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"Into the cold depths of space we sail."
―Unofficial motto of the UNSC Navy

The United Nations Space Command Navy is the branch of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force responsible for naval operations in space. Its roles include ship-to-ship combat, orbital bombardment, the deployment of atmospheric and space fighters, and the delivery of expertly trained Marines into combat zones. Since the 2570s, the primary headquarters for the navy have been relocated to a massive complex on Crossroads after a temporary stint with Greater Paris as an acting base of operations. It is worth noted that said headquarters is guarded primarily by the local planetary guard, albeit a well-trained one.

Space-faring vessels of the UNSC Navy
Fleet vessels


Capital vessels

Black Wolf-classCeltic-classKing-classMountaineer-classSemaj-classSeminole-classXerxes-classYamato-class

Escort vessels

Aias-classAshforth-classDrako-classDust-classJohn Paul Jones-classMammoth-classRetarius-classSan Diego-classVenus-class

Direct support vessels

Caravel-classIo-classHindu Kush-classOliver Hazard Perry-classThor-classVALS-class

Auxiliary vessels