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Biographical information

Klaus Vanderkampf

Spartan Tag

K-077 (Klaus-077)


Violet Colony, Epsilon Eridanus system

Date of birth

June 12th, Year Unknown

Date of death





7'2" (Armor: 7'9")

Hair color

Blond (White)

Eye color

Dark Green

Affiliation and military information

UNSC (Marine Med-Corps, England Branch)


First Lieutenant


Medical Treatment Wheelmanship/Piloting Mechanics


Fall of Reach, The Surge of Violet


Serving - Violet Colony, Epsilon Eridanus


S-III Revival (Post-Reach)



Klaus Vanderkampf is a man of mystery. Born on the colony of "Violet", his parents abandoned by the UNSC long before the Fall of Reach, Klaus was quickly conscripted into the "Violet Wave", an internally-managed militia. This militia was outfitted with powerful, yet outdated UNSC weapon technologies, including the MA37 ICWS, the M392 DMR. At the age of 18, he, alone, volunteered to be the first to be an un-official, milita-trained, SPARTAN-III. The process was painful, and he died 3 times while being augmented, but he was brought to life and began to command the newly-produced "army" of SPARTAN-IIIs.

Violet Colony

Klaus Vichy Vanderkampf was born to a mother of French descent and a father of German-Irish descent. Unknown to him, his father was a SPARTAN-III candidate from Alpha Company whom was denied augmentation. He was raised in the prosperous capitol of UNSC-abandoned "Violet" colony, a planet on which the UNSC had produced numerous prototypes, including the SPARTAN-III. From the age of 9, Klaus began showing signs of depression; he had no remorse, nor regret for the things he did. At 10, when his mother died, he stated point-blank to his father - "Things happen, you need to get past that and move on." After extreme psychiatric screening and four years of isolation, Klaus grew grim, cynical. By the time he was released from psyche ward, his emotions had been run straight into the ground. He acted as if nobody had meaning, and the "bigger plan" of God was simply total annihilation. He grew to be a fine man, and at 18, he was conscripted into the Violet Wave. After years of patrolling the desolate planet, he finally found his calling; as a SPARTAN. Officials on Violet had uncovered an old S-III production line, and started to use it to the best of their abilities. However, as unique as their cause was, nobody supported it - Until Klaus had stepped up. Unknown to him, his father was conscripted as a SPARTAN-III in the days of the IIIs. He trained with them, but was deemed mentally unstable, and rejected. Even though he had the characteristics, Klaus endured 3 days of pain before being relinquished from the robotic operating table. No errors were committed, it was simply the fact that they did not know how to operate the equipment. After dying 3 times on the table, and being resuscitated, he was set free of his medical bonds a stronger man. He laid eyes on his new set of armor, a dusty old GUNGNIR Prototype suit. After the re-painting procedured, he had procured a suit of cobalt-blue armor with Red Cross pauldrons. But, he had no time to test this armor, as the UNSC suddently took hold of the planet for production purposes. He was inducted into the UNSC as a First Lieutenant in the England Medical Corps of the Navy.

UNSC Career

Fall of Reach

After arriving on Reach and receiving his orders, the boat was rocked as the Covenant launched a surprise attack on the planet. Klaus commandeered an 15cm Mark/2488 1.1GJ/MAC "Onager" and launched his own miniature counter-attack, protecting the then-unoccupied UNSC Pillar of Autumn from enemy fire. As what remained of Noble Team approached, he escaped the compound through a hole in the grates and "borrowed" a D77-TC Pelican Dropship from the shipyard to escape mid-conflict. He contacted a UNSC Operative after the Fall of Reach, explaining who and where he was; Violet Base. He'd escaped into the outer planets in the system and arrived on Violet to be hailed as a hero. The UNSC was instructed, by him, to set up a base and begin colonizing Violet Colony. The base was constructed, and small armies of S-IIIs began pouring out of the factories. Most, if not all, have died in conflict with Insurrection, or have been MIA. However, Klaus and 17 other S-IIIs take residence on Violet Colony, protecting it.

The Violet Surge

Given the circumstances of turbulent waters with the Covenant, Violet Colony took up arms against the enemy. the supplied the residents with information on military practices, trained the conscripted men, and readied the militia for a violent war. Sooner or later, it happened; the Covenant attacked a planet 1/4th the size of Reach with 1/4th of the power. It was a miniature Fall of Reach, but reversed. The UNSC was caught by surprise at first, and lost a lot of ground, however, Klaus performed a maneuver called "stupid" by many, but a very good tactical decision. He speared into a lightly guarded Covenant line and punched holes in their air defense, at which time D77-TC Pelican Dropships began offloading even more troops into those holes. the troops had no choice but to keep fighting, and Klaus led them through the Covenant lines to victory. He was commended, and earned many-a-medal. His commendations include "Silver Star", "Purple Heart", and "Medal of Honor", yet he did not gain any promotions. No reason given for why, he fought on, and started over on Violet. Eventually rebuilding Violet, he opened a UNSC Home Planet branch on Violet Colony to defend it. Currently, he resides on Violet Colony, leaving occasionally for missions.


Armour - GUNGNIR

UNSC GUNGNIR (G/NIR) Prototype Armored Suit

Current Weapon Issue:

M7/S Sub-Machine Gun

M9 Dual-Purpose high-Explosive Grenade

M6D Handgun



  • Klaus was conscripted by his militia at 18, and the UNSC at 20, however, neither group knows his actual birth year. Nor does Klaus.
  • His Purple Heart commendation was awarded after a Covenant troop in pursuit of him chased him off of a roof, through the roof of another building, and down two floors before being crushed beneath his Mongoose quad-bike.
  • The Medal of Honor was awarded after performing three, on-frontline surgeries in which each man survived and fought valiantly. The surgeries were performed under heavy plasma bombardment in a civilian residence.
  • His Silver Star was awarded alongside his Medal of Honor, for the same reason.
  • He was awarded and Onyx "Methodic" bar on his uniform for earning several killing streaks during the Fall of Reach. A total of 17 Covenant Dropships, 12 Banshees, and at least 70 enemy soldiers were eliminated by Klaus as he stood on the Onager platform.


Onyx stars

Onyx Methodical Bar

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