeep?
We found him with his rifle, perched in safety fast asleep...
Don't You Know? You never split the party
Medics in the back, keep those heavies feeling hearty
Commander in the middle, where she can shed some light
And you never let that sniper ... no you never let that sniper ... no you
Ne - ver let - that - sni - per - out - of - sight!