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The 17th Shock Trooper Battalion is a formation of the United Galactic Alliance and UGA Orion Guard.

It consists of 800 to 1,000 soldiers. Functioning similarly to that of ODSTs of the UNSC, It's purpose is to locate and destroy important enemy forces with fire and maneuver. They are known for their skilled soldiers and suicidal missions.

Non-commisioned Officers

  • James Spellman
  • Desmond Campbell
  • Akida Bahati
  • Adam Chan


  • Alex Edwards
  • Andre Jenkins
  • Alice Ventura
  • Dimitri Kurnov


  • 17th Alpha Squad
  • 17th Beta Squad
  • 17th Baron Squad
  • 17th Charlie Squad
  • 17th Delta Squad
  • 17th Gamma Squad
  • 17th Bravo Squad
  • 17th Rosie Squad
  • 17th Dog Squad
  • 17th Victor Squad
  • 17th Zero Squad
  • 17th Omega Squad