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"The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds."
―John F. Kennedy


Hello. I like green. And red. But not together. They don't look right. Too Christmassy. I have an Xbox 360, and an original Xbox. I have and have played all the way through Halo C.E., Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo Reach. I have Xbox LIVE Gold. My gamertag is Atomic Fish, but I will not add you. Sorry. If you need to contact me, either use my talkpage, Bungie.net (ToxicPolarBear7), or a message on Live stating your name here. I am a guy, as are most people on this wiki. I happily have an account (Not necessarily active) on StarWars (not fanon), Halopedian, Halopedia, as well as some otheres, that I don't keep up at all. Agreon is [Ah GrE on]

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My Halo

I personally have only played some of Halo on high difficulties. Halo Wars and Halo 2 have only been completed on Easy. I've done some missions on Normal and Heroic, but not all. I have completed Halo CE on Normal. I have Halo 3 ODST on Legendary. I have also completed Halo 3 on Legendary. I also have conquered Halo Reach on Legendary Solo.

I like the Scavenger hunt approach. I'd rather see Easter Eggs than Legendary completion. Thats just me. My favorite achievements to get are the search-for ones. I liked Marathon Man in Halo 3. I found the Audiophile fun, too, in ODST. You get the idea. I'm something of a gamerscore freak. I currently have something upwards of 10,000.

My Fanon

My fanon is based in the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant War. I generally don't work later. However, this will have some exceptions.

The Covenant only recently became interesting to me. I am particularly interested in Hunter culture. Sangheili are a second interest to me. I personally have no intentions of making any articles for Drones, Grunts, or Brutes. I do have some intent to make Hunter and Elite articles if the option becomes available.

|-| Projects =


Note: If you follow my writing, the Agreoverse if currently out the window.

The projects I am currently conceiving or writing include (In priority order):

  • UNSC Dragon's Tooth (Writing) - No focus: This is my current project. It follows the story of the UNSC Dragon's Tooth from several perspectives, including ODST, ship captains, an ORION, and a SPARTAN-II.
  • Seph (Stalled) - ONI focus: This is a secondary project right now. It will follow an ONI Secion 0 operator turned AWOL by a rogue UNSC Smart AI that kept its memories. Plenty of action and a very heavy story line.
  • New Moscow (Formulating) - ODST focus: When I get around to it, the wiki will have at least 10 new ODST on it. But its still in the making of phase. I'm working on it, in my head, though. Should be a pretty basic action - type story.
  • Ash (Canceled) - Ash was to be a group of Spartans that worked for ONI. Recently, I realized there was no true story behind it, and that it was quite incredibly pointless.

UNSC Dragon's Tooth

My current undertaking is my UNSC Dragon's Tooth project. Here, I will be telling the story of the Human - Covenant War from various viewpoints from crew of the Destroyer (Listed in my priority order):

  • Luke-002, a Spartan that was originally the heart of the project, now barely in it.
  • Cory Phelps, an ODST detached to the Dragon. He will be your tourguide from 2526 to Reach.
  • Craig Newman, the captain of the glorious vessel.
  • Jason Glor, Phelps' partner who will stay on the Dragon's Tooth during Phelp's absences.
  • Andre Phelps, an ORION that worked on the vessel from its beginning.
  • Keith Lucel, the ship's first Captain.

Things I Need To Remind Myself Of-

  • Cory Phelps-ODST Extraordinaire
  • Jason Glor-ODST
  • Sean Amberman-UNSCDF Air Force Combat Control Team [ODST]
  • Ichirou Suzuki-CNN Wartime Journalist
  • [Name_Surname]-UNSCDF Army Chaplain
  • [Name_Surname]-UNSCDF Air Force Longsword Pilot
  • [Name_Surname]-Member of UNSCDF Air Force Ground Crew

Along the way, you'll meet find friends, battles, small pieces of technology, minor characters, small events, patched in history, expanded information, and large plots.

Strap in. You're just in time for takeoff


Up until about age 6, Seth was normal. Then his father sold the house and they lived with his father's parents. He was in and out of jail a lot, even though Seth was never told why. After a couple ins and outs of prison, his parents divorced and he and his mother lived with her parents.

After a year of living with them, his uncle (who also started living with them) committed suicide in the backyard. Shot himself with a 12.7x40mm M6C that he had smuggled.

Fast forward to 11, he's still living with them, his father is admitted into the hospital. He had a horrible fever, was vomiting, and generally seemed to by dying. His fever killed him when it got to a temperature of 105. No one knew, or at least would tell the doctors, what was wrong with him. Seth was not allowed to see him during this time.

He lived with his grandparents until he was 16, during which he figured out the truth. He found out his father was a drug dealer, both his father and mother did drugs, and that those were the reasons why he was in and out of jail.

His father smuggled drugs for the Insurrectionists, selling some personally, and keeping some for himself. He had died from an overdose. His uncle was also part of the Insurrection Federation. His father died in debt of about 10,000 cR because he did not still have the drugs that he took to sell. The Insurrection demanded that the uncle pay it, or they would take their house. He decided to shoot himself. Oddly enough, the problem did go away. The Insurrectionists decided to not press the issue: It was not that big of a deal to them.

When he turned 16, he followed a love of his to Reach. He decided to stay with her until he was 18, at which point he decided to join the Marine Corp. By the time he was 21, he was a trained ODST. However, he was not an ODST. He was recruited by ONI in February of 2493. He did work for them during the Insurrection until 2511.

He and his partner were doing field work for ONI in December of 2511, when their cover was blown. The two were trying to run out of a facility when Seth was shot in the back. He died, but the two were close enough to the extraction point that his partner carried the body to the Pelican, hoping that he was still alive. Onboard the Pelican, a medic did the best he could to help him, but, nonetheless, Seth died.

In January of 2512, his brain was turned into an AI by a scientist. The Smart AI, Seth, was assigned to work with an ONI Operator. Seth had not lost all of his memories. He did remember what happened to kill him, and some of his childhood. Seth was infuriated by being revived to do what killed him. He convinced his operator to go AWOL and help the Insurrection Forces.

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Things I Need To Remind Myself Of--

  • Cory Phelps-ODST Extraordinaire
  • Jason Glor-ODST
  • Sean Amberman-UNSCDF Air Force Combat Control Team [ODST]
  • Ichirou Suzuki-CNN Wartime Journalist
  • [Name_Surname]-UNSCDF Army Chaplain
  • [Name_Surname]-UNSCDF Air Force Longsword Pilot
  • [Name_Surname]-Member of UNSCDF Air Force Ground Crew

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Contact Me

In case you haven't read earlier, and are going to make me walk you through this:

  • Use my talkpage. I'll get back to you on yours as soon as I see it.
  • Xbox Live - Atomic Fish. Do not send me a friend request, send me a message. If I am on, you'll get a quick reply.
  • IRC - [Agreon]. This is the least reliable message. I am maybe on the IRC once a month. Twice if I'm bored.