Ben Story
Age N/A
Gender Male
Height 5' 9"
Weight 182 pounds
Blood Type N/A
Date of Birth October 21
Zodiac Libra
Birthplace Nebraska
Religion Christian
Favourite what does it mean favorite
Specialty eating and writing
Occupation Primordial Being
Personal Website N/A
Rank on Wiki None (yet)
Gamertag Coming Soon
Other Usernames Benny, Benjamin

"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter" -Ernest Hemingway

I have Asperger's and ADD

Hi, <insert name here>, and Welcome to my little corner of Halo Fanon. Enjoy!

Well, as you may have already guessed, I am a major fan of Halo, so I dabble.

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